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  1. I've heard worse ideas tbf
  2. I'm in Berlin now, but I've forgotten to pack boxer shorts. What is the German equivalent of primark? [emoji23] Thanks in advance
  3. Is it just me or does Craig Levein not quite look 100%? Has he been ill recently?
  4. Turnout at my polling station was 57.4% if anyone is interested
  5. Current turnout at my place is pretty much bang on 50% once you include postal votes.
  6. Should probably add that it is indeed quiet enough that I can scroll pnb with ease x
  7. I'm working at a polling station right now and physical turnout by 10pm will be around ~40% I reckon. 25% of the voters have opted for postal votes here. So overall turnout will be in the 60s I think.
  8. Speaking of the Scottish Family Party, I just went on their twitter page and found this post. Spot the mistake with the postal ballot...
  9. Just heard unconfirmed reports that the Austria manager has just resigned at a press conference???
  10. Thanks to you both for your answers. [emoji106][emoji846]
  11. I'm off to Berlin in June and by the sounds of things, if Scotland beat Ukraine or get a bye; we'll probably play the final while I'm in Berlin. What football pubs in Berlin are likely to be friendly to tourists and happy to put on a Scotland game? Thanks in advance :-)
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