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  1. Their second goal was unstoppable. The first I reckon mcadams would have saved it tbh
  2. I don’t dislike him, he adds pace and energy to the team but his finishing leaves a lot to be desired and I believe could be worked on. I just didn’t see that being his best game since he arrived as bullen put it. There is definitely a place for him
  3. Bullen really thought that was ashfords best game since signing. Anyone that was there agree with him? On the stream he didn’t look like he did too much
  4. Mckenzie made a big difference up front lots of running and got the assist for the first goal needs to start next week bryden is better off the bench
  5. The Queen’s Park clap clap clap is the shittest chant I’ve heard
  6. Looks like we are having a bit more of a go! Why didn’t we try that when the sun was in their keepers eyes
  7. I’d get bullen to f**k now and see who we can get in now while the window is open. We won’t though and be down by Christmas
  8. That’s on my iptv which is 100 times better than vipbox but beggars can’t be choosers
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