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  1. He has been offered a contract by ourself but is stalling, he's a great defender throws strikers about, easily our best player this year nothing he could have done regarding relegation always left everything on the park, I think we will lose him regardless if he ends up at you lot or not, he's far to good for league 1 never mind league 2,
  2. Keep hill thomson miller (looks the part) robertson c tapping (if he can stay fit) spark burns toshney (if he can get fit) scobbie : ultimate steady player nothing flashy just does his job undecided jackson :looks done this year still has moments of magic but fewer every week mcgeever : not had a great run at brechin oneil : did ok but just ok orsi : can be unplayable on his day , not enough this year e smith: bit of a meh I wouldn’t want him starting every week in midfield punt mclean : great servent but he’s not got legs to play full back and can’t play cb shields: injured seen him play 3 times in 2 spells lynas : 100% player but rash we have better options sinclare : has the ability , to busy arguing with refs and own players and always injured kavanah: just a really bad player
  3. I blamed the ref last time we played you lot we should have had 2 pens and the free kick that you scored from wasn’t one, it evens its self out we beat airdrie when they had a fine goal chopped off
  4. Think airdrie Montrose dumbarton Stranraer could all be fighting for that playoff spot if recent forms to go by, we have had almost full squad for the last 4 games now, and the mood is changing in our camp, playoff hear we come tbf dumbarton have been doing well
  5. Next two games massive for us, if by some miracle we win them we can start looking up, 9 points gets us save I think
  6. It to far to travel on a Saturday never mind a mid week, great result for us, 3 clean sheets in 4 games, 2 goals player of the month for me, been back to his best since turn of the year
  7. How much was the Astro say it was £250k the loss of £150k isn’t that bad, you should make money off the Astro next year
  8. We pumped you first game and the second game we should of had two penalty’s and the ref gave you a free kick that wasn’t one which you scored from. We’ve been the better team both games, miles better the first game tho
  9. Great 3 point against a decent outfit, again I couldn’t see us getting beat, we really are a solid unit now, we still need more of a threat at the other end, we’re in ok form but really need 4-5 wins to be safe from drop, I know it ifs and buts but if we beat a 9 men stenny and the ref hadn’t robbed us against Stranraer we could be sitting 5 points better off with games in hand, the squad is back now and we have the luxury of having quality on the bench must be about getting safe as quickly as possible now
  10. You’ve only beat us once, we pumped you first game you pumped us second and the other 2 there hasn’t been much in it either way
  11. Didn’t you have your most successful 7 years when you had a hybrid of part time and full time, I personally think the football on show doesn’t get any better when I watched a lot of full time teams last year, I thought the fitness was better and they wher better organised ( that coulda been down to Dodds) but a club like yours should be able to attract the best part time players and use the money saved to bring in better full time players, it’s a no brainier
  12. A lot of gloom around airdrie, thought apart from the first 20 mins you completely dominated the game. A welcome 3 points, some heroic defending and good goalkeeping for us but airdrie well worth a draw or all 3 point
  13. He has a point citydiehard, u got that one wrong
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