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  1. Support for Indy in polling averages around 45% since 2014 with lows of 38% and highs of 53%. Unlucky. .You've now turned into a seething mess when faced with the reality of the situation. Unlucky.
  2. I quite like the Lions. No reason why it shouldn't continue after Indy either. I would also like to add that I have no time for Gatland or a number of the players he's picked ahead of better options.
  3. Support for Indy is considerably higher in the younger age groups, making it inevitable that one day we'll eventually run our own affairs like every other country in the world. Unlucky.
  4. If this Blues side are the weakest of the Super Rugby sides then it doesn't bode well at all for this tour. We'll be lucky to get within 25 points of the All Blacks in the tests.
  5. You'll not be voting Tory either then aye ?
  6. I'd agree with this. Derek Mackay has been campaign manager this time, and it's been the poorest one for a while. In their defence, they've been put on the back foot by the other parties and the media trying to make the election up here about the SNP at Holyrood and devolved issues.
  7. Your 18 team franchise league with no relegation ? You're at it.
  8. You're clearly either on the wind up or stupid, but I'll humour you anyway. Your proposals would push thousands of fans away from the game, effectively killing the sport off in Scotland.
  9. Has Neil Doncaster taken a large dose of ketamine and signed up to P&B ?
  10. Looking likely that the size of the turnout may decide the size of the Tory majority. Weather meant to be bad on Thursday.
  11. The Central Champs The Highland Warriors The Border Reivers Merging 34 of our senior clubs.
  12. Lewis deserves a big crowd for this, he's been a good servant to the club and is a double cup winning legend. Not the ideal opposition, so hoping for a couple of decent guest appearances.
  13. Stop projecting. I'm a glass half full, happy go lucky type of guy. I also have this thing called empathy. You should try and experience it sometime.
  14. Nice, giant cow to raise money for the new stand. Saving the bake sales for transfers and signing on fees.
  15. Reynard was before my time on here. I also seriously doubt 'peak' originated from him. However, I love your attempt to post unoriginal 'I'm alright Jack' 80's Thatcherite trolling and attempt to pass it off as your own.
  16. Reckon it's that Cupid Stunt boy that was posting on here.
  17. 'Peak' Oaksoft right here folks.
  18. Sinn Fein MP as N.Ireland secretary Plaid Cymru MP as Welsh secretary Angus Robertson as Scottish secretary Unionists everywhere ....
  19. He'll surely be avoiding this thread after making an absolute c**t of it earlier with his gin soaked anti catholic/protestant supremacy chat.
  20. Correct. With the spotlight on the Saudis for recent events in Europe, they're trying to shift blame and perhaps generate a casus belli for war. With the region already destabilised in Syria/Iraq and Yemen and the massive US bases in Bahrain and Qatar it's a tinderbox about to go up. Decent article here .... http://www.newsweek.com/what-saudi-arabia-going-do-its-arms-buildup-569277
  21. This is also to do with Qatar moving towards a closer relationship with Iran. http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/qatar/secret-qatari-iranian-meeting-held-in-baghdad-report-1.2033141
  22. Kima Greggs

    The Wire

    Here's a decent article on The Wire and Baltimore that accompanies the photos you linked. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2017/may/27/baltimore-15-years-after-the-wire Currently on a rewatch of this, now on S3 Ep2. Forgot just how good it is.
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