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  1. Or he could be like u. A very good footballer that does have a clue....... but let's down every team he has been at with a lack of commitment. At this level commitment is everything and he has the right people around him to learn
  2. No it isnt. There are plenty of guys that know plenty about football and are/were great players but have no interest in committing to management or playing. There are also guys that may not have great football careers or be the next Mourinho that are the absolute reason many Amateur clubs are still going as they are enthusiastic.
  3. He is assistant to colza mate. He managed Dean Fenwick last season
  4. Cunny had won f**k all Before taking over shortlees. The boy Pearson is enthusiastic and sometimes in Amateur football when u are surrounded by some of the best players in the country and a very good up and coming manager that is enough. Quite sad people would post a picture of him for reactions like above. One thing I'd bet, by the end of the season he will likely have won more than you two combined
  5. How would u work the strength values out. Sounds interesting
  6. It's going to be the longest hardest summer in a long time for most clubs. I think a few "strong" clubs could struggle to come through unscathed. As u say mate. I hope we are wrong
  7. U heard about any confirmed signings. Rysy can attract the players on a Sunday. Is he managing on a sat
  8. Yes without a doubt. No idea what ayrshire are going to do but I seen the Caledonian league are planning on playing their full league calendar first and if there is time ( and no second wave ) they will play their cup competitions until the normal end of season date of may. I just hope all the clubs( and new) are still here to see it
  9. I see that competitive games looking to start in October all going well. At least thats a date to aim for
  10. That's good news mate. What's happened is no ones fault but would have been a shame for the clubs rebuilding to have been negatively effected
  11. Some cracking signings agreed but cmon, cash? Sort you are having a laugh. Some rumours flying about this pre season with regards to cash and for once it's not in the Premier.
  12. Adults are allowed to train in groups of 5
  13. Yes sorry what I meant by that was teams like Mauchline were a certainty to go up and maybe had signings lined up for the first division. Or urself for the prem, are players still happy to sign if it means maybe a season in the lower league.
  14. Where did Cargo end up. Gilgallon to Kilbride is a great signing. What about Mauchline, Killie United, Waverly and Irvine, are they still able to attract higher calibre players even with the promotion still up in the air.
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