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  1. It's strong alcohol + strong alcohol + caffeine + fizzy juice.. Pure rocket fuel before you head out.
  2. I've not said or implied anything of the sort. What an utterly bizarre post from a strange little man who has worked himself into a froth over some imaginary slight against the memory of a couple of dead MPs. Even more so when you consider that Neave and Gow have memorial shields in Westminster similar to Jo Cox.
  3. It's not my decision. Westminster clearly believes that they don't require similar memorials. Are you saying that Jo Cox didn't deserve a statue, or that it should be removed unless others are given one ?
  4. Why don't you start a crowd funder for it ?
  5. "... and at the setting of the sun, we won't remember them" Because we were shitfaced.
  6. Is this on iplayer ? Wonder how they'll present the Gillian Duffy "that bigoted woman" stuff.
  7. These are valid points, but ultimately Thomas Mair shared a similar world view to a not small amount of our politicians and media. You're not really going to shine a spotlight on the reason Mair killed Cox, 'Labour/liberals/the left are snivelling traitors who hate Britain and want to import jihadis to rape your daughter' if you're screaming this yourself, or piping it directly into people's homes. The result of this has been the continuous laundering of fascism into mainstream discourse and a political climate that sees stating that Boris Johnson is a liar after he's lied, calling Tories scum after they've done something scummy as beyond the pale, worthy of 'won't somebody please think of the discourse' handwringing, whilst the Home Secretary and the commentary go on TV to say 'actually we should let people drown in the English Channel'. The genie isn't going back in the bottle.
  8. I mean, there's a pretty obvious reason why nothing really changed after the Jo Cox murder.
  9. Dragon Soop is a great mixer for vodka btw.
  10. I will be utterly seething if any of the panel have forgotten to wear their poppy. A strongly worded letter to both the Director General and the Daily Mail has already been drafted. I see we're also doing Trans panic / Lavender scare stuff too. Very cool.
  11. A lot of negativity about my trainer collection here. If you don't have a pair of Adidas Somme-ba's, are you even respecting the fallen ? No, imo.
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