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  1. Morton v Ayr

    Happy now? http://www.ayrunitedfc.co.uk/morton-match-preview-7/
  2. Morton v Ayr

    Just cos it means virgintons patter gets relegated to the seaside league alone! Where it belongs imo
  3. Yeah neither team look anything special and we looked tremendous last time I saw us!
  4. See McKenna hasn’t grown out of his silly mistakes! Top marks though for booting Morelos though!
  5. Morton v Ayr

    The scenes as they appoint kenny sheils
  6. Morton v Ayr

    Meh they don’t annoy me that much, means we get to rub it in more after we scud them
  7. I’m gutted I have to miss this one as I’m working! The break means we will have another few players back and gives us more options and competition for places! Think we should maybe drop mcdaid and start cadden but that’s the only swap I’d make! I’m going 4-2 Ayr shankland hat-trick and Miller to score his first for us!
  8. Alloa Athletic vs Ayr United

    I really dislike Jim Goodwin he is so disingenuous. You got beat fucking deal with it c*nt
  9. So a half pint and an irn bru for you???
  10. Think he will play bell in cm beside murdoch if he doesn’t start Crawford or maybe even doc if fit
  11. I hope Cadden can play on the right otherwise it’s Crawford till Forrest is back. I’m sure McCall said that he would be close to fitness by the break so not too long
  12. That’s mcdaid miller and cadden who all prefer to play on the left when we were crying out for a right winger! I just don’t see mcdaid making any impact on the right when he plays there
  13. Starting to feel a tad lopsided here
  14. Ayr united v ICT (take 2)

    Can only beat Dundee Utd and nobody else in the league great