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  1. Nice photo of the original twin Hampden stands, there's not too many of those.
  2. From this side of the Atlantic...
  3. Just seen this. Insane attention to detail, fair play to them
  4. Picked up some yellow stickered spiced rum mincers at Tesco earlier for a matter of pence. Am now onto my third so far this evening
  5. Europe had 8.5 slots back in the 70s, with a play off with a South American team for the last place. For Argentina 78, Hungary hammered Bolivia in the play off, and West Germany qualified as holders bringing the total up to 10 teams from UEFA.
  6. Interesting guy, sounded like his dad was too... https://www.dunfermlinepress.com/news/13519250.tributes-paid-to-dunfermline-photographer-morris-allan-who-captured-sputnik/ Here's the photo of Sputnik they were discussing on the show, taken by Doug's old man in the 1950s... What happened to today's OTB btw? Went to listen again but it was only match commentary
  7. Absolutely this, Souness should have started every game. McLeod fell into the age old trap of being over loyal to players who had delivered in the past. That said if Masson had scored that penalty v Peru we might not be having this discussion today. I'm not saying we'd have won the thing but we really should've reached the second phase.
  8. Yes it's easily forgotten in the all conquering Premier League era but back then the English league was not levels above most other established football countries (although their clubs did have an extraordinary run of success in the European Cup).
  9. One of the many songs written in India 1968. Incredibly deemed not good enough for the White Album!
  10. That seems to be what FIFA are moving towards with the proposed 48 team World Cup next time. I'm not a fan of it TBH, I think qualifying for a tournament should earn you the right to three group games.
  11. That's what I said (kind of ) If the play off finals have to be one leg then they should really be played at a neutral venue. I noticed on FIFA's draw programme on Friday that the inter confederation play-off finals are one off games in Qatar, in June
  12. No longer on the iplayer but it's on YouTube
  13. There were key players out injured too, Danny McGrain and Gordon McQueen. Plus some odd selections in the squad, taking Joe Harper ahead of double English POTY Andy Gray, and omitting Notts Forest title winning skipper John McGovern.
  14. I'm going to take out a Disney+ subscription for long enough to get this watched (which with my knack of conking out in front of the telly could take a while!)
  15. Old clips shows tonight and tomorrow due to storm damage affecting filming.
  16. Tend to agree, the final permutations should be:- Wales v Scotland/Ukraine Scotland v Austria Austria v Ukraine
  17. Here were the pre-tournament odds... West Germany 3/1 Brazil 7/2 Argentina 5/1 Netherlands 6/1 Italy 6/1 Scotland 6/1
  18. The fact that we were the only UK representatives increased the hype, but we were literally among the favourites for the tournament. Historical ELO ratings show that prior to the finals we were ranked 4th in the world. We knocked the European champions out in qualification and our star striker had just scored the winner in the European Cup final. Compared with other groups we had a great draw (Argentina/Italy/France/Hungary was one ). Peru were very much underestimated by us but we should still have had enough to take care of them. Iran were absolutely mince, watching that game back we were brutal and should have won with ease. Didn't help when the ref gave us an indirect free kick in the box instead of a blatant penalty
  19. Only the winners. The 9 runners up go into the playoffs. Similar to the men they are one off games, but the top 3 ranked teams get a bye to the final round (and we are currently ranked #1). Edit...It's even more complicated, only the two highest ranked of the three play-off winning teams qualify, the third placed team have to join the inter confederation play-off route!
  20. They've had a rough enough night without playing them Phil Collins
  21. Oddschecker has Austria and Wales as joint favourites... https://www.oddschecker.com/football/world-cup-european-qualifiers/path-a/winner
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