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  1. This has been a great thread and it would be a shame if it where to end here. I vote for a Scandanavian tour next. Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Find the next Davesson Wattssonn Former Yugoslavia tour ? Davik Wattsovich.
  2. Not a fan of Macron, but can appreciate the Scottish football level of pettiness there.
  3. Get the feeling that the new Spitting Image will be shite. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/aug/05/johnson-cummings-and-prince-andrew-among-new-spitting-image-puppets Hmm.
  4. ^^^ one of the lesser known commercial radio stations.
  5. Infighting and disagreements on the left are often characterised differently, with language such as 'purged' and so on. The right also has the benefit of large parts of the media and various other outriders saying the quiet bits out loud for them. Much easier to extend the Overton window further to the right.
  6. Thinking about yer da crowdfunding a Scottish Mount Rushmore with Salmond, Sillars and MacAskill. Would genuinely chip in if they used this one.
  7. Vote Biden, for a softer and more gentle South American coup.
  8. FTFY, does this fall under too wee or too stupid ? Again you quite deliberately fall into the habit of assuming that the SNP will rule Scotland ad infinitum post independence. The key point we seem to disagree on here is that you envision a left leaning future as more likely in the UK(lol) than an Independent Scotland, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
  9. I don't particularly think it will be 'left wing', and it will certainly be to the right of many of my own positions. It will (eventually) be a bog standard, proportionally represented, Northern European socially democratic republic Which is absolutely fine.
  10. The UK: racist boomers lighting everything on fire and pulling up the ladder. A Newly Independent Scotland: might not be initally as left wing as I would like it. Sigh, I have no choice but to pick option no.1.
  11. What's the third option then ? Unrelenting nihilism ?
  12. Duncan and Scottish Labour bringing back Clause 4, except Clause 4 states you have to own the box set of The West Wing and all the Harry Potter novels to become a member.
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