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  1. Quite a number of Shire supporters didn't get a programme on Saturday so we're thinking of printing a few more off. Would any Berwick fans who missed out be looking for one? If you can come up with a number at the Berwick end we can sort something between us.
  2. Forgot to say, I got a season ticket from someone who came up in the lift. Meant to say to Ian Fleming! That would add one to the total.
  3. Tough game today and Ricky Miller got his customary goal against us but a good 3 points. Now that Peaso is fit at last, we're beginning to see what he can do. Hopefully this is the start of a scoring run for him. He and Nicky Low combined well throughout the match. Thought the move leading up to Sean Brown's goal was the best football of the game, with Adam Murray playing a big part in it.
  4. Previous fee was £6000 to Falkirk for Colin McKinnon and Shire certainly offered more than that amount for Jamie Dishington. Club seemed to be happy with the tribunal result so must have been close to our offer.
  5. To be fair, on a freezing, snowy, wet, Saturday afternoon in mid November, the game would probably be off.
  6. No frills there. Probably the most basic ground I've ever visited. Watched them play a West of Scotland semi final there, against Pollok. They gave the pitch, what I described as a "Lionel Blair" cut, especially for the occasion, although the grass on the "terracing" could have done with one too!
  7. Take it they didn't enjoy it then? Didn't think it was too bad, when Shire went there, although the snack van outside was a bit expensive. Couple of Beefeater type places within 5 minutes walk which were pretty decent. Still enough autumn sunshine left at the time for a pint in the beer garden and pretending it was summer. Mind you, it was a bit wet yesterday and no' much cover at the ground, disnae help the mood.
  8. I don't know what you're point is, really. Fair enough if it was the last couple of months of the season but I wouldn't put you in charge of a football team if you were ready to chuck it when things got a wee bit tough. It's going to be difficult after Friday's result but if you want to win things, you have to think like a winner. Even if you don't get there in the end, you've more chance of being there than a quitter.
  9. Nothing much between the sides with defences dealing with most stuff. Scrappy goal to win it but that's the type of game Shire need to learn how to win. Not sure that Jamie actually made a save other than crosses, much like the East Kilbride game. Kelty looking favourites at the moment.
  10. The SFA South Challenge Cup draw has been made and Shire are away to East Kilbride. Match to be played on 9th November Full draw is Camelon Juniors vs. Linlithgow Rose Kelty Hearts vs. University of Stirling Dunipace vs. Bonnyrigg Rose BSC Glasgow vs. Preston Athletic East Kilbride vs. East Stirlingshire Hill of Beath Hawthorn vs. Cumbernauld Colts Broxburn Athletic vs. Tranent Juniors Caledonian Braves vs. Bonnyton Thistle
  11. We'll find out after they've had the tea and sandwiches.
  12. I'll have pin badges for sale at the game on Friday at £2.50 each. Friday night games normally attract a few neutrals along and all they ever ask for is pin badges, especially the Germans! Well now I finally have some. I'll be the one, along from the pie stall shouting "Erra flags, hats and scarves!"
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