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  1. I believe that was Grant Schnapps
  2. May I add - celebrating the coin toss like a goal only to lose in front of their (not a looker in the bunch) crowd
  3. The overwhelming chocolate flavour overrides any peanut butter taste. Not bad though.
  4. This. It's not like they expend a lot of energy. Certainly would not change for a semi final.
  5. If Dunfermline are coasting theirs and its petering to a draw in the final minutes of this game then I have no problems with Queens repeatedly scoring OGs for Arbroath to have the points and help their goal difference.
  6. It’s not so much the crap jokes of Tam (he’s not going to stop now) it’s the inevitability of every innuendo/pun being pounced upon by him 10 seconds after your brain has already disregarded it as cringingly obvious and lame. And get the expression “good lady wife” in the bin.
  7. England made 8 changes to their starting 11 when they played Belgium in the last world cup.
  8. Hotting up nicely. Will be happy if its half as entertaining as Roma v Milan last Sunday.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59102122 Suggesting in the article that the suspended Ryan Christie could replace Dykes up front against Moldova.
  10. When they bring the restaurant bill and there's no accompanying mints or sweets
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