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  1. Our players travel individually to training, in their training kit, then back home by their own transport. No changing rooms, no showers. Players got soaked on Thursday!
  2. If you're going for the title it's crucial to get off to a flyer. I remember writing a Nimmo's Notes column in the Shire programme many years ago, emphasising that point. Can't remember if it was 3 points for a win at that time but I recall Clydebank winning their opening 6 games and St.Mirren losing their first 6 games, leaving an 18 point gap. I then calculated how long it would take to claw back the deficit, should the leaders hit a bad patch, say averaging 4 points out of 12, while the bottom club hit some good form, averaging 8 out of 12. After 22 games they would still be 2 points behind. I think, as it turned out, it did take St.Mirren that long to get it back, which goes how vital a good start is!
  3. Fantastic double header versus Bo'ness on Boxing Day and New Year's Day, just as it should be. All we need are fans now..........
  4. Absolutely! I like the way the rugby do it, with the Edinburgh v Glasgow double header over the holiday period. Got to market football the best way we can. Hopefully we're allowed crowds by then.
  5. Euan Griffiths signed up again. Happy with that, thought he showed up really well, when he came in last season.
  6. Falkirk supporter must have had to use all his fingers. .........unless he used his other hand.
  7. I saw most of the reserve games last season. Think we only had him out the once but he really stood out, so much so that I recognised the name! Another young player I'd like to see sign up again is Euan Griffiths, still a teenager but big, strong and confident on the ball. Plus he's on my Facebook and likes all my Shire posts!
  8. Great signing and someone who used to stand on the Firs Park terracing as a boy.
  9. As regards new signings, and looking at the goings on at SPFL teams, it looks like there's going to be a lot of decent players looking for clubs this season and possibly dropping down to the 5th and 6th tiers.
  10. I recall a Meadowbank supporter who used to wear a yellow and black kilt at games. He went to watch Berwick Rangers, after the Livingston move, probably so he didn't have to change the colour of his kilt. We have a former Meadowbank / Feranti Thistle fan at the Shire now, but I think most are at Edinburgh City. Very few would have gone to Livingston.
  11. The trouble (as far as League Two clubs would be concerned) on creating a 12 team league, including Brora and Kelty, for one season only, is having to relegate teams at the end of the term. Chances are that Cove, Edinburgh City, Brora and Kelty would be nowhere near the bottom 3, therefore, going by this year's placings you could have Brechin and Albion Rovers relegated and Stenhousemuir facing a play off with Bonnyrigg. Big chance of 3 established clubs going out of the league.
  12. Very close at the moment v Rossvale.
  13. Don't see how they can deny Kelty and Brora a promotion place. Play offs from the pyramid are now part of the Scottish League structure and the reward for winning the league. If the play offs are cancelled then they should be obliged to promote them.
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