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  1. And not playing 4231 when we don’t have the best players to play 4231
  2. I disagree though the squad we have should be more than good enough
  3. @Robbo63 would this likely be a permanent signing or just till the end of the season?
  4. I wanted young or Petrie but if I had to put money on I’d probably pick Stuart McCall just now
  5. Thank f**k that’s over. The sooner the mods realise that he’s dryhorse the better. Get him to f**k
  6. Apparently he has 2 goals in 24 games that’s all so probably wouldn’t have set the heather alight
  7. @Robbo63 guess this is the guy you were referring too?
  8. I’m not saying we shouldn’t. I think we should maybe wait to see if the new manager would want him
  9. Has anyone seen the post on the the SRE about the player that we nearly signed?
  10. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t have a clause stating he would have to pay to manage again this season. It’s normally what happens when it’s mutual consent in England
  11. Anyone fancy lambert for the hot seat? obviously a joke lol 😂
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