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  1. Is Lee Robinson part of the United coaching staff? Some next level time wasting. As for Queens, just no creativity in the midfield. No real options from the bench to choose. I though Hamilton was excellent for us first half.
  2. The girl with laptop on a bus shouting "Does anyone have a Charger?"
  3. From Scotland with Love (iPlayer): Documentary using archive footage with soundtrack by King Creosote. Really impressive and quite emotional at times.
  4. Explored Luss hills on Friday and climbed Beinn Narnain on Saturday. Very rewarding but the gully before the summit was more treacherous than anticipated.
  5. How long have Juve had the weird digital advertising either side of the goals? Absolute eyesores.
  6. Muirhead is obviously a proud Doonhamer. From his red card in the challenge cup final to Dobbie scoring just the 9 goals against Falkirk during his stint there and again yesterday; he has been an asset to us. Keep up the good work.
  7. Should have at least drawn that. Dobbie's miss at the start of the second half!
  8. That was like watching a pre season friendly. Not one Queens player looked arsed. Lifeless display. Alloa well organised and defended well when needed to.
  9. Week 1: Celtic Week 2: Falkirk Week 3: Rangers Week 4: Queen of the South
  10. Take part in Silent Discos through city centres.
  11. Bill Bryson's Little Dribbling book wasn't short on English arse kissing and digs at Scots. He has a very twee, romanticised view of England which is probably why he sells so well.
  12. Only had £5 in account but win is a win.
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