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  1. Mate. I respect your opinion 

    1. WhaleOilBeefHucked


      Cheers, I studied Economics while I was in school\ college briefly and a number of years later I am working my way through an OU Degree in Economics.  I will admit my opinion may be slanted towards my political views, but I generally take the wider view that people are entitled to their own view and try to point out why I believe they are wrong.

    2. Accies88


      I know what your point is . Fair enough. 

  2. Your lazy just like the rest of [email protected]@ SNP ....... PuSSIE FEELIZERzs
  3. Is that the ticky thing , with the Union Jack thingy ?
  4. Sounds patronising as f**k but get a grip Rovers . As someone who will be there always. The Vers !!!!
  5. Yeah im glad too . He stays in England i stay in your country. Why should i jeopardise my 5 year daughters education for independence. ?. And im not taking the piss. My family have voted tory because in my opinion you get what you work for
  6. For some weird reason I feel like typing "Mark Francois" here. I will listn to everyone... apart from this bigot.
  7. Mate it's not ,thats why i think independence might not work. And don't judge me . Im a Unionist and proud of it . 136
  8. My kinda bunker shot . My my .
  9. Never looked at past posts sorry if i have forgotten anyone but , No , Park and the rest have a great chance . Wish there was a Scottish but Nordqvist looks like a great bet .
  10. Good post m74 . We shall see we are the scrappers so bring it.
  11. What's happened to this place ? Any Akabusi loyal still alive?.
  12. You could rightly accuse us of plenty over the last few years but one thing we generally have in spades is "bottle". Hope so . Makes it actually interesting. I thought we were done Accies that is .
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