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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-59556613 US staging a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Games.
  2. We've not had a facts and logic/debate me you coward guy for a while now tbf.
  3. The B side to Mambo No.5 was the Horst Wessel song tbf. That and that pencil moustache he had. OFTW.
  4. 1. Follow Follow 2. Rangers Media 3. Mumsnet 4. r/thedonald 5. Stormfront In order of most to least racist.
  5. I'll settle for any type of positive result and Jack Ross to scream "Livingston w**k w**k w**k we prefer Meadowbank" into the microphone during his post match interview.
  6. National Team Obviously, we were in Scotland's group, with 3 games already played before I took over. Par for the course here. Israel h Scotland h Denmark a Austria h Moldova h
  7. IB We were huge favourites to go up, so let's see how that's playing out. Plenty bodies in as we only started with 14 players and my best CB left on the 2nd day. Obviously at this level guys play for free so the squad situation will be quite fluid for a while until we can turn semi pro.
  8. MB With the small leagues, I've rattled through the 1st in no time. We'll have to improve a bit if we're to get out the basement here. This is annoying. It's the same for every other job at the club except one... I managed to hire a fitness coach although given that his rating is 2 for that, I can only surmise that his experience consists of watching a YouTube video 5 minutes before his interview, tbf he's only setting out cones and telling the lads to do a couple of laps round the astroturf. I got a youth intake. Happened upon them by chance as there was no announcement due to not having a Head of Youth Development. Judging by the standard, I think the local High school just rounded up every 5th year and dropped them off at the club.
  9. National side National team is ok atm, with quite a few playing abroad, but a long way off that peak of 74th reached back in 2015 when they defeated Greece home and away in Euros qualifying. First objective is to not get pumped badly in the WC qualifiers before seeing what next years Nations League brings, we're in Group C I believe.
  10. IF Me and the chairperson are the only employees at the club atm. Decent capacity, so we'll not have to upgrade that for a while anyway. The Danish 7th tier is a bit of a mess, with various regional leagues, some with as many as 16 sides and others with just 4. We have 12 in the KBH Serie 1 P1, for a 22 game season. We're huge favourites to go up, but I have no idea what is going on with the 3 different prices here.
  11. MB HWFG. So, we're in the 3. deild, which contains 19 clubs and it's split into 2 leagues of 6 and one of 7, playing each other only twice. Top of the league gets promoted and the best runners up go into a playoff league of 6 playing another 10 games with 1 going up. Pretty shan set up imo. Because it's a summer league and I started the game in the Danish league in June, we're already halfway through. and we're bottom.
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