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  1. Is it maybe an ace up McCalls sleeve something that killie aren't expecting like a specific threat or something
  2. Mega excited now hope it's a strong cb or rb or an absolute brilliant winger to tear killie a new one. Was it in the post that Cairney wasn't resigning? It a bit strange that he wouldn't sign him again
  3. He is better than others out there at the moment. I think the first sign of trouble with the league he will be gone tbh.
  4. You and most of the killie support are on it along with yer squirrel
  5. I just hope we don't land up with that bomb scare McKenna again
  6. We still shouldn't judge his business because of the team he supports/sponsors though
  7. Generally as there isn't the same sort of trouble at the others. I lived in the Glasgow merchant city for 3 years and that is why I don't frequent those bigoted places. It wasn't what I was getting at therefor you missed my point My main point was that there is no need to give the guy a hard time over a nothing rivalry (which is what this effectively is these days)
  8. I don't think it's fair tbh. That's someone's livelihood. Its a game of fucking football and I have friends who support Kilmarnock yes we have banter but we are still friends. Especially the people who have said they enjoyed going there but will now all of a sudden never going back because he sponsored another team. Get a grip. I would have no problem with going for a pint in there and I would never go to a pub which is associated with being a rangers or Celtic pub.
  9. This guy is clearly a crackpot. We should just not acknowledge him and hope he overdoses on his smack or gets bored and f**ks off
  10. Got mine this afternoon. Was I wise getting it for the north terrace? Probably not since it is Scotland in July, better take a brolly
  11. Guess they were taking a huge gamble on getting promoted and since they didn't they are f*cked
  12. So much for retiring. Could do a job for us if he could get fit
  13. I don't think the gaffer would be best pleased if I turned up for pre season lol
  14. But surely they should be looking to raise as much as they can from any and all sources! So that Lachlan doesn't need to pump all this cash that he says he is having to pump in to keep us alive.
  15. Was that McMillan not absolutely mince after he signed for Clyde?
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