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  1. I actually spoke to him about that goal last year. Said he just went "fuckkkkk*" as he did it
  2. Absolutely brilliant and going by his man and sure dowds and keena will put away the majority of his crosses.
  3. What's the chances of us getting to it or will I have to climb on top of the solar panels
  4. Hearts, Inverness, Raith, Cowdenbeath and us. Wow
  5. Since leaving yous he's scored 50 goals himself while in the same time partick have scored 75 👀
  6. Who's idea was it to release Kevin Nisbet then..... What a shocker 😂😂
  7. Love how we are all looking at next season and every other team at this season 😂🤣🤣
  8. https://eastfifefc.info/team/first-team/squad-players
  9. Mr McKinnon went in for him was what I said. Trying to hijack the deal. I also posted pre Falkirk that the signing would be today. But hey take from what what you will. 2/3 signings called the exact day and time of announcement 🤣🤣🤣 Want to know who else you guys are talking to as well...
  10. Player incoming today to sign his deal at you guys. 👀
  11. AHH that makes total sense then cause stenny pay decent wages and would be so local
  12. By blowing your source it normally means that everyone finds out who it is. If anyone would like to take a guess who my source is that would be great. Ps still not seen keena sign for you guys yet... Or did I miss it
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