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  1. Hotting up nicely. Will be happy if its half as entertaining as Roma v Milan last Sunday.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59102122 Suggesting in the article that the suspended Ryan Christie could replace Dykes up front against Moldova.
  3. When they bring the restaurant bill and there's no accompanying mints or sweets
  4. Sky bet: Chelsea v Man City - Opt in + place bet (minimum 5p) get a £5 free bet
  5. Night and day between Barbour and Thompson. Leave Lambert and him to guard the bees
  6. Looks tricky but we'll get more points off Hamilton & Partick than Hearts & Alloa.
  7. "You'll get relegated anyway Alloa" shout at the end
  8. Know nothing about horses but a win is a win
  9. Alloa are BTTS kings - they seem to always get a goal regardless of the result. 2-1 to Queens
  10. It certainly wouldn't go amiss; though I wouldn't envy the reviewers: Willie Miller: "I've been on Sportsound for twelfty years I think I'm right in saying, Richard. Richard! Where's Richard?" ""BISCUITS"" : HUNG OAN AH'VE GOT TAE TEXT TAM AND STU MA 'TRAVEL ADAPTER YOU'LL NEVER FORGET' STORY!
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