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  1. Is that how it's running? I thought the delay to having the AGM was to allow the vote in person. I suppose the schools etc will not allow bookings. As I say damned if they do and damned if they dont.
  2. Aye one thing I will say is they AAFA are damned if they do and damned if they dont. We have started a new season at senior level and still all the talk is about team being handed titles and relegated too early, and that's in much fairer circumstances than amatuer football. Whatever happens going forward it will be the clubs that vote for it so it's on them. As I say the aggrieved clubs are confident they have enough votes so be promoted. Time will tell
  3. Been hearing that all the teams that should have been promoted last season are very confident about the vote at the AGM. They have been phoning around clubs gathering votes. If what I hear is true then fair play to the Lee's who supposedly has refused to back the proposal even tho it means they would win the premier.
  4. f**k sake mate it's the close season. It Really ain't that big a deal. Do u really think the AAFA are gona even care who has signed where and training elsewhere. They should but they wont .
  5. Or he could be like u. A very good footballer that does have a clue....... but let's down every team he has been at with a lack of commitment. At this level commitment is everything and he has the right people around him to learn
  6. No it isnt. There are plenty of guys that know plenty about football and are/were great players but have no interest in committing to management or playing. There are also guys that may not have great football careers or be the next Mourinho that are the absolute reason many Amateur clubs are still going as they are enthusiastic.
  7. He is assistant to colza mate. He managed Dean Fenwick last season
  8. Cunny had won f**k all Before taking over shortlees. The boy Pearson is enthusiastic and sometimes in Amateur football when u are surrounded by some of the best players in the country and a very good up and coming manager that is enough. Quite sad people would post a picture of him for reactions like above. One thing I'd bet, by the end of the season he will likely have won more than you two combined
  9. How would u work the strength values out. Sounds interesting
  10. It's going to be the longest hardest summer in a long time for most clubs. I think a few "strong" clubs could struggle to come through unscathed. As u say mate. I hope we are wrong
  11. U heard about any confirmed signings. Rysy can attract the players on a Sunday. Is he managing on a sat
  12. Yes without a doubt. No idea what ayrshire are going to do but I seen the Caledonian league are planning on playing their full league calendar first and if there is time ( and no second wave ) they will play their cup competitions until the normal end of season date of may. I just hope all the clubs( and new) are still here to see it
  13. I see that competitive games looking to start in October all going well. At least thats a date to aim for
  14. That's good news mate. What's happened is no ones fault but would have been a shame for the clubs rebuilding to have been negatively effected
  15. Some cracking signings agreed but cmon, cash? Sort you are having a laugh. Some rumours flying about this pre season with regards to cash and for once it's not in the Premier.
  16. Yes sorry what I meant by that was teams like Mauchline were a certainty to go up and maybe had signings lined up for the first division. Or urself for the prem, are players still happy to sign if it means maybe a season in the lower league.
  17. Where did Cargo end up. Gilgallon to Kilbride is a great signing. What about Mauchline, Killie United, Waverly and Irvine, are they still able to attract higher calibre players even with the promotion still up in the air.
  18. With the green light been given for training to restart in some shape of form who is signing who ? I saw some of Kilbride Thistles signings on twitter, looks like they could make a return to the top end of the table. Any other confirmed signings for clubs or realistic rumours
  19. Listen to all the fans of other clubs already shitting themselves. Wanyjbg point deductions. Embarrassing. Arsenal/spurs / villa/ west ham/ Chelsea players were all caught training during the worst stage of the pandemic. No clamour for points deductions and probably not as many inches of gutter press about it either. Darvel were wrong. 100% but it's really not worth all these pages of bitching.
  20. Team can now train in groups of 5 from Monday. Hopfully some of your teams don't train in groups of 6, would need to have the book thrown at them eh.
  21. Clubs training is permitted again. Good news. Hopefully only 2/3 months away from the serious stuff starting. Maybe only groups of 5s but there is light at the end of the tunnel
  22. Did they break the government guidelines? Yes. Seriously tho who gives a f**k, if this was 2 weeks ago I would also be outraged but See the minute they tell that group of Darvel ( or any other teams ) players that they cant train as a group but Instead meet up and go to a beer garden or a pub together and get wrecked with possibly other teams in the same premises then it's all just getting hypocritical to me. That picture could be bottles of beer instead of water in a sunny beer garden and it's a non story. The minute its water in a public area exercising its against " rules" MADNESS The guys are trying to get fit and cant while other guys can go get wrecked with 50 other people. Technically they are in the wrong so its hard to defend as such but it's a complete shambles of a GUIDLINE
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