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  1. If we could have combined the best parts of Kenny Miller's game with Kris Boyd's we'd probably have had our all time top goalscorer.
  2. Some other notable single figure Scotland careers:- Jimmy McGrory: 7 caps. Credited with giving birth to the Hampden Roar with his last minute winner against England. Jimmy Murray: 5 caps. Scored our first ever World Cup finals goal v Yugoslavia in 1958. Jim McCalliog: 5 caps. Bagged the winner in our 1967 defeat of the world champions. Gary MacKay: 4 caps. A significant career for the Irish anyway, with his goal in Sofia sending them to their first finals. Tom Bradshaw: 1 cap. A Wembley Wizard, he marked Dixie Dean out the game and helped achieve what is arguably our greatest ever result.
  3. It's actually 24 years since we finished in the top two of a World Cup group.
  4. Launch in half an hour... Not expecting Bill to beam aboard but could they not have installed a lift at least!
  5. I would say a home semi final would be the main advantage. There shouldn't be too much of a gulf in quality between teams who've finished 2nd in each group whether they are seeded or not.
  6. The winner of the first of the two semi finals to be pulled out of the hat is at home in the final, so you want to be drawn in that one. The dream scenario for us is obviously to be seeded and in one of those semis, therefore knowing that we are two home wins from qualifying.
  7. Exactly this. Last night was like away to Israel in 1981, Iceland in 85, Cyprus in 89, Belarus in 97. Dreadful performances but vital wins that took us to World Cups.
  8. The very real possibility of a lack of points tonight makes that feel less of a blow tbh.
  9. Scotland were humming rivers of pish
  10. I can confirm our section of the West Stand was neither delayed nor muted in our celebration of the third goal.
  11. Apparently the law's been changed this season, a goal scored following an accidental handball is only disallowed if it's the scorer that handles it.
  12. I guess it's only dangerous play if the referee deems he's put a player in danger. As it was only the ball was in the vicinity of his studs.
  13. Yep as long as Moldova don't manage to overtake the Faroes we should be ok for 2nd without winning there and it won't harm our play-off ranking (provided Israel don't win their last three games!) The way it's shaping up to get a seeding I think we might need to take something from the Danes unfortunately.
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