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  1. A decent Ride - I found certain scenes hilarious and Juice Terry a fun character but it would suit being a much shorter novel. The Penicuik character and scenes were brutally boring. Zorba the Greek - Grabbed the book with no real expectations. Zorba is an very likeable falstaffian figure. One of the best characters I've ever read. True Grit - I don't think either movies could live up to this novel. Absolutely superb and one of the strongest female leads I've read.
  2. It was superb. Some save by Handanovic prior to VAR and the reds.
  3. Yeah I heard this part. Was really bad. I think the name of the guy was maybe Mario and made a valid point about 'why should anyone care what OF fans think of Steve Clarke getting the Scotland Job'. Kyle and the standard sevco guest went a bit UKIP-py that indeed someone called Mario could be Scottish and lets have a laugh at him.
  4. XI: Mehmet, Mercer, Doyle, Maguire, Marshall, Stirling, Wilson, Jacobs, Todd, Murray, Dobbie Subs: Fordyce, Brownlie, Aird, McGrath, Low, Dykes Sea: Martin
  5. Homo Sapiens/Yuval Harari - Readable enough but seems to have pages of personal opinions/hunches with barely note of evidence/references. Bit of a non-fiction summer read IMO. Docherty/McIlvanney - Probably my favourite Scottish Novel so re-read it again. Laidlaw/McIlvanney - (eaudiobook) Read by the great man himself. Unedited so you can hear him correct himself and "sh*t I'll read that again" Great novel/read. Collected Stories/Nikolai Gogol - Gogol is one of the funniest and inventive writers. I don't feel he gets the attention he deserves compared to other Russian writers of the time.
  6. Money, full time, and now he has a few years experience - to play at a higher level (unless an Annan promotion/QOS relegation this summer )
  7. People that leave printers with a paper jam without sorting it.
  8. Aidan Smith: worth bringing back? Seems to be having good season at Annan. Wouldn't get the regular 90 minutes he gets there but not bad option from bench or prove himself.
  9. Darren Brownlie makes a living from football Fair play to him.
  10. Definitely. Though the bookies think otherwise. 3/1! Dobbie will be a miss, worth remembering though that he hasn't scored from open play since Aberdeen In fact he's scored as many as Jacobs (2) since that game.
  11. What's up with Aird? Not mentioned in match preview. Not on bench.
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