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  1. Hearing Thistle are already feasting on the scraps of the wosfthe this coukd make the ammies a brilliant grade this season
  2. The big boys wont start coz they are too big time to get the wee boys out pitch side in the winter months
  3. [emoji1787][emoji23][emoji23] Tam Hay was pleading that the amateur season be cancelled for a season " to save lives" [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji23]. Funny that only a couple weeks ago he was happy enough to throw money at managers to start this season. I hope Thistle do manage to keep running but they are fooling no one with this sudden take the year out attitude
  4. I don't think any club is kidden themselves on. They all know that at best its going to be stop start and just manage to stumble over the finish line, with what is likely to be an untrue version of who were the best and worst teams. See in all honesty, who cares. 90% of amatuer clubs start the season knowing that they are not going to win anything, most players turn up on a Saturday not knowing who they are playing and probably couldnt even tell u all the teams In their league. The vast majority of players committee men or management take part at this level of the game for enjoyment. No it may not be as enjoyable as 18/19 season was but for the last 8 weeks guys have still got out to train 1or 2 x a week and played maybe 4/5 games. With the vast majority not even moaning about changing pitch side. So in short. No the season won't start in time. Yes the season will likely be stop start. No the season may not even finish on time and yes we may lose some men due to changing facilities etc. It would be great tho if they folk could slip away quietly and come back when they feel that this grade of football can meet their requirement and let the rest of the clubs and "dog walkers" enjoy their football fix. No mater how much or little that may be.
  5. If yous don't lose a game its cause their is no Scottish cup. Look like big boys in the LEAFA and do f**k all when u mix with the big boys.
  6. See if football is allowed to continue this week. By the end of November there will be very few clubs thats not had a player who has had contact with someone who has tested positive. For all we know the crosshouse player has been tested and is negative. Kilmarnock especially is riddled with cases just now.
  7. So far today iv heard 1 week, 2 weeks and now 3. I hope it doesn't come but I think that's just wishing thinking
  8. Atleast its astro mate. First day the moans about travelling home mokit for a few teams today
  9. According to their top ( non money) man its a load of pish still looking for a ( 5th choice ) manager tho
  10. Not wide open a all imo. Shortlees win it at a canter Glenburn likely best of the rest but will battle it out with some decent teams and I think KilbrideThistle will be one of them
  11. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] mate ur allowed to say u follow Glenburn. Ur always on sarcastically praising Glenburns opposition with knowing everything about Glenburn. Sad really
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