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  1. If I desperately wanted to discuss the plight of an oppressed minority, I would simply start a thread about it.
  2. ^^^ Moron found. My name is literally in the post you quoted.
  3. Shit, Lex has done me there. Fair play. Completely forgot that he's a fucking moron.
  4. Why don't you highlight the antisemitism and report it to the mods then ? Surely the correct course of action rather than some dumb whataboutery ?
  5. Doing the 'both sides' thing and pretending that this is some really big complex issue that only I, the great politics understander can grasp. 'diD YOu KNow thAT HAmAs FirE RocKEtS aNd gET MonEy FRom iRAn ????'
  6. I'm on Hill, so it'll probably not be him. Boab to get it done imo.
  7. This is about their 4th or 5th title 'celebration' now. You really have to say fair play to them for kicking the complete arse out of it.
  8. 90% of this thread is some sort of variation of these.
  9. It's a YES from me. She could make me separatist from my wife.
  10. What's happening ? Is this coronavirus still a thing then ? We're just over halfway to the total number of pages in the BRALT btw. Keep it up lads.
  11. Off to apply for the job of golf reporter at the Herald and submitting some of my fantasy league updates so I can at least prove I know what fucking tournament they are playing.
  12. It's a binary issue, that's the point. What do you think the floating voters thought of the events yesterday ? Do you think they eould be more or less likely to break to YES ?
  13. It's also the wrong thread for it. ^^^ thread police
  14. It made it to the front page of at least one national newspaper. It's the little things like this that gradually move the needle, they all add up. Yesterday was a very public instance of the Scottish government and more importantly our communities openly rejecting the authority of the UK government.
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