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  1. We are top 6 next season . A long way from Cowdenbeath with no players . Or the right bad days of Firhill with Watson and Fulston . We are really in our best years ever. Proud to be an Accie forever
  2. Im really happy with this signing . Reckon Rice will get him going btw.
  3. Friend of McPakes was telling me. Keep him fit and of course it is.
  4. Was talking to the Bankies fans in the pub in Beith . Had to ask them directions lol. First game down here ever. Been to the best junior team ever The Larky Thistle !!!!. And that's about it . Your striker is talented btw just no service. The Beith no 10 is decent.
  5. I'm not a creep honest lol. There was a couple of good looking lassies with the Bankies fans. Anyway thanks for the Dazzler
  6. Left at half time lol. Seen you behind goals lol
  7. RIP Del. Looked after me as a young un many a time. True Gent. As well as a Larky Accie.
  8. Well done County. Hopefully without a Dundee stalker .
  9. Just gonna pop in and say congratulations County . Love your place. Best away day in the first division oh wait premiership!!!!!! . Hopefully still there with you for 6 home points . #Pride of the highlands!! Apart from Keith obv !!
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