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  1. Yeah but add on some goals we didn’t score and we’re doing much better.
  2. Great player, brilliant that he’s signed up. I really appreciate boy’s who play in plain black boots. Probably an age thing on my part.
  3. From time to time it is this windy (or worse) at Gayfield. Teams that beat us in these conditions don’t tend to complain.
  4. I used to look forward to the online highlights. PPV looks to have put an end to those.
  5. Fkn this. Getting new kitchen blinds: Me - what about the orange ones? Her - nah Later: Her Da - that orange is nice Her - think we’ll get the orange ones
  6. Every chance McPake would survive a 36-0 defeat.
  7. When imparting vital newsworthy shit (normally from Facebook) instead of distilling the highlights she reads the entire dreary article
  8. I mentioned the missed goal in my email. In their response they didn’t. Shysters.
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