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  1. Don’t think you’d hear me in knightswood pal
  2. The Queen’s Park clap clap clap is the shittest chant I’ve heard
  3. Looks like we are having a bit more of a go! Why didn’t we try that when the sun was in their keepers eyes
  4. I’d get bullen to f**k now and see who we can get in now while the window is open. We won’t though and be down by Christmas
  5. That’s on my iptv which is 100 times better than vipbox but beggars can’t be choosers
  6. Nah they are controlled by a human now so a lot better
  7. I’m trying to be positive. Negativity hasn’t worked so far
  8. Tbf they don’t pay much attention to the Scottish leagues and Andy doesn’t score many
  9. I’m going for an Ayr win. 1-3 jml to get 2 and musonda to get the other for us. We have really struggled to score goals but really think it might just click at some point, hopefully tonight is the night
  10. Really concerned that bullen doesn’t see the need for another striker. Last season we had Adeloye and Maxwell who contributed most of our goals, while I like Dipo and the way he plays I don’t think he will get close to the goals scored by both players. what’s happening with Steven Bradley? He seemed really decent when we had him last season and think he’s the type of winger we could do with
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