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  1. As an aside, what is it about Westminster ? Absolutely teeming with noncery. 650 odd folk, must have the highest nonce per capita rate of any workplace in the country.
  2. Reckon there's going to be plenty goals. I'll be on rangers to win and over 2.5, 3.5 and 4 5 goals.
  3. Yes, a string of begging videos of club legends imploring your fan base to try and behave like normal human beings definitely falls into that category
  4. If there is trouble, I hope the same people will do a disappointed mum video saying 'I told you so' and 'you've let yourself and this family down'.
  5. Lana Wolf next. No #halftimetits unless you Stay safe and enjoy the party
  6. They'll need to push it to the middle east to fill her up again.
  7. This comes hot on the heels of this bed wetting shite from Labour.
  8. 'As a unionist, I take the ramblings of the Reverend from Bath very seriously and occasionally donate to his cause' Aye, very good lads.
  9. Once again, Scotland is not analogous to Kosovo. Idk man. Comparing the Scottish independence movement to others that actually suffered ethnic cleansing and wars of liberation and suggesting a batshit crazy, grandstanding idea of gathering a bunch of elected officials who only represent half the electorate to stand outside Holyrood/Bannockburn/yer da's house and declare a UDI while waving saltires sounds pretty fucking cringe to me.
  10. The Scottish political situation is not at all analogous to that of Kosovo. I don't think you know what that means m9.
  11. This would be simultaneously be, box office, incredibly funny and also have not a hope in hell of working and would in all likelihood torpedo independence for good.
  12. Pulling a sickie for work, then appearing at a day out shortly after is probably the most I've ever related to her. Gawd bless you ma'am.
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