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  1. I was thinking that they might do that. Wouldn’t be surprised if both had already signed already and they will announce the strips with it!
  2. Two year deal too, hopefully he kicks in a bit during that time
  3. Mate I’m glad- I in Glasgow and the last time rangers won anything they set fireworks off for days
  4. I will be disappointed but won’t have a heads-gone moment, we have seen better players leave before. Just need to hope we can replace him if he does go. Even if he stays we need a partner for him
  5. Probably improves it if anything, also means you don’t need to listen to David hopkin slevering shite
  6. I thought that was very odd! Would have been more suited to a Dunfermline Montrose final
  7. I’d let him go tbh. I just hope bullen mathie or glendinning can pull a few good players out of the hat
  8. He scored an absolute stunner can’t remember who against though
  9. I think that’s harsh tbh. He isn’t an out and out finisher but he is a good support striker as he makes good runs, makes space for others and creates opportunities for others. I do prefer him wide but wouldn’t call him abysmal just he isn’t a clinical finisher
  10. I thought that, but also thought there was confusion around if it
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