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  1. We do. We have Liam Palmer but he's injured.
  2. Has anyone got a link or a screenshot of the Lawrence of Arabia t-shirts that were on sale for a while?
  3. Right so I've only just heard about the man in the Indian restaurant fish pond in Dundee. Can anyone shed some light on the story? Apparently there's a picture doing the rounds?
  4. How do I tag mods? Perhaps a few banning are in order?
  5. Apparently "superinjunction" is trending on twitter tonight. Apparently its related to bojo. Can anyone expand without accidentally opening themselves up to a lawsuit?
  6. Mercy Baguma: Govan mum found dead next to 'starving baby' - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-53904251 Couldn't see a thread for this and I thought it merited one. This is a horrible story, and I was wondering if anyone on here has experience of relevant charities and/or the Home Office? My inner cynic tells me that the Home Office just cgaf.
  7. F***ing hell has she even left school yet? Proper nonce behaviour
  8. Has anyone been given their login details yet for the new United TV website?
  9. Should we expect Neil Alexander to follow Neilson to Hearts as well?
  10. Is Mackay just being interviewed or is he actually being offered the job?
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