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  1. I can honestly say iv never heard of a player not playing due to weather. If u have players like that u really need shot of them. I know thats a common training excuses but surely not a game. This generation of players are already pampered enough now we are tslling about restructuring over 100 years of football to accommodate it.
  2. I'm clearly in the minority but regardless of my opinion. Its hardly un natural or unprecedented. It took the Lee's 3/4 attempted to play the first game of the season this season. That's when everyone elses games were on. Was that down to unnatural weather or more than likely the early season squad we had available? The weather isn't gona solve Amateur problems. Far from it. Yes more people may want to watch the games but going by the vast majority of seasons teams are weaker on the park May - September.
  3. Everyone would need to change. Or change league by league and not participate in the national cups. Unless our team are expected to be on hand to play in the 4 month off season in the national cups
  4. Yes a NEW league. Maybe I picked the forum up wrong but in pretty sure we rte talking about moving many associations and thousands of teams from the regular season to a summer season. The whole of scotland 35s all play through the summer so there isnt an issue with different leagues and cups being ran out with that.
  5. As long as Grassroots football falls under SFA umbrella I cant see summer football ever happening. The SFA are never going to move their season to run different from the rest of the main European leagues. They would have issues with champions league and Europa League. In return the SAFA SJFA etc would also have problems when their teams earn the right to play in the senior Scottish Cup.
  6. Some great points about squad sizes etc to be fair and yeah would definitely keep more people Intrested in a big squad. The Amateur game is struggling i dont disagree but I'm not sure summer football would cause a sudden upsurge. Iv heard of more players not turning up to training or games due to summer night bbqs than I have because its muddy.
  7. I never said anyone plans their holidays around the season. Usually around their work holidays and school holidays. I appreciate that players go on holidays and stags all year round but it's an absolute fact more people go on holiday in summer months. Although I appreciate Thats not just the off season tho. It's also why alot of teams have weaker teams at the very end and very start of the season. A agree councils dont spend the money to do work on parks but even then they still refuse to open them When my local teams ( 35s) ask them to. I'm sure with mass pressure this could be looked at tho. I have to say In all my years playing and now watching Amateur football iv never known a player to not turn up or not play because the parks not good. Summer football would only help with the cost. Iv no argument for that [emoji1787][emoji1787]
  8. If its anything like east ayrshire the grass parks will be closed from june till August. The over 35s is played from april to Sept and the councils dont open the parks for them in the summer. It's an idea that has merit to be discussed but there was countless games called off in august at the start of the season and the motorways around ayrshire closed due to flash flooding. Maybe it's just because in a traditionalist when it comes to the game but would I rather watch a game on a mud bath or an dear astro with a full team most weeks or a nice summer's night with half the teams in magaluf on holiday . No brainer for me
  9. I dont get this clamour for summer football. The league would need to start around feb. How many games has all your teams played since then on these grass parks. It's the same every year. Our feb march is the worst time of the year weather wise
  10. Sensible idea bingedrinker. Finish this season with a tweak of the rules and then start next season under different rules for one season. Eg no domestic cups and possibly even play every team once on the league with a draw to see who is at home and away etc. I'm not too sure but you make a good point. finish this season whenever permission is given. Then deal with a season that's not even started at a later date
  11. [emoji122][emoji122][emoji122] must have read my rant [emoji1787]
  12. I know iv tried to stir a debate up about this already but its really not sitting right with me so unfortunately I need to vent. [emoji2959][emoji2959] Is the fact that Recreational football is still to be played when people are even being advised to work from home where possible etc not leaving anyone else dumbfounded? I cant work out for the life of me why we arent taking this seriously NOW. We all know its going to come so why wait any put more people at risk. Before anyone else says it. Yes I know there isnt mass amount of spectators and its outside in the fresh air etc but so was the last couple of weeks of senior games in Italy and how did that end. There is still 20 bodies all in one tiny changing room all getting changed and getting showered in the middle of winter where coughs and cold happen. Its 2nd nature to pick up one of the 10 water bottles that teams usually share. Its 2nd nature to grapple with oppositions players while they are sweating etc. Its 2nd nature to cuddle ( sometimes even kiss ) the player that's just scored for you. We are Being asked to work from home where possible and avoid human contact where possible avoid gathering in unnecessary crowds..... but go and play an almost meaning recreational game of football. Games at grassroots level are being stopped in other countries and it is ALMOST certain to happen here. So why are we waiting. Are we waiting till some Amateur team from Dundee put on Twitter they had to cancel a game due to Corona and last weeks opposition had to do the same before realising that it's not only Man City and Arsenal players that can be infected The cynic in me is saying that come monday after the ugly sisters in Glasgow have turned the atmosphere even more toxic than corona we might end up with a blanket ban by the SFA BUT IN MY OPINION the SAFA need to act NOW and if they havent the balls to put their clubs first then maybe the AAFA should
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