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  1. Brighton still playing the boy from Rage Against the Machine at left back.
  2. There's not a single person on this planet who wants to watch another 7 minutes of this.
  3. I love a big portion of hot, salty, beefy goodness. Bovril is such a manly, masculine drink. I'll often have one to balance my equilibrium after moisturising or a pedicure.
  4. Hopefully these arseholes have the decency to at least chuck us a Scottish Cup win before our grubby descent into corporate American sportsball franchise is complete.
  5. Bookmarked for banter purposes. Might see you at full time, might not.
  6. **Fantasy Golf Week 40** Hear me Ror Rory McIlroy bounced back from a poor Ryder Cup to win his 20th PGA tour event, putting him 39th in the all time list. Matt Fitzpatrick also finds winning European Tour events easier than Ryder Cup points, he now has 7 of the former and 0 of the later. Overall Standings 2213 @die hard doonhamer 1964 @lichtie23 1902 @Ro Sham Bo 1900 @peasy23 1836 @Tartan Dave 1711 @alta-pete 1612 @J_Stewart 1604 @Tommy Carcetti 1584 @Honest_Man#1 1517 @Mr Kane and the lemon cafe 1362 @Distant Doonhamer After 2 weeks in Vegas, the PGA tour is off to the land of the rising sun and the Narashino Country Club. Morikawa, Schauffele and Niemann the bigger names making the journey. Like many Japanese courses, this one has 2 greens for every hole, try and hit the right one lads. The European Tour is on Spanish soil for the third and final time this week. Gone are the refined settings of Valderrama and the mainland, the Fantasy Golf League is heading on a package holiday to Santa Ponsa, we'll be having a full English every morning, playing golf with a banging hangover and trying to avoid catching a STD after spending the night with Sandra from Essex.
  7. A real shame to see that particular bit of transphobic dog whistling fall flat on it's face. I wonder what far right rabbit hole that popped out of ?
  8. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about here.
  9. Diminishing returns on the jocko/tartan gonk patter has led to a divergence into gender issues I see. The thinking man's dog whistle.
  10. Morikawa putting up some #numbers today.
  11. Christ, the Giants taking a pumping.
  12. Thought the Ravens would struggle today, but the D really stepping up.
  13. That guy on his phone everytime they cut to the new owners.
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