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  1. I'm not objecting to anything. Merely pointing out that the people taking swipes are doing so out of bitterness and jealously as there has been zero recent sign of what they are spouting

    I don't think posting in the style of an emotional Facebook maw after too much prosecco is the best way to deter the sort of thing you're objecting to. 
  2. Some of you all sound like absolute greeting faced weapons with the jealousy absolutely ripping out of yous. Yous can comment all you like about big time Charlie's and arrogance but this thread was like any other teams thread for the first bunch of games of the season when Darvel had maximum points , no gloating or bumming up. It only decended into this drivel when they NARROWLY lost to a top team. Sounds more like bitterness than trying to bring them down a peg or two. Embarrassing

  3. Well said. The guys a walloper. Probably been rejected by Pearson in the past.

    Thot P&B was for a bit of banter, bit of sharing the fitba gossip,bit of exchanging views on game..not for having a personal go at fellow amateur folk..who incidentally give up their time to keep Ammy fitba going..just a point !!!!!!!
  4. It seems that Ardeer have made a very positive appointment. Getting a ready made club within a club. What is the fans feelings tho. Is there a chance Ardeer die and the team changes their name to Kilbride. Is that allowed at this grade. Or does Kilbride thistle re apply in a couple years and if accepted the full " club" move back and leave Ardeer in a worse position.

    Short term masterstroke, long term it must be a worry.

  5. Too many big words for me and for that reason I'm out.

    Sadly people break rules. Always have done and always will do. 
    Agreed about protocols for pubs etc. However, where's your evidence for covid being spread by people kicking a ball about in organised groups which are governed by protocols compared with covid being spread by social contacts such as you quote which have not been subject to the same stringent protocols?
    It's OK to take the easy route here and kow-tow to the ill-informed knee jerk responses of the SP but this has been badly managed regarding controlled outdoor activities.
    The present new variant situation may be another matter but there's scarcely any stats about how many cases out there have been via the new variants - just bland non-specific words. The stats on so many things are out there in great detail but I've not yet seen these for the new variants. If they're already published please can someone provide a link to the web site pages?
  6. Dev have a day off mate.

    There are also protocols for shops, pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and seeing friends and family. It doesn't mean that they were adhered to nor does it mean that during the worst stage of the worst pandemic In living memory we should be allowing recreational football to be played when people are either dying or losing there business due to being closed down. I love amatuer football and its been a part of my life for over 40 years but its nowhere near important enough to be going on at this minute in time.

    I understand peoples mental health is important but there are other ways to exercise amd socialise rather than kicking a ball in groups of 22- 50 people

    You're right it is/was/would be difficult to make sure that protocols are followed. However, it can be done and was done so those who can were affected. 
  7. For the life of me I cannot understand why people in the amateur game or the west of Scotland league have an issue with football being stopped. Amateur football has not been treated harshly by not being allowed to play, imo the WOSFL was being treated to slack by being allowed to play.

    The Big Amateur Debate – Has The Game Been Harshly Treated?
    You could have heard a pin drop on Tuesday evening when an Official Social Media post revealed “The Government has today confirmed that they cannot currently commit to return dates for those affected leagues in the coming weeks”, writes Tom Scott.
    I have not personally counted the number of Clubs and Officials who would have reacted to that latest update, but I can imagine the comments would have been a mixture of genuine anger and frustration.
    Can you blame them? After the March (2020) notification to “cease football with immediate effect”, we have had start-stop-start- and stop again messages right across the board.
    Some organisations managed one or more League games – others are holding out to play a reduced number of domestic fixtures – but many have thrown in the towel and aim to concentrate on season 2021-2021….that is if Clubs have not already folded!
    Just to set the record straight in certain quarters, this is not just about going to a local park and having a game of football with your pals. No chance – not with over 1000 Clubs (at the last count) in Membership of the Scottish Amateur Football Association.
    Talks will continue with all parties in the meantime we have been told, and a further updat is expected by 1st March, “but should not be seen as a proposed re-start day.”
    The Physical and Mental Health issues have been a huge cause for concern over many months, and as a neutral observer – I am not involved with any Amateur Football Club – can anyone in authority produce figures that show Scottish Amateur Football Clubs have contributed to the number – increased they keep telling us – of Covid-19 cases?
    And will the Government set out in language we all understand “What is their Exit Strategy to Football returning?” From where I stand, the game has been harshly treated!
    At considerable expense, dedicated Officials have followed the same Covid protocols and regulations as other organisations who until recently were allowed to train and play.
    I heard whispers that due to Clubs not having their own grounds this was part of the risk. Well, actually quite a few have, and maintain their Clubhouse/ Dressing Rooms, so is that not better? In any case, many “for hire” venues throughout the country are all.
    Covid compliant. Staff have had their training etc, which actually means everyone needs to follow the rules more than they have already been doing!
    Leagues throughout many areas of Scotland have actually been restructured to prevent excessive travelling. It is hardly a level playing field when you feel there is a clear case of discrimination.
    OPEN TO DEBATE: Now have YOUR say on the subject of “No Amateur Football.” If YOU are an Official, Manager, Coach or Player, I welcome your comments. Has the Government stance been spot-on from Day One, or could alternative solutions been looked at collectively, constructively and implemented?
    * Please remember we do not need opinions which border on legal action.
  8. I don't think there is a chance of that. If anything I think they may try to reduce the traveling for the foreseeable rather than make ayrshire teams travel to Glasgow regularly ( for an example )

    As a possible positive out of this horrible situation. If there is a significant reduction in the number of teams (almost inevitable sadly), could we finally get the regional super leagues that have mooted for many years? I know the same barriers of committees agreeing to it remain but just maybe, this is the straw that broke the camel's back in terms of resistance and a recognition that for the amateur game it might be the best/only means of survival?
  9. I mention this everytime i post on this forum but I am new to the Juniors/WOSFL and I fully understand that this years title race may not be as strong as previous but one thing iv noticed is that its never mention on the Buffs, Clydebank, Troon or Meadow threads, that a title success would mean nothing, only in respect to Darvel. Sounds like bitterness to me.

    Also side note, as it belongs on a different forum but Celtic have won more trophies in the 4 years since Rangers have been in the same division than the 4 years that they weren't in the same division so I'm not fully sure they added any more of a challenge between 2016 -2020.

  10. Where i dont agree they should be open atleast it is for education purposes. Not coz they make £15 expenses a week

    Schools,colleges and Universities with thousands of pupils/students inside them with no masks or social distancing is more madness than that but for some reason they must stay open.
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