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  1. Only 3 penalties? Bonnyrigg would have had 5 by now! 😊
  2. Thank goodness they made a decision before the social media boycott started! 😅
  3. At times, you get the impression that it would be easier to apply and be accepted for the European Super League, than to get a play off against Brechin.
  4. Syngenta sharing at Ochilview next season.
  5. The original stated intention of Bo'ness United Juniors was to provide Junior football for the town, once again, and to be a feeder for the Senior team. However, you didn't have to be a clairvoyant to realise that the lifespan of the Junior League was limited, whether the clubs decided to turn Senior this season or in 5 years time, so you have to wonder at the long term plan. Obviously, other than turning Amateur, Bo'ness United Juniors had no other option than to go Senior. They have good enough players and the setup to do so. I would say, though, that, even if they still intend to be a feeder club, playing at the same stadium, that they should change their name to Bo'ness Thistle (going on the logic that they were Linlithgow Thistle before) and keep a separate identity.
  6. Yes, just what I was going to say, therefore Brora's ground is NOT an issue.
  7. Good to see progress on the northern front. Only problem I have, though, with Tayport viewing themselves as a Tayside club, is that Highland League sides will regard it as a wet Tuesday night in Fife.
  8. Poor eyesight. That's why he finds it easier to post in capital letters.
  9. A real character in lower league football, Bill Duncan aka "Mad Bill" has passed away following his battle with cancer. Football will be a lot less colourful. RIP Bill 🏴🏳️🏴🏳️🏴
  10. Bonnyrigg just pick and choose what home games they want to play. Usually depends on injuries ans suspensions Maybe depending on their referee being available.
  11. Here we go again. The only Scottish Cup games which can be streamed live tomorrow are Pay Per View streams. As Tranent don't have PPV facility, only capable of free streaming, the match won't be shown live. Free streams were permitted in the previous round but the SFA decided to inform clubs on Wednesday that it would not be possible this time. Just as we enter Lockdown!
  12. Tricky draw away to Tranent and the mighty Ricky Miller. Going to need another top performance against a team who will be up for it.
  13. From the Shire Facebook page, Scottish Cup update Unfortunately due to the SFA Cup broadcast rules Shire TV will not be covering the game LIVE on Saturday v Inverurie Locos Works. The match will be filmed and highlights will be available at a later point. Given the current restriction that are in place the club are disappointed not to be able to stream the match live to you.
  14. Gala are on a good run of results at the minute. Might cause an upset for some of the "fancied" teams. Turning out to be a great league so far, no guaranteed results.
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