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  1. The Alex McLeish Appreciation Thread

    Good grief. I thought Paw Broon was one of the less daft old boys in Scottish football circles.
  2. Next Scotland Manager

    True, but publicly calling someone an alcoholic without evidence (even with evidence) is in extremely poor taste.
  3. Next Scotland Manager

    I find it somewhat odd that lots of people want Michael O'Neill (a man with a rumoured drink problem recently arrested and charged with drink driving) to replace Alex McLeish (a man who is accused of being bad at his job because of a drink problem when there is no evidence that is the problem). The result last night was appalling, but that's just cognitive dissonance, especially since we were rejected by O'Neill.
  4. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Yeah, that's just daft. Celtic would hump most of the English Championship.
  5. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    D.A.F.C. is getting (understandably) agitated about the squad
  6. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Yup, most international teams have one or two excellent players. It just so happens ours is a left back in need of dental treatment. There's no point in pissing our pants because we're not Croatia.
  7. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    But not right backs, or fit left backs apparently
  8. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Selfishness and delusions of grandeur run from individual Tories right through their party and all the way to 10 Downing Street. It's not an ideology, but there is a common theme there.
  9. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Graham Alexander.
  10. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Ryan Fraser is a very good player but it's hard times when the national team is dictated to by AFC Bournemouth.
  11. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    I see Niall McGinn has scored against Estonia, but yeah, let's have a go at teams like Aberdeen and Kilmarnock.
  12. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Strachan actually went on about the same thing at half-time in the TV studio.
  13. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Haha true. I started adding stuff to that immediately after posting it. Shinnie had a terrible game, but Bain and Burke were not helping him.
  14. Good Trainers For Fives?

    Wrong. Turf trainers is the answer.
  15. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    I'd rather have a punch in the nose than a kick in the bollocks, but neither is a desirable situation