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  1. Maybe it was done on purpose. Can’t think of any reason why anyone would think it’d be ok to play someone who is on loan from the club. I do think all clubs should be bound to the same rules though so colts shouldn’t be able to play players that are on loan to other players
  2. Dunfermline not sacking grant/him resigning is surprising looking at the way his fans reacted after Saturday. Don’t know if anyone saw this? https://youtu.be/mNlnr4KoDMI
  3. Hinting to my wife right this very second! It was the year I was born but it’s very smart
  4. I’d give him a few games if he does ok give him till the end of the season if things go bad bring someone else in, it’s good to have options. he’s not the long therm fix though so the end of the season would be it
  5. Missed the game today and never watched the stream how was the performance? Was it just Dunfermline are shit or were we much improved?
  6. Strange decision, though mcadams did ok against raith and that the score line would have been a lot worse without him
  7. What about John Robertson? I know he left Inverness due to family issues. Is he looking to get back to management? I’ve not heard anything about him since he left Inverness last year
  8. Boxer turned football manager you mean?! at least the dodgy decisions against us would stop! honestly if it were me I’d ask how much it’d take for Petrie to join and pay it. Look at what he’s doing with Montrose
  9. What about someone like lambert or Alex neill both flopped down south maybe looking to build their reputation again? probably well out of our price range but who knows?
  10. Honestly guys just ask raith fans just how bad we are! There is no chance you are leaving with nothing on Saturday. The only caveat to that is if we get hopkin and his coaching staff sacked and replaced with someone that knows more about football
  11. Does he just play hoof ball too? I can’t remember from when he was with you guys. just wondering if he has more tactical nous than hopkin?
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