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  1. Calm down. Not every signing will work out, its always the way. Some will do much better than expected and some will fall short let’s hope that it’s the former for us
  2. I don’t see killie beating that Dundee team with the form they are in!
  3. It sounds like Baird might have been to to gtf. I’d be happy with that!
  4. I was disappointed that we never resigned him tbh. He was ok in his season with us but would have expected improvement if he had stayed
  5. Pretty sure he was a boxer and has turned his head to football unfortunately
  6. Thank god he was pretty crap from what I saw of him
  7. Again Mckenzie is a decent prospect but still very raw. Happy he is staying, I think Mccowan will also stay too
  8. I’m not surprised at all. He is a real good player just can’t hit a barn door anymore. He can be useful if we can get a big lump he can play off and link up with
  9. Got a friend who said they were probably the best team after Patrick this year, wouldn’t fancy going up against them where as Montrose are part time still
  10. Can’t believe Falkirk are going to spend another season in l1. Who do we want up next season? Montrose?
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