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  1. Haha you will hear it louder then [emoji23] would love them to take over the whole right hand side from front to back. Would create a great atmosphere with all that.
  2. So he has [emoji23][emoji23] Applied to thistle Was asked to speak to Ayr Backwards step joining your pile of shite
  3. Brilliant signing and great goal scorer. Can I just add that the young team up the back were amazing again. They have learnt to play the drum and what a difference! Hopefully they can bring some more pals and build up a brilliant group of guys!
  4. Official signing news [emoji102][emoji102][emoji102][emoji102]
  5. Complete and utter shite. Stop talking pish.
  6. Stuart McCall was at todays game. Defo not interested in East Fife but wouldn't be surprised if he was after your job
  7. This level is so pish that Falkirk who have a full time expensive squad are currently sitting third as close to 1st as they are to 5th. All the Falkirk fans expecting them to scoosh it this year and being so Billy big time about it... AND YET they still claim that it's shit. Off the top of my head they have yet to taste victory against the following shite teams in league 1. (Seaside league) East Fife Clyde Airdrie Raith Played each team TWICE. Wind your neck in boys your getting embarrassing
  8. Heard a rumour that we have signed a player from foreign shores to help push us on. Hoping it's not a new lawnmower but we don't need that unless it's for cutting plastic so what can it be [emoji102]
  9. Think we have taken up squatters rights outside in the shed so going to start renovations in here[emoji85]
  10. Hopefully just one game in the league and back to it. Pity was against promotion rivals. As long as we can keep the pack clear and get play offs I'm happy but wish we could keep up with leaders. Opportunity is too big for us to miss
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