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  1. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Apparently we've just hired someone from Vancouver Whitecaps. Their former "head of performance" or something like that
  2. Ruined Christmas stories

    I've never known anyone to sign up for these schemes. Surely just putting the money in an ISA is better?
  3. Are you a weirdo?

    I'm the opposite, for me, the volume must be at an odd number.
  4. Dundee United v ICT 20/10/2108

    Is there any way to get an audio or video stream for this? A free one.
  5. Work colleagues

    Was this scotmid by any chance?
  6. Things you want to share with P&B

    You absolute genius. Thank you.
  7. Things you want to share with P&B

    If you live in Scotland, some of that is illegal as far as I know. Citizens advice bureau can help, or shelter Scotland.
  8. Scotland v Belgium (07/09/18)

    The other candidates were Cesare Prandelli and Jurgen Klinsmann. Apparently they both applied. Supposedly Slavan Bilic applied but I'm not sure about that.
  9. Starting 11 for Belgium and Albania games

    My preference for tonight
  10. Horrific club photos

    They're brother and sister so looking alike was more than likely
  11. Starting 11 for Belgium and Albania games

    I'd go for: Gk - Gordon LWB - Robertson CB - Tierney CB - Mulgrew CB - Hendry RWB - O'Donnell LM - Fraser CM - Armstrong CM - McTominay RM - Philips ST - Griffiths (McBurnie if Griffiths is injured)
  12. Things that are lame

    Do you have a picture?
  13. Procrastination

    Do you procrastinate? How? I'm really bad for procrastinating and need advice on how to beat it. Fwiw I'm procrastinating right now. PnB is one of my favourite procrastination activities. Alongside Ted Talks, eating, cleaning, showering and looking at houses I'll never afford online. Also, my dissertation is due in on Friday at noon.