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  1. Also, get the f**k in. Had a fiver each way on both tour winners this week and this.
  2. Nah sorry. It's hilarious though. Edit: I think it's Robert Gomez, standard PGA Tour jobber who is best known for holing a 7 iron on 18 at Bay Hill to beat Greg Norman by 1.
  3. This is what happened last time someone tried that.
  4. Why is he even considering playing this.
  5. Sepp in the sand and Willie on the wall.
  6. Imagine thinking 54 hole exhibitions are better than this.
  7. Big stones from both players there.
  8. Straka takes the drop and sticks it to 5ft.
  9. Willy Z can't hit a fucking fairway. Straka gets a huge break.
  10. Get big Sepp in that Ryder Cup team.
  11. Hope they cancel more Fringe shows tbh. An absolute bloated abomination now that closes off public spaces to residents purely to fill the pockets of the 5%. Except The Ladyboys of Bangkok obviously. Was there on Friday and it was superb.
  12. Bob needs a solid run on the DP World Tour and try and pick up a win before 2023.
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