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  1. I don’t like that format for the interview. Separate them out as it is diluting the message for both games. You can still promote them the same and try and drum more interest in the womens game.
  2. Will I get a dodgy stream for tomorrow?
  3. We need a striker and a winger/attacking midfielder minimum or once we get an injury or suspension we will be relying on round pegs in square holes or youths who aren’t ready yet. I have serious concerns. somebody said Owen Moffat from Celtic does he have any playing time that’s not in the youth league?
  4. Most just don’t announce players until they have them here
  5. I’d give my right arm to have someone like Scott Allan. Seems strange though that no one has taken a punt on him.
  6. The sponsorship announcement thing is not professional at all can you imagine a club like Liverpool or Man City doing that? No it’s not what professional clubs do
  7. Loads of on street parking around the ground or you have the ash pitch beside St. John’s school about a 5 minute walk to the ground
  8. The iptv that I have got is decent it seems to have most things that I need. It didn’t have the league cup games but has had every league game so far
  9. Nick Mcallister has done really well in the two league games so far, it’s a bit early to judge give him another couple and we will se where he is. the quality in the league seems to have dropped this year with everyone seeming to be struggling to bring in the right players so this may also aid players like Mcallister and mcginty and their improvement
  10. I think Dave smith expected cammy to re-sign when he came back from the states but when he fucked off to Patrick he burnt his bridges
  11. Their second goal was unstoppable. The first I reckon mcadams would have saved it tbh
  12. I don’t dislike him, he adds pace and energy to the team but his finishing leaves a lot to be desired and I believe could be worked on. I just didn’t see that being his best game since he arrived as bullen put it. There is definitely a place for him
  13. Bullen really thought that was ashfords best game since signing. Anyone that was there agree with him? On the stream he didn’t look like he did too much
  14. Mckenzie made a big difference up front lots of running and got the assist for the first goal needs to start next week bryden is better off the bench
  15. Yeah my wife went into labour when the pen went in
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