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  1. We aren’t far away from having a decent squad we need 4-5 players in the attacking third of the park, you have been spoiled with Baird hilson and Easton, if any team in the league had attacking options like that they would be top 4 ive been to a lot of games this season, mostly home and apart from Montrose every time we play them one game against Arbroath and a pumping from airdrie every other game we played in could have went either way but we where just completely toothless, a complete rebuild isn’t required imo
  2. So now confirmed as relegated I think that changes things, paddy keep been really unlucky this year mclean keep not had a great year but now relegated he should be a no brainer spark keep he will be ok in league 2 mcgeever keep Only because we are Down, he has a lot to prove constantly injured does well for a few games then has a nightmare or gets injured again j tapping keep raw but he has done well hill keep he will be away, to good for this level so far to good for league 2, be great to keep burns keep one of our better ones sinclare keep only for league 2 he has ability but no application injury prone aswell smith keep can’t dictate play just an athlete but has done enough for a new deal miller keep love to keep but he may not want to come down with us Orsi keep only because we have went down thomson keep stand out when fit roberston keep needs a pre season jackson nowhere near it this year but keep and hope he gets through pre season punt bowman not convinced shields always injured kavanah worst player I’ve seen in shirt in years lynas 100% player but not quite good enough yet really need a couple of strikers that can score, if we keep the majority of they players and add an attacking threat we won’t be far away but I feel we could be left with nothing
  3. Played well today, deserved a point, good to see watty start, Issac much better still not great, ally love is a petulant child and should be fined by the club, fusco motm for me
  4. I don't see any player in any team owning Dougie hill in a tackle, he loves it, I look forward to your so called enforcer trying tho! hopefully the tight park at the glebe forces a low in confidence rover side to go direct where McLean and hill will have a field day , we really need to go into the second game still in the tie
  5. Get two strikers on the park and let's start trying to win games
  6. Back to the football, well done Livingston, we were well beaten by a much better team on the day, I feel we missed trouten . Jackson will be better for a good 75 mins, ally love really need to get a grip aswell, stupid booking and I agree regarding the screaming, it's embarrassing Ian russellesq , hills looked a bad one must of got a sore one , it's not like him to stay down, I feel we were far to defensive minded in this game the surface was causing both sets of defenders problems on the turn, we never really got at there back 4 tho , anyway we just need to make sure we make the playoffs our season isn't going to rest on games vs Livingston
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