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  1. I think the advantage white has of playing first is increased even more in the 960 format.
  2. 1st window is week before masters.
  3. 2 stroke penalty for those white feet imo. Like 2 dead fish on the end of his legs.
  4. Yaasss, Billy getting the shoes off.
  5. Grace wins in Puerto Rico to land me some much needed fantasy points.
  6. Morikawa giving a ball striking clinic here this weekend.
  7. Congratulations to St Johnstone, who join the Edinburgh clubs in the elite tier of multiple cup winners this century. Unlucky Livingston, perhaps it's time to move the franchise away from a silly little town full of roundabouts.
  8. Beef2711 and eindhovendee share the spoils in a hard fought top of the table clash. I had the initiative early doors, but good play from eindhoven forced me into a passive phase of play. Looking at the report I was eventually 5.36 down before a repetition draw, so happy to escape with a point here.
  9. 16 team breakaway superleague with a mega bucks tv deal. Crumbs from the table for the rest.
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