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  1. Anyone worked out the minimum price a bottle of this could retail for with the sugar tax?
  2. Was going to say he never got near that with the bat, but I see he managed to get 72 in a county game. Anyway he changed his name in honour of Bob Dylan = guid kvnt in my book. RIP.
  3. Willie Rennie on STV there, denying the hypocrisy of wanting a second referendum on Brexit but not one on independence.
  4. His faither certainly cheered on the radio...
  5. Capacity in standing areas used to be much higher. The Leppings Lane terrace consisted of a series of penned areas to reduce crowd trouble. Most Liverpool fans being unfamiliar with the layout headed for the central pens which rapidly overcrowded. The pens at the sides of the terrace were relatively sparsely populated. The more fans that piled in, the worse the crush in the central pens became.
  6. Read Andy McLaren's a few years back. Wasnae bad.
  7. It's a solemn day, you could at least post the right photo...
  8. Fiona Bruce bumboys sample please...
  9. Never thought I'd see the like again
  10. Are there odds on Jo lasting the full 30 minutes?...
  11. Mikey Stewart and Peter Grant won't be exchanging Xmas cards anyway...
  12. It is a great sight indeed. Recognise Ian St John, Denis Law and I think Bobby Charlton. No idea who the other England players are though.
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