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  1. Wtf is going on. Someone has to spill the beans. Make a new account if you dont want it in your name
  2. Falkirk fans of all fans cant comment on that. Theirs are the worst followed closely by that ICT boy for biased
  3. East fife fan here so neutral view. How much would it cost to buy the club and ground off your owner? Is there any actual figures? If so what about starting a big funding thing like FOH. If not why dont you pull the funding of £10k a month that the fans are putting in and put it to a foh style of thing with everyone putting what they can in so that when the club goes into admin or worst case liquidation from rae that you have a good back up to buy the club and assets(stadium) like what rangers should have done / charles green did.
  4. Chat function sounds like fun. Liam / Laura can we get one?
  5. Ps out of vanity I would buy one of the plastic cut outs attached to my seat to bring in more money for the club🤣
  6. Other teams are using the social clubs to broadcast games with a ticket system to book in/pay for the game. I would more than likely buy a seat in the bar if we were to do it and can think others certainly would too.
  7. Be quick to get a top. Only 1 left on the website
  8. I got 2 - 3xl and its tight ish. I'm normally 2xl
  9. My Internet was the issue for mine. Ended up streaming it on the phone
  10. 😂😂😂😂 Under appreciated comment this
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