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  1. Got it with a last ditch 50/50 #Yeardle #105 https://histordle.com/yeardle/
  2. #Worldle #165 3/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr I'd no idea it looked like that!
  3. I knew the Debatable Lands came post-Bruce and pre-1603 which helped narrow it down.
  4. Household finance expert on Good Morning Scotland today suggested people struggling to pay their bills could "rent out their driveways"
  5. Got it by googling the lyrics #Heardle #129 ️️️️️ https://www.heardle.app
  6. #Yeardle #104 https://histordle.com/yeardle/
  7. #Worldle #164 5/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr
  8. A Dutch Baroque History of Scottish Football thread for this pish!
  9. Was that the one where commentator Gerry McNee thought Celtic had actually scored for the next ten minutes? TBH I don't think you needed to be that elite a sportsman to get capped for Scotland at cricket in the 90s. IIRC there was a photo of him at a game while Scotland were batting, saftening a bottle of wine with one of the Two Fat Ladies I remember him playing for Motherwell at Rugby Park and saying to my mates "look at the nick of him, supposed to be a professional athlete!" Of course he proceeded to make an absolute worldie of a save from McCoist I think to earn Well a result RIP The Goalie
  10. #Heardle #128 ️️️️️ https://www.heardle.app
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