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  1. The East Fife Thread

    Cannot wait for next season. Hopefully the club get the season tickets announced and sales going! Get as much renewals in as possible so that the budgets are clearly shown. Hopefully the clubs sponsorships are already flowing in and the money available for this year becomes clearer. Hopefully means a couple of top players can join the ranks!
  2. The East Fife Thread

    Higgins first game was the 3-0 loss to Forfar. The poor form began before then albeit to better teams. Absolutely gutting at how much our season has frittered out. At least I know I’m not the only one missing any of the play offs games we are in now as we are all missing them [emoji23][emoji23]
  3. The East Fife Thread

    We really need to watch out that this season doesn’t turn into an awful season. We have two games left (stenny away and Forfar at home) if we don’t take a point from either we will likely finish 8th!!! Some of the players have seriously shat the bed. From being so far clear in the play offs to being clearly out of them and it being an average season again with a good cup run being the best we can manage [emoji85] I would just send higgins back now and save a few weeks wages and use them as an extra quid for a player next season. The season has given us some unbelievable times like Dublin and Dingwall, a couple wins against raith, a lot of wins of full time teams. But ultimately when looked back will be an average or less than average season on paper... disappointed that it’s looking this way.
  4. Dumbarton v East Fife 20.4.19

    We lose a goal every week to a mistake from him [emoji23]
  5. The East Fife Thread

    He actually had a trio of suppers [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  6. The East Fife Thread

    Is it too early for this.... I was down at bayview today as usual and happened to see a certain Kris Boyd outside the stadium, he said he was in to talk about a contract for next season!!!
  7. CHAMPIONSHIP Play Off Run in

    Our form is in our own hands. We all just need to see but Montrose are now the form team with 15/15 points lately so hard to see past them now
  8. CHAMPIONSHIP Play Off Run in

    Montrose now in the driving seat. I still think there is a chance of a few more twists to come in this battle! Well I hope more than anything 🤞🏽
  9. CHAMPIONSHIP Play Off Run in

    Yeah contracts have to last for 52 weeks rather than the previous 42 that it was [emoji1417]
  10. CHAMPIONSHIP Play Off Run in

    I was having a laugh pal. The statement I made was just the most optimistic thing I could think of. I am probably the most optimistic person on this. Remember last season when panic stations came in I was saying how it was actually a decent season going by history of positioning. The start of this season was the same. This season has massively outdone what I could have expected though!!
  11. CHAMPIONSHIP Play Off Run in

    Can’t wait to smash all these other diddies out the park on our romping to the premiership in the next 14 months... That’s just for him [emoji23]
  12. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    I was about to post that when I read through the post there. Does anyone have an actual number of how many injuries yous have got per season and how many keepers have been bashed?
  13. CHAMPIONSHIP Play Off Run in

    Goal difference is correct. [emoji23] sorry it was all to get my head around how close it was. Goal difference could end up being a key factor on end of season positions [emoji102]
  14. CHAMPIONSHIP Play Off Run in

    Hahaha woops [emoji23]