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  1. Drop mckenzie in place of young, put O’Connor on the right and Mullen in the left. Both will allow balance and can deliver crosses into the box
  2. I’d field youngsters in the cup don’t mind going out get some of the players that haven’t played some game time like Bangala and smith
  3. SRE going nuts about mcginty and changing a winning team. If Kirk isn’t fit to play we need to play someone else in his position. The whole back 4 today looked disjointed at times. Mcallister over Houston was a strange decision but maybe the gaffer thought that mcginty needed someone better defensively beside him? not too disappointed still sitting joint top and we showed enough to come back into it from 2-0. Onwards to Morton on Thursday
  4. Don’t think they would have been able to keep the same defence as Kirk was carrying a knock don’t know why you’d start Mcallister over Houston with the way he was playing
  5. This is here for the taking lads! Let’s go Ayr
  6. O’Connor looks ok I’d take Mckenzie off and ashford and give the striker young and Mullen some time
  7. I hope he has an amazing season too! We have him on a multi year contract so if someone wants to stump up decent money then that is only good news
  8. I agree! Should be celebrating losing a fucking leech on society and should be treated no different to a benefit scrounger
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