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  1. f**k me can you imagine trying to save a full 12 inch pizza from the seagulls on the NT? It’s bad enough with a wee tray of chips
  2. I’d be happy enough with that would be good at our level- don’t see it happening though
  3. Don’t be so ridiculous, they’d have signed someone from our suggestions on here if they were doing that
  4. Everyone should be a ray of sunshine and positivity with the new stand and hospitality. It will look great in league one
  5. What is the deal with David Mayo- not seen him linked with anyone, is he a dud or would you guys want him? Why did he leave hamilton
  6. My argument to that is that this is probably our biggest budget in years irrelevant of how many tickets we have sold. We still have a worse squad than last year and worse than when Lachlan was in charge and barely putting any money into the club. it is a squad that is lacking in players that can score goals again and that is the manager and the recruitment team getting it wrong
  7. Update from mathie on black and white tv. Don’t know what to think about this season. I think we are in trouble unless the team were really just playing with the handbrake on in the league cup. I have a feeling of dread and the last time I felt that at the start of the season was all the way back with mark roberts in charge
  8. Tbf he has a better strike rate than Dipo in an Ayr shirt at this stage.
  9. He’s based in the North east- think he has a good job outside football too and has never scored goals at this level.
  10. Mate there were people on the sre asking what goodwillie is up to
  11. I don’t want Griffiths he will only cause problems and won’t improve the goal scoring as he has been crap for years. I don’t know who we could get to come in and improve things as there seems to be a real dearth of quality players. if Crawford was coming he’d have signed by now surely.
  12. We need a striker who can score goals. Big dipo isn’t cutting the mustard at this point
  13. Wonder if. Bangala will be seen in Perth today. @Finlay21 any news on if he is here, I know you said you were hopeful he’d be here for this game? (Obviously not going to play)
  14. Nah I wouldn’t let him go, teach him that he can be friends with Kilmarnock fans, not to hate them and that they should be pitied. otherwise they may turn into @Death in Vegasand just want to batter them constantly
  15. I like the look of dipo but he is anything but clinical so far. No doubt he will end up coming good but I think we need another player that will get amongst the goals. Bryden is young and will blow hot and cold, ashford is a winger and looks like he’d struggle to hit a barn door at times and Mckenzie isnt good enough.
  16. They can paint it at kick off and provide better viewing
  17. Has the ref lost his head? 8 cards in 13 minutes according to vor
  18. Realistically to be competitive and be better than last year I think we need a minimum of 3 players a right back a striker and a right winger
  19. Not ditching it for the season just tonight. We have been woeful in the games we have played so far. the five at the back experiment seems to have ended today by the looks of things, as we don’t have the players to get us to the top of the league your comment is fucking irrelevant- a little like your life tbh
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