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  1. Ton v Jags

    Yet still fucking below us you utter dick girfuy.
  2. As rat snake b*****d has said it will all come out when hes ready to tell the world how big bad morton treated him so wrong and why he not the bad guy in all of this. Well rat snake b*****d everyone is waiting get it out there tell everyone in your own time now.
  3. Rattled you say Just the truth im affraid hes a lying rat snake b*****d. Still bottom pleasing girfuy.
  4. Still bottom good girfuy.
  5. The truth is probably somewhere in between what both clubs are claiming tbh. Also rat snake b*****d saying the truth will be out on his reasons for leaving and that hes not the bad guy here well spill then why hold back after the hounding he took on saturday either hes fucking lying or theres some good shit about to kick off.
  6. I know your fishing but il give you the bite your looking for. Millar fucking hates rat snake b*****ds not a fucking chance hes joining your utter car crash of a club.
  7. Dry your fucking eyes n girfuy.
  8. Then that poster deserves to be fucking hounded if they have called anyone a sex offender. Two wrongs dont make it right you've made a c**t of yourself posting that and so have they.
  9. Really. You've branded a fellow poster as sex offender on a public message board you should take all the advice you can get you fucking idiot.
  10. Deleted it. You should never have fucking posted it.
  11. Great to see rat snake b*****d keep his 100% record at failkirk girfuys
  12. Great salty tears pleasing.
  13. In honour of Ray; Utd v Morton

    Having said conversation. Now f**k off and continue having a good day ranting about how well your team played yet belive it or not are still bottom and still pish. Pleasing now girfuy.