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  1. It’s subscription only so would needed to subscribe for the full season
  2. Good news on Alex Kirk not as bad as feared and will be back early in the new year!
  3. No pay at gate but you can buy in the shop/at a Kiosk on the way to the gate
  4. Aye Bangala isn’t a footballer. We look woeful tonight lucky to still be winning you can’t tell who the part time team are
  5. Zidane was born in Marseille I think his family are from Algeria
  6. Most famous ones would likely be Patrick Viera (Senegal) and Claude Makélélé (zaire) both played for France
  7. I’d 100% play ashford try and get him a few goals and build his confidence
  8. Could be the making of Mcallister as he’s not set the heather alight at right back but neither did Rose until his switch to cb
  9. Kirk set to be out for 3 months https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/arsenal-loan-star-alex-kirk-28545509?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  10. Wouldn’t be surprised if rocked up at another club up here though
  11. My friend said that Tomi may be let go in January, he’s in a high wage and not setting the heather alight down there. Would still take him back
  12. I don’t think the core of this squad would struggle in the league above. Yes we may take a few pummellings but I think we’d stay up which would pay for the new stand and the development
  13. So does anyone think Dave smith might put his hand in his pocket when the window opens to really bolster our position and really go for promotion?
  14. Talk pish you can’t see anything from that video either
  15. Easily worth 250-350k if the board get that offered they may take it but I’d hold on to him
  16. Dipo looks like he’s smoking in that interview
  17. Looked like that defender spat on Dipo when he fouled him in the corner
  18. That’s should have been it! Mckenzie and ashford not bad players just not clinical and definitely not strikers
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