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  1. Like the retro sticker album title sequence 👍
  2. I'd take him over all of our striking options now! Ok we never made to a finals while Kenny played but at least we competed in the qualifying groups for the whole campaign each time.
  3. I watched this earlier today... https://www.netflix.com/gb/title/81083891 I remember reading Lazar's book back in the 90s and he seems to have remained steadfast in his belief about what he saw at Area 51.
  4. As you say there's no stats but I would guess McFadden's assist count would be pretty low, it seemed like almost every possession he had would end with a shot at goal.
  5. They just apologised for doing it so it appears they did.
  6. Ah cheers, my phone had it listed from 2 to 3, thought under the new Radio 2 schedules it had been truncated.
  7. 2000, definitely not a vintage year. Shite that it's only an hour long now, you used to get at least one decent hour of proper oldies.
  8. I've had to switch over to Pick Of The Pops to avoid this happening to my brain...
  9. Was I hearing things or were they just paying tribute to Paul Wilson, three years after his death???
  10. Bizarre. Maybe why they introduced sub goalies first?...
  11. Always had a soft spot for this Killie strip. Never owned it but did have the Subbuteo team... It would be followed by a decade or more of hoop wearing mediocrity
  12. The fact the final replay between Aberdeen and Dundee Utd the season before had been at Dens probably made the decision easier. Crowd for Hampden final: 27,173 Replay at Dens: 28,933
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