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  1. Manchester Blue summoning the spirit of #Barclays to finally break a plucky performance from Steven Gerrard's Aston Villa.
  2. Thought it was OK. Looks fantastic tbf, but a bit meh on the writing, acting side. No transgender elves or bi curious balrogs yet unfortunately, which is the real reason I'm going to stick with it.
  3. Newcastle are a proper #barclays side now. Capable of going to your Anfields, your Emirates, your Old Traffords and giving them a game.
  4. This will be better than LIV.
  5. It's a predictor league. Guess who wins each fixture on the handicap.
  6. Pretty slow episode I thought, but I guess it was required to manoeuvre some peices into place. I think big Criston Cole looks like a good bit of casting, hopefully they get Breakbones right too. They might be doing 1 episode = 6-12 months, which would work out around 24 episodes, 3 seasons of 8 ? Prince Daemon v The Crabfeeder next.
  7. Happy with either set up. Whatever is easy to administer.
  8. They should change it back to man of the match on the condition they change the likes of player of the month to man of the month. Looking forward to seeing who wins Man's Man of the Year.
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