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  1. Question Time

    I think Eddie Mair would be great on it with his sarcasm.
  2. Question Time

    Indeed, I might get to ma bed at a decent time on Thursdays now. Crashed out in front of the telly again last night.
  3. Question Time

    I love how he's been made star guest, genius formatting
  4. Question Time

    Agreed, hear it again... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p070vws2
  5. Question Time

    Yep, like Billy Mitchell he's been on QT before.
  6. Question Time

  7. Question Time

    Agreed, his weekly column is nothing more than a clickbait trolling excercise... (he said after posting a link to his latest entry )
  8. Question Time

    "there are some other, more serious lessons to be taken from the Motherwell affair, the first being that it is much more likely to have been a silly mistake than a dastardly plot." https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/17422991.mark-smith-the-question-time-row-raises-profound-questions-for-the-bbc-but-it-raises-one-big-question-for-all-of-us/ Aye very good Mark, that'll be why Billy met with the producers and was escorted to the front row...
  9. Multisport players

    Going back a bit Dennis Compton must be one of the most successful multi sporters. Scored almost 6000 test runs for England and was a league and FA Cup winning winger for Arsenal.
  10. Panini 1979

    I had a big poster with that photo. Bought it on holiday in Dundee. Nae expense spared in those days.
  11. Thought Candeias' dive into the box was worst than Defoe's tbh...
  12. The day the Challenger Space Shuttle blew up.
  13. Panini 1979

    You are indeed correct
  14. Panini 1979

    The Panini book definitely had that. How else would an 8 year old know Switzerland was also called Helvetica...