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  1. I would be happy to have him but would hope that he would be more of an impact player from the bench than a regular starter! Unless he has massively improved from last season
  2. Likely because if you were to take thousands of people’s details in a day they would be there forever and it would also be a logistical nightmare
  3. I’d say he was incredibly undervalued by our fans! If we played him where he should have been played he would have shown us how good he could have been! Out on the wing was a waste of time
  4. I was listening to the livi game there only heard Forrest mentioned a few times and didn’t sound like he was making an impact
  5. f**k that put them in the wee enclosure where we used to put Albion etc
  6. Although they give a yearly percentage for inflation you need to look over a longer period than just one year as things can be affected differently! Even over the 5 years it’s close to the inflation figure especially considering we have been in a higher league most of those years and switched from PT to FT
  7. Someone linking us to Charlie Adam and Florian Kamberi on the sre😂😂😂😂
  8. I was looking at over the last 5-10 years there’s quite a few years that prices didn’t fluctuate, but if you spread the increases over that you’ll find that the increase is in line with inflation! Basically for the last few years we have been underpaying to go to games!
  9. Not how inflation works buddy but I’m not here to lecture you on economics!
  10. The change in pricing is running slightly higher than inflation but we have also had a loss of income from last season! We have also been performing at a higher level than what was expected! This could mean the increase in the budget that gives us a better chance to compete for the title and better chance of going up through the playoffs!
  11. Harsh on hart!! No way near my top 3 Ruddy yes I agree was bad
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