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  1. Did he actually officially leave tho or just not attend training games etc .if he had played a competitive Amateur game it would be all over the Amateur forum
  2. Brave. I think Tarbolton will take care of NF Tomorrow. Shortlees tie for me
  3. What Amateur team did Calvin play for ? Surely it will be them ans maybe the player who will be in trouble if true. Not Darvel, they did nothing wrong
  4. Heard it's already a done deal for Farrell, With Marc Ross taking over at New Farm. I'd still be very surprised if true tho. Not even pep could save Thistle and surely farrel, now on the outside, can see how despised and low Thistle are.
  5. At least they still trained too many teams just don't bother when numbers are that low.
  6. Will be interesting to see if Richardson park is the only pitch available for saturday ..........
  7. Yes beat 4-1. Alot closer than the scoreline suggests tho. A man with a flag dying to be centre of attention single handedly turning a good close game on its head. Ayrshire very unlucky today. Finished the game with 8 players.
  8. Again mate I wouldn't totally disagree but I see on Twitter the other association select teams play 4 and 5 friendlies already with players selected from the biggest clubs in the country. In actual fact my point was that maybe the only reason the squad is only full of "decent" players is maybe coz the big 3 clubs try and hold back their own (better) players from playing for ayrshire, that being g said if I was one of they managers I too wouldn't want Eddie, Levy, knapp etc risking injury, especially before a west tie.
  9. I noticed Cunny likes this comment. Strange as his team were meant to be the one playing the "crazy friendly" can players only be injured playing for the select but not against them? Anyway just playing devils advocate. I too agree that there shouldn't be friendlies like these. Ayrshire woulda learned nothing from it anyway. Other side of the coin is tho that the safa decide the inter league games go ahead during the season. So surely they need to have some time together beforehand. Maybe even just training sessions to lower the risk. I don't think it will be an issue after Sunday regardless. Cale to win by 3 or 4 for me
  10. Got to agree, saw Dailly a couple times aswell and they have some crackers. Still it's a tough job with everyone thinking this player or that player should be in it or why isnt this club got players. Sometimes a player/ club can only get away with letting you down so many times. I'm not saying that happened with any of the teams mentioned. Just its rare that the final squad will be the squad the Manager will want. Sometimes it's what he is left with after other players plans, injuries, "other commitments" and egos exclude them. After all there is a reason the 3 best teams in the league only have about 6 players between them
  11. Surely got to be Central or Cale winners.
  12. Why would a team or teams being decent mean they would dominate the majors. What a strange comment
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