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  1. Talbot drawing with Arbroath today! They are no mugs at home!
  2. Does anyone else hate dufc and there moronic fans who post on threads that have nothing to do with dufc? It can’t just be me surely?
  3. I think it’s someone else that has applied not been linked that has got it! Young - Cameron laughed at publicly Yogi- didn’t apply Houston has a decent job Macintyre- shown no interest publicly Canning- showed up at a few games but doesn’t play the style we like Ss- I don’t think wants it/isn’t getting it ETA-really don’t fancy macintyre
  4. Have the interviews been at Somerset? So I’m presuming you know who has been in?
  5. You’d think the merc would have been taken off him! Don’t think he was paying for it! Was it not a sponsorship like agreement?
  6. It almost seems professional- that is until Lachlan starts tweeting! I’m grateful for all he has done for us but I hate his trump like tweets
  7. I’m kinda surprised we haven’t seen more saw this manager here and that manager there chat! Thought the sre would have been going mental just now!
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