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  1. Wordle 222 6/6 Made heavy work of it today.
  2. National Team EURO 2036 Due to our run to the last 16 4 years ago, we were seeded 3rd and drawn in Group B alongside the co-hosts world no.10 Belgium, world no.16 Serbia and 4th seeds Finland. A tough group. A wee boost before the tournament with centre back Morkore voted 2nd best wonderkid in the world. He came through at FC Kobenhavn. Mixed results in the friendlies leading up to the tournament, the Dutch and German results look good, but they're 37th and 25th in the world, we were rocked by 2 bad injuries to 1st teamers in the Greece game, before our captain broke his leg against N.Ireland. Disaster.
  3. IF Time for some updates I think. Made the top 6 quite comfortably this season and we were locked in a 5 way chase for 2nd before eventually finishing 4th. FC Nordsjaelland might take some catching though. They reached the Conference League final last year and the Champions League QF this year. They have raised Denmark to 6th in the coefficients, so there's 2 group stage CL spots next year. Our 1st ever European campaign was a blow out with defeat to some Austrian jobbers. Managed to grab another couple of upgrades. Youth intake was shite again with no one likely to make the grade here.
  4. Doig finished the game at centre half, the 7th different player in 2 games. We're a 'trust the process' side now.
  5. There must be producers out there booking these people though, that's what I don't get. Who is listening to Hartson mumble some inane shite and then barking at an underling " Get John on the phone NOW. We simply MUST have him at Tynecastle next week !! "
  6. I get that they insist that all forms of our media are flooded with ex old firm players, but why do they persist with the likes of Hartson and Bonner. Surely Celtic have a couple of former players that aren't complete dribbling simpletons ?
  7. If Motherwell have any sense, they'll just put Van Veen on top of Stevenson all night.
  8. Possibly the worst cropping yet. At least his phone is charged though.
  9. I think that's just her teeth tbh. Also Based UK lol.
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