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  1. The big issue is the hill sprints that you do going from one corner flag to the other. And then from one side of the park to the other. Raise the price slightly and get this sorted and its ALOT better. Thats more what im getting at. Extra £2 per fan (900 yesterday i saw someone say) £1800 every couple of weeks will cover it for a season (£32,400) for the groundworks to flatten it.
  2. You guys have some cheek moaning about our prices. Charge a bit more and get your pitch flattened. My garden has less of a slope on it than your ground. Everything in sight was squint. Absolute hovel of a ground and the team is of the same standard. Absolute guff. Thanks for the 3 points.
  3. To be totally fair i too didnt think of that part so to everyone i am sorry. I still 100% agree the price rise was wrong but as the board said at the Q and A their overheads have gone up too. The main comments that brought my probably ill advised rant was the ones turning their back on the home games over £3 but going to the away games we play instead which will cost alot more overall. Its everyone's own money and they can spend it how they like, i just personally feel that i dont mind paying the extra £3 every fortnight if it means that the board have more to play with when sorting the playing budget for the manager etc.
  4. Thanks pal. They did though, it was at the q and a. Link here Summary of Q&A - Saturday 16th July 2022 https://eastfifefc.info/latest-news/1167-summary-of-q-a-saturday-16th-july-2022
  5. Can i ask what would be the price you would pay?
  6. Theres a difference between happy clapper and turning my back on my club. I too moaned when the prices came out, i collated a table of every other club in spfl prices and sent this to the board. The fact that taking out every clubs prices in all bottom 3 divisions was less apart from dunfermline and another 1 or 2 if i remember right was mad. Ross county was cheaper and for an extra fiver i could have got a hearts season ticket. However i have paid the price as the justification at the Q and A as to why the prices had to go up made me realise why they had to go up. Im sure if you search on our website you will come across a watered down version of the q and a. I do fully agree that alot more can be done at the club to bring the money in to help negate the extra pressure going onto the fans but im sure ive told the club that on numerous occasions too. As a fan though im doing my bit by trying to make the club as competitive as possible.
  7. The fannies know who they are. They are the ones that comment on every post moaning at the price doing their best to encourage people not to pay the price as they arent and they have been going for x amount of years and have put x amount into the club. Forgetting that others have been for years and are also putting money into the club. At this level your season ticket is essentially a donation to fund the club and in return they let you into all the games. Theres no money man to fund it. Theres no waiting list for a season ticket or a game. Theres no full houses to worry about. Its just money to help the board budget for the upcoming season. The more they get the bigger the budget available. The difference between the 15pg and the 18pg is 20p a day between matches. Not alot in the fairness of things but if it helps your team be more competitive in a league of everyone being much the same then surely the more people to pay it the better. The below is copied from the whatsapp group. 500 patg fans @£18 total £9000 500 patg [email protected]£15 total £7500. To produce the same gate revenue you need to bring in another 100 fans increase attendance by 20%. No chance the price being 3 quid cheaper makes 100 more fans come? They didnt last year or the years before covid so why now?
  8. All the fannies posting "£18 i wont be back" etc. You do realise that the club does need all our money to run. The more of us that go to all the home games then the more money the club has to use for players and to improve the club. Without you all its just going to get worse...
  9. The post above the guys not realised it was a pars fan hes replying to... First half was as bad as you can imagine nobody seemed to do much bar walls who played out his skin and shepherd who had a thankless task. Second half walls again was outstanding. Shepherd created and scored the first by chasing down the through ball. The second shepherd chased down a nothing ball and made them give a throw which we scored from and cant remember how we created the throw in for the third but the goal mirrored the 2nd. Walls, Shepherd, Shiavone were the best 3 on the park with that being harsh on 2 goal merce and kieran miller who broke down everything second half.
  10. The non existent 200k of covid insurance money??
  11. Church was dreadful at us. Williamson has been a stand out so far.
  12. Cannot wait for us to Win the league. We are a few top top signings away from having a team to tear everyone apart. Let's go!!
  13. I'll probably get some shit for this but hey ho. The rumours that everyone is talking about with the budget being fucked up and due to this us clearly missing the boat with many players is more than likely the reason (if they are true) the board are keeping Darren. He has done really well over his time at us and given us some unbelievable memories. The pair of these things combined will be why he is getting more time than most of our fans appreciate given most of the shouts over the last few weeks (and longer for some). It really would be good to hear from the club even a Jim Stevenson statement as we had a couple of times last year. I know if there was a budget f**k up that he's not going to come out and say. But they are currently leaving the manager out to dry and leaving every single on of us guessing if what we have heard is correct.
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