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  1. Enjoyed that game and didn’t want us to lose for a second even suspecting a defeat would have seen TL off the premises.
  2. Just looked at drawings for a house and the garage is named the ‘car room’.
  3. I’ll never see Morton away as anything other than difficult. If we’re on our game we’ll hopefully get something. Miko would be a big miss
  4. We were in the third tier. At the time called Division 2, now known as League 1.
  5. Regardless of who we get can we please avoid the use of the word ‘winnable’ to describe our tie.
  6. Loons were all over the place when TOB signed for us. A difficult time for them.
  7. Even after that sickener I still prefer mistakes to VAR.
  8. Fair enough, keep your ears peeled for ‘off table’ though. I’ve heard it three times on the last fortnight. Nice to be ahead of the game.
  9. Turns out speaking about something after a meeting is going ‘off-table’.
  10. At very least jack high I reckon, maybe even a toucher
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