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  1. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Beginning to look like a team again. Only down side of keeping the run going is that it will shorten our odds for when we lump on Shire to win the league next season. Could have been a cunning plan!
  2. LL Relegation

    At last, somebody talking sense!
  3. LL Relegation

    Would miss the Kelty v Shire games!
  4. LL Relegation

    Aye, and if the current bottom 8 clubs all resigned tomorrow, that would put the Shire in 7th and last place. Does that mean we get relegated?
  5. LL Relegation

    It's absolutely correct that Selkirk are recognised as finishing 16th. They started the season and therefore should be included in the final table as the last placed club. This time last year there weren't so many teams at tier 6, far less, licensed clubs, therefore it was perfectly reasonable to have one up, one down, with the possibility of two being relegated, depending on the circumstances. Now that we have a much stronger tier 6, the possibility exists to open up the bottom end of the Lowland League to 2 or 3 promotion/relegation spaces for NEXT season, assuming we're going to have a glut of licenced clubs to come up. It's not about self preservation. I realise people can be a bit impatient for change but let's remember, all those new EOS clubs only joined this season! The new EOS Premier League is going to be fantastic, next season and a great league to be relegated into (if that's a thing!).
  6. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    I'd stick the undersoil heating on now, to give it a chance.
  7. New clubs in the East of Scotland

    I would agree if Selkirk went bust in March, but it was September. What's the cutoff point for a team going bust?
  8. Lowland league attendances 2018/19

    I went into the bar but didn't come out!
  9. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Decency is the LAST thing he has!
  10. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Firs Park belongs to the Shire shareholders (B shares), with Alan Mackin being the largest shareholder and having control, he is the major beneficiary of any sale. How he obtained his shares is an other matter. His sole aim was to run the club down , sell the ground, then pocket the money. This led to the nonsense of finishing bottom of the league each season and the ridicule which goes with it, right up Mackin's street. We had a pretty decent team at the time Mackin struck, with great youth players coming through, Derek Ure and Brown Ferguson among them. We had been unlucky to lose to Livingston in the Challenge Cup semi final under manager, George Fairley but soon Fairley was gone, along with Charlie Kelly, Gordon Russell (who'd both had testimonials with the Shire) and all the senior players, as Mackin began the cuts, including the youth squads. There may be people out there with the means to buy out Mackin but no one him to make a penny out of it.
  11. Camelon Juniors 2018-19

    Even when you've signed a player at amateur level and you have a cup tie coming up, the first thing you do is check to see if their cup tied, although asking the player isn't always the best move! They just want to play in the game and hope that nobody will notice, although you would imagine at Pro level they would think of the consequences a wee bit more.
  12. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    ...........or the last 8, even!
  13. Camelon Juniors 2018-19

    Thought Camelon had the better chances yesterday.
  14. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    Aye, even the dodgy ones, unfortunately.
  15. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    In the Sunday Post memories section today. 20 years ago a Kenny Miller double prevented a Welfare trip to Ibrox. As Shire had no game that day I paid a wee visit to Ochilview...........looking for an upset, standing in the away end, obviously! Fantastic support Welfare had, could do with that today. I particularly remember some supporters taking the cardboard cutout man onto the terracing, out of the John Smith's advert! Kenny Miller, on loan from Hibs, really was the difference between the sides, on the day.