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  1. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    Celtic fans are spoiled.
  2. This has actually been proven as being statistically untrue in various ways.
  3. I understood what he said, I just think it was a cliche and an exaggeration. I think that Rangers, never mind Celtic, could reasonably anticipate giving Burnley a game.
  4. Yeah, it's a good bit above our top league, but he was viewed as an expendable member of a Burnley side who ably demonstrate exactly why the EPL is to a significant degree driven by money and marketing over substance.
  5. I like Arfield, but he played for Huddersfield and Burnley, not Real Madrid.
  6. Hearts v Hibernian

  7. I do like that Rangers visibly crap it whenever Hastie gets the ball.
  8. And out comes the songbook
  9. And let's not forget Ian Crocker & Andy Walker on the commentary mics
  10. Commons, Boyd and McFadden with Hayley McQueen hosting is some absolutely lobotomised punditry.
  11. Scottish Football Crisis Thread

    I do agree that the police are being painted into a corner here and they don't seem aware of that, but I would also be fuming if I was a policeman who had briefed the Rangers and Celtic players before the match only to witness the behaviour of Morelos, Brown, Kent and Halliday. The Old Firm match has become a festival of stupidity where violence on the pitch is seemingly not only expected but encouraged.
  12. Scottish Football Crisis Thread

    You don't see a connection here? You and a certain linesman would get along well.
  13. Next Scotland Manager

    I watched the Simon Ferry interview with him. He's a nice man, but he's not the sharpest.