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  1. I think JML has something to offer going forward. If he gains a lot of confidence and starts believe his ability he could go far I think. far better than the likes of Mcdaid imo
  2. Bangala to cove? what a window does this mean we can expect a loan in ?
  3. Will be sad to lose Moffat but good luck to him if it is him. He has been a great servant but I do feel we will be lacking a coach if he leaves
  4. Only fear with not signing another striker is if akinyemi gets injured we are relying on ashford or mckenzie as a main striker
  5. A win, one signing and mullin confirmed till end of season good day. Wonder if the club has anything up there sleeve thought I was repotting for the bbc there…
  6. Why is it so hard to watch a football game and report on it?
  7. Just assumed since he was on the list they want shot of he’d been recalled
  8. Are rangers not looking to get rid of mayo? We could cover cb and rb can he not? Worth a shout?
  9. Both? A development loan player that can cover cb/lb and a striker please
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