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  1. Was A.MacFarlane a member of a band called "The Cundees"?
  2. Dillon Powers' fiancé is hinting on Instagram that he might be going back to Colorado Rapids. Could easily be reading too much into this so I might be totally wrong. Tried to upload a screenshot but it's not working, it says "wrong forum id".
  3. Has anyone got a link or a screenshot of the Lawrence of Arabia t-shirts that were on sale for a while?
  4. Right so I've only just heard about the man in the Indian restaurant fish pond in Dundee. Can anyone shed some light on the story? Apparently there's a picture doing the rounds?
  5. How do I tag mods? Perhaps a few banning are in order?
  6. Apparently "superinjunction" is trending on twitter tonight. Apparently its related to bojo. Can anyone expand without accidentally opening themselves up to a lawsuit?
  7. Mercy Baguma: Govan mum found dead next to 'starving baby' - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-53904251 Couldn't see a thread for this and I thought it merited one. This is a horrible story, and I was wondering if anyone on here has experience of relevant charities and/or the Home Office? My inner cynic tells me that the Home Office just cgaf.
  8. F***ing hell has she even left school yet? Proper nonce behaviour
  9. Has anyone been given their login details yet for the new United TV website?
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