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  1. I’m not doing it full stop not ruining my evening
  2. Think he’d have done well in a team that got forward and got players around him. At times he was very isolated last season but still managed to hold the ball up and create chances out of nothing. Quite a strong player and had a good touch at times although he missed chances that you’d expect him to score and score goals that you’d think he had no chance. I’d have him back in a heartbeat and think he’d link up well with the forward line we have now
  3. If that’s the case we might as well start Looking for a new manager too. I’m not going back until the 3/5 at the back experiment ends
  4. Wouldn’t be surprised if he was released either later in the season or at the end of the season so he can continue his nomad ways. I would still take him back though
  5. Posting on an Ayr thread is your favourite thing to do isn’t it?
  6. I think dipo worked better wide of a three, as many have said he looks better cutting into the box and linking play. I’m not saying he’s not going to score but I think he’s compliment a focal point like a Moore or someone similar
  7. I’d kill for a mark kerr type player and a goal scorer like a Moore or a Adeloye. I also feel like we need another centre back and hope Bangala comes in and is brilliant at right back We need to play 433 in my mind. We would have more control in midfield if we add the extra man and the back 4 would suit us better
  8. Every goal tonight came from mistakes because they aren’t used to playing in that formation. Also far too much room for the opposition to exploit wide positions and get the balm in the box. Back three can gtf
  9. Hello is that tomi? how much was it you were looking for again? aye I’ll pay it…
  10. I think he said himself that he prefers playing wide
  11. This 5 at the back can gtf. Flat back 4 next week. Hopefully the fans streaming for the exit will put pay to this experiment
  12. We need another striker. I do feel Dipo will do well but when things aren’t going for him we need another option. Ashford is not a striker
  13. Fucking hell. That is woeful defending, Houston ball watching as the player ran at him just beyond the half way line. Was like a rabbit in the headlights
  14. Hope daire isn’t injured too badly. Chance for JML to impress.
  15. Looks like 5 at the back again. We are playythat all season aren’t we??
  16. I think I will watch this tonight- can’t make it down the road but will stream it hopefully it’s better than Saturdays stream as I heard it was terrible.
  17. Major coup, he is very highly rated and is exactly what we need. Arsenal aren’t going to send him here without wanting him to play so what do you reckon? Musonda and Kirk partnership?
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