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  1. Can think of f**k all worse than this happening. Bad enough having them in the league system already never mind mini versions.
  2. You should start a thread and make it a competition. Helped me pass 30 mins last night at least
  3. Yeah looks like it's going to be a fight to the death
  4. I thought I got Neil Duffy but dunno who he was. Can't believe I didn't get some of the others.
  5. 2 Andrew Cook3 Ryan Wallace 4 Collin Samuel 5 Gareth Wardlaw 9 Derek Riordan 11 Scott Robinson The rest I haven't got a scoob
  6. After much deliberation, f**k my idea of 14/14/14 and just nul and void the season so Falkirk and Raith have to take another seasons hit in "the seaside league" [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  7. East fife have 9/10 signed for next season
  8. Haha never noticed that mate. It's by far the best idea to go forward
  9. Yup and as there is an extra 4 match days needed with 40 games means that the 4 midweek games needed someone takes a turn each week to sit a game out therefore not tiring the teams out as many are part time [emoji4]
  10. Cheers. Yeah felt it would be liked by all to be fair. Nobody at all losing out. Also means the pyramid is held together better than currently
  11. Was sitting the other day working out some stuff for work and thought I would work out the plan for what to do going forward. Thought about a full change 14 team leagues x 3 Then the Highland and lowland. Then the Eos, wos, sos etc Do a 7 team split half way through season so after 26 games (home and away) so top 7 play each other 2 times and bottom 7 play each other 2 times (home and away). As I noticed Michael Stewart says it's contractual for old firm.... Top 2 automatically go up a league like English leagues. Can do the play offs like we do currently or have a 3rd v 12th in league above play off "final" only.
  12. Well I'll sit and look (going on games I have seen) Raith cm Tait Montrose forward Lyons Airdrie left back mccann Montrose cm niang Montrose rb ballantyne Raith forward bowie Dumbarton lb quitongo That's prob the best 7. Make a top 5 out of that as you will. Mine is listed 1 to 7 I can only go on his games against us but he's never stood out like the 5 before him have...
  13. Lol that's not everything. Yes there is potential etc but he's not been as good this season as them. Lyons has signed for Partick too..
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