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  1. I'm a bit disappointed the auld duffer's custom made Land Rover hearse didn't lead to a very public and embarrassing mishap TBH.
  2. Arran Blonde. It can be hit and miss but a good batch is a fantastic brew.
  3. It's not the healthiest approach to life to spend it in bars, but there's nothing wrong with a quiet pint or with older men who are single or widowed. Life can throw anything at you. Scottish people are too gossipy and judgemental about this stuff. It reeks a bit of the kirk and social conservatism.
  4. Lennon has my sympathy and I hope it's not a sign he's in a bad situation, but describing solo pint drinkers as 'lost causes' is surely a bit much.
  5. I do a fair bit of amateur joinery without any particularly fancy equipment. My grandfather was a joiner to trade and passed some of it on. Anyway, as Pete has said, if you find the right timber yard it won't be a problem. I use timber yards to get specific wood types cut to size for projects pretty regularly.
  6. I learned during the pandemic that I hate wallpaper. Removing it should be enough to put anyone off the shite for life. It's hard work and it almost always ages terribly.
  7. Yeah, the story of the French warship is pretty sad. There's a decent novel about it by Neal Ascherson called The Death of the Fronsac. I don't think I've ever seen the front of Gourock (and Dunoon) in my lifetime quite like it was last summer. We could do with being better custodians of a lot of places in Scotland.
  8. He also wasn't exactly on the ball when the majority of the Hooray Henries decided to dispute the idea that Black Lives Matter.
  9. Howe is no doubt a capable manager but you'd think Celtic were trying to land Arrigo Sacchi from AC Milan. Celtic would do well to remind themselves of what happened when Owen Coyle snubbed them for Bolton. I'm also unsure why the media seem to think I should care so much about the purported abilities of Dominic McKay.
  10. I was just discussing this with a friend at the weekend who was enjoying the sunshine and said scenes while his daughter played with her pals at Battery Park. A greenie for 'magnificent fjord like scenery' - I'll be stealing that one 😂 . The long summer evenings last year were quite something.
  11. In terms of being obnoxious about cash there's an element of truth to this, but we live in Scotland and the lairds haven't exactly covered themselves in glory historically.
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