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  1. Shocked it took so long to get to that outcome but for me its 100% the correct decision for our level of the game. I didn't think an 11 team premier was possible tho. Its harsh on a couple of teams in particular but I'm sure even they can see the difficulty in doing much different. Stewarton and Galston the big winners
  2. What about the first part? Where there are plenty of adults in there 30s and 40s that play amateur. I love my football but To me it seems crazy that some of these people cant go to work due to the fact they cant guarantee 2m but there is this "need" to get amateur football back while there are still thousands of people ( plenty middle aged and healthy ) dying on a weekly basis. I get we need to move on and education can be achieved safely but Recreation sport? Cmon. Wife- im Struggling. I cant pay the mortgage this month because cutting peoples hair is too dangerous also iv not cuddled my ( healthy) niece in months. Husband- ok honey. Can we tall about that later I'm off down scott Ellis. Big game against minishant today.
  3. It wasnt mate. I'm asking if it was announced.
  4. Heres a question. If it was announced today that grassroots football could start as of the 28th may ( I know it womt and 100% shouldn't) bit say it was. Would u be happy to jump straight in to it at amatuer level. If so, would u allow your kids to go and play with their own team at say 14 years old
  5. Not really sure what the safa can announce when the government cant even make a definite decision about the schools can go back. What do u expect the safa to say? They released a statement last week which was laughed at mostly on Twitter because it didnt actually say anything. In reality, What can it say tho when people in the highest power in the country don't know what tomorrow brings. Sorry Poor comment in my opinion .
  6. Dont worry about it mate. I was called a fearmonger on here 10 weeks ago when I suggested Amateur football should be cancelled due to the virus. I'd call u a realist. That being said I hope your wrong ofcourse.
  7. Mate surely u arent serious. Maybe in normal circumstances but in the examples above is almost 2 clear cases of some sort of un toward. I know which one I'd rather.
  8. So the SFA and the SJFA look like they have both disgraced themselves with hiw to compete the season. No wonder the SAFA have dodged the bullet and left it to individual associations to decide for themselves.
  9. Major summer of u certainty for all ayrshire clubs. Keeping your own players from other Amateur teams and from the new WOSL could be an issue. There will be some that will obviously cope better than others. I can see some teams folding and alot that may keep going but could be unrecognisable next season. I know it would and could never happen but It would be great if players actually showed some loyalty for the coming season to allow clubs to get back on their feet. The financial impact of covid is going to cause so much uncertainty with less sponsorship opportunities. That alone could put more clubs than normal to the wall without the added pressures of losing players as well. Yes its part of football but as I say this is completely unchartered waters both financially and competitively
  10. Would this be based on this season's top 3 in the first or last seasons 4th5th6th placed finish in the first, as it would make a difference as to who replaced then from league 2a and 2b.
  11. Who is the one that misses out from the starting 11? Gary broadfiled ? What a player he was before he turned to the weights
  12. Maybe there is a reason for that. I'm thinking is it possibly something to do with inside info. The president of the SAFA sits on the ayrshire committee. I'm completely speculating but maybe he is waiting for some sort of news before advising ayrshire committee
  13. I know this is a bit of a joke thread set up by a spam account but actually a great question. For me 10 M. O'connor 9 M.McCabe 8 R. Caddis 7 G. Orr 6 R. Robertson 5 B. Mason 4 A. Parker 3 J. Gold 2 M. Mullen 1 K. Knapp Yes I like goals and only say McCabe at the very end of his career. Still superb. I'm sure iv missed plenty that could get in there tho.
  14. Ask him tomorrow night at work rather than talking utter pish trying to start rumours for kicks Christopher
  15. Cmon. Not a chance El Presidenties team will be relegated.
  16. Aye Ryan Wilson makes a huge difference for them
  17. To be fair it would normally be another 4 weeks before they could accurately do that anyway
  18. Does a suspension carry over to following session for bookings in seniors football ?
  19. Again Cunny I do agree. It was a great day for the club and the community and it was a shame to see that he couldn't play. Clubs are the ones that need to try and force these rule changes through tho. Although something as big as that change is likely needing to come all the way from the Big boys at the SFA. Personally I'd make it Finals only tho. Start with semi finals and next thing people will be wanting title deciders treated the same way. Who is it that's suspended mate or would u rather not say
  20. I think u are correct and should be changed. I'm sure clubs can put suggestions forward to change rules like this. Did u do it after Roggy was suspended 2 years ago? Also want Roggy 10 bookings?
  21. Over 35s only in ayrshire as far as I'm aware
  22. Even with reconstruction tho. If they did not Declare league winners who would take the premier league place. Yeah if they declare winners its straight forward
  23. Oft make that 4th from the last completed season as I'm sure mossblown came up 3rd after Hurlford Ammies folded.
  24. If they Do Null and void this season then surely they just have to just go with 11 next season no?? Or promote 3rd from the last completed season
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