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  1. Anything past Haymarket station is in fact West Lothian and not Edinburgh.
  2. Are they really going to try and do a coup, or are they just going to be terfy ?
  3. A champions league night. Half time entertainment?
  4. aye, felt last year was a breeze, gegenpress was op. Hope that this year isn't as easy. Mind you, this just happened.
  5. Thoughts on difficulty? Last years 4-2-3-1 gegenpress made the game too easy, a couple of hours in here and I'm joint top of the Swiss League at halway with newly promoted Vaduz, who were 900-1 shots.
  6. In much the same way, 'there's no appetite for a 2nd referendum' can easily be resolved by having a referendum and looking at the turnout afterwards.
  7. Aye, great to have the same folk in the Biden administration. The sensible adults are back and so is liberal intervention baybee.
  8. Not really been following this, but the Bath incel was delighted with the results, so I imagine it's bad news.
  9. Shocked that he's a fan of this absolute weapon.
  10. I'm sure I read that she's twice as many tweets than Trump has. Permanently online. One of her bangers here.
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