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  1. I recall a Meadowbank supporter who used to wear a yellow and black kilt at games. He went to watch Berwick Rangers, after the Livingston move, probably so he didn't have to change the colour of his kilt. We have a former Meadowbank / Feranti Thistle fan at the Shire now, but I think most are at Edinburgh City. Very few would have gone to Livingston.
  2. The trouble (as far as League Two clubs would be concerned) on creating a 12 team league, including Brora and Kelty, for one season only, is having to relegate teams at the end of the term. Chances are that Cove, Edinburgh City, Brora and Kelty would be nowhere near the bottom 3, therefore, going by this year's placings you could have Brechin and Albion Rovers relegated and Stenhousemuir facing a play off with Bonnyrigg. Big chance of 3 established clubs going out of the league.
  3. Very close at the moment v Rossvale.
  4. Don't see how they can deny Kelty and Brora a promotion place. Play offs from the pyramid are now part of the Scottish League structure and the reward for winning the league. If the play offs are cancelled then they should be obliged to promote them.
  5. When all the Fife clubs moved over, I messaged a mate, whose son plays for Whitburn, to ask if there were any rumours going around regarding the other clubs. He didn't have any solid info but had heard that Livingston, Fauldhouse and Stoneyburn may have applied. That was back on March 3rd I asked the question. Makes you think that that they may have been contemplating it, at least, back then. Maybe the turmoil at Fauldhouse put them off? All just speculation of course. As regards the deadline date, to be fair to the SFA and the East Juniors, the erjfa need to plan ahead for next season too, so they can't do that if, at any time, they're losing clubs along the way.
  6. Pretty sure Shetland used to beat the Faroe Islands back in the 70s.
  7. I've got that programme! Wasn't it Cup Final at Carmuirs Park?
  8. Everyone has a different solution and every solution has it's merits as well as a downside. At the end of the day, we just have to wait and see how long this takes to blow over and make the correct call then. The most likely outcome is that it's going to last for months, maybe August, September, who knows? All the complications of players moving clubs, you could have a situation where a player scores a goal for his new club against his old club, thereby denying his old club the title and himself a medal. Personally, I'd like to see season completed someway but we'll just have to wait and see.
  9. John Sludden was a great manager, great guy but was told that if there was a player he wanted, not to worry about the cost, just to ask our sponsor and the money would be sorted out. He never did ask for finances, though so didn't help himself.
  10. Lowland league Cup draw Round 1 Match 1: East Stirlingshire vs. Vale of Leithen Match 2: Civil Service Strollers vs. BSC Glasgow Match 3: East Kilbride vs. Berwick Rangers Match 4: Bonnyrigg Rose vs. Caledonian Braves Match 5: Edinburgh University vs. Gala Fairydean Rovers Match 6: Cumbernauld Colts vs. University of Stirling Match 7: Spartans vs. Dalbeattie Star Match 8: Gretna 2008 vs. Kelty Hearts Quarter Finals Match 9 : Winner of Match 2 vs. Winner of Match 4 Match 10 : Winner of Match 3 vs. Winner of Match 1 Match 11 : Winner of Match 7 vs. Winner of Match 6 Match 12 : Winner of Match 5 vs. Winner of Match 8 Semi Finals Match 13 : Winner of Match 12 vs. Winner of Match 10 Match 14 : Winner of Match 11 vs. Winner of Match 9
  11. I remember watching Dunipace in the Junior Cup semi final at a packed Brockville, which went to a second replay. The crowds seemed to get bigger for each game, although the published attendance in the newspaper got smaller! 12,000, 10,000 and 8000 were given. Bit of jiggery pokery going on, I think 🤫 Dodgy lot at Falkirk.
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