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  1. The Baltimore defence is dogshit.
  2. The boy Hutchinson for the Lions looks a pler.
  3. The Commanders is a terrible name.
  4. Big Trev Lawrence though.
  5. Simon Shanks is an outstanding name for a golf coach.
  6. Back to back bogies for Boab. Fucked it.
  7. Lions -1.5 Patriots -2.5 Panthers +2 Jets +6.5 Packers -10 For me this week. Might stay up for the late game tonight as no work tomorrow.
  8. A touching tribute to her majesty from Celtic today, letting her team back into the title race.
  9. I think people are being a bit harsh on Aberdeen City here. It can be overwhelming travelling to the capital from northern backwaters to take on international players such as Ryan Porteous. They kept the score respectable, which is all you can ask for. Manager James Godwin will be rightly proud of his lads after today and they'll have some great stories to tell their colleagues when they return to their normal jobs on Tuesday.
  10. Pep maybe a bald fraud, but you have to say fair play when it comes to his clothing choices. The man simply gives zero fucks. The John McGlynn of the Barclays.
  11. 5-11 last week. Utter dogshit. Wisdom of the Crowd was 6-10
  12. Jimmy's latest bait about to land him a guest appearance on GB News.
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