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  1. Managment

    Best about and feel he would get into 95% of junior teams, tbh maybe them all. I get the feeling he would love the move but getting him to part with Mason may be a task.
  2. Relegation

    What was the score at the time?
  3. Managment

    Anyone else lined up? Hearing Div and also Legend will finally see Knapp at recreation park and a boy Dale from shortlees? Has there been any word from coville yet as to who will be taking over.
  4. Managment

    Aye great appointment tbh "pieman" [emoji57]
  5. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Mick to Darvel juniors??? That's a shocker but well done Darvel
  6. West of Scotland 5th Round Draw

    Bannockburn 3-1 tynecastle East dunbartonshire 1-3 Shortlees Goldenhill 2-0 cambria Hatsetanes 2-2 st Pat's Southside 3-0 crookston Dumbarton 1-1 third lanark Oban 3v 1 Neilston
  7. Scottish Cup Quarter Final Draw

    Well said mate. Without a doubt the most sensible and deserved comment iv read on pie and bovril in months. I don't know Mick personally and maybe he just has the best pr guru in Britain but he addressed every slanderous comment made to him on numerous occasions, convincingly. I totally see why he feels the need to come off this but it will be a worse place without him and just lets the idiots who join these forums for "a bite" win. Hopefully it's temporary. I do hope that st Pat's go on to win the league and hurlford the Scottish but if it now happens to be coville I really hope we see a re appearance of mick eith a big FU to all the clowns.
  8. Talbot just keep rolling on....

    On hearts tv
  9. Ayrshire Prem / 1st div winners and relegations

    Ardeer. On their day can mix it with the best in that league. Little inconsistent tho but a smashing team. Was shocked seening that result and nothing against ardeer but woulda liked to see glenburn win to keep it interesting at the top
  10. Ayrshire Prem / 1st div winners and relegations

    I agree in part. It shows the difference between the top 2/3 in the prem and the first. shortlees have done that and worse to teams in their own league and it is only a few months ago that shortlees struggled to get past crosshill in the Ayrshire cup so I wouldn't read too much into a one off result, if that have been a cumnock / galston / tarbolton etc v meadow it would never have ended up like that. Delighted to see mauchline get there first win of the season. Well done to the new management team there. I was at the Waverly v newfarm game yesterday and can hand on heart say it was the worst performance iv ever seen from a referee. I don't like hanging them out to dry but of the 7 goals scored he must have made an incorrect decision in the lead up to at least 4 of them. NewFarm denied an absolute stick on penalty when the keeper took out the newfarm attacker and then gifted them a penalty in the 3rd minute of stoppage time to win it 4-3 as if to make up for his error. I really felt for Waverly as they were the better team on the day but didn't really create many chances other than the goals. Still fancy them to come good and maybe clinch 2nd spot but looks like it will be some battle for they promotion places.
  11. Ayrshire Prem / 1st div winners and relegations

    Hearing some terrible news tonight that young Skoda has died today. Devastated for everyone that knew him. Friends, family and his current club onthank. Also to everyone at craigie where he spent most of his amateur days [emoji174]
  12. CSAFL

    Was thinking the same
  13. CSAFL

    Look at the tatties munchers from Ayrshire embarrassing themselves again......Oh f**k wait never mind
  14. Scottish cup last 16 draw

    This finished yet ?