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  1. Surely that would only work if Unionist parties start winning more FPTP seats?
  2. Cameron's dad was born in Glass, Aberdeenshire, so under current FIFA rules he is eligible to play for Scotland. Would certainly strengthen us on the right.
  3. Unlike Alba, Sturgeon does not want a referendum in the NEAR future. And it's pretty clear from Alba's performance that the electorate doesn't either.
  4. Or according to the Daily Record it was: Yes, Devo Max.
  5. Top marks to ITV News for showing the Polish giant 3D map of Scotland near Peebles 👍
  6. Didn't harm The Beatles going down to a four piece...
  7. 😀 Too true! Had to deal with a few of those types in my youth.
  8. Yes, remember in 2011 when Labour lost a load of big hitters because they assumed they would take their constituency seats and didn't bother naming them on the lists.
  9. The SNP are at a disadvantage in that it's clearer how to tactical vote in the constituencies. There's a bit of swings and roundabouts though, they've lost seats where there's been clear tactical voting but have had some narrow wins where the unionist vote has been spread. It seems familiar politicians like Baillie, Carlaw and Cole-Hamilton are more likely to attract a tactical vote.
  10. Some people may have voted for them instead of the Greens in error. Remember the guy that stood as a "Literal Democrat" and ended up stopping the Lib Dem winning.
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