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  1. The normalisation of the far-right continues

    Thoughts go out to Nigel Farage's family today after he sadly died of milkshake wounds. RIP sweet prince.
  2. Game of Thrones

    Hiya George R. R. Martin, hiya pal Just got to hope that procrastinating fat c**t gets his finger out and finishes the books so we get the proper story and the proper ending.
  3. Game of Thrones

    Glad everyone hated it. I mean, what the f**k did you expect after the last 2 series ?
  4. Highlight of the League Season

  5. Next Scotland Manager

    Me, before every international break since 2010. Me, before the next international break.
  6. World Cup Sweepstake

  7. Golfers Thread

    Just stick it on the dancefloor and take two putts.
  8. Golfers Thread

    At least he had the sense to pitch out rather than go for it.
  9. Golfers Thread

    Christ, he's not half making a meal of this. Practically crawling over the line.
  10. Golfers Thread

    Koepka's got this in the bag now thankfully, unless he plays the last 3 like I would. A fiver at 14's, plus e/w money for Cantley too. Pleasing.
  11. Golfers Thread

    Looks like dropping another on 17. think my stream is behind you guys.
  12. Golfers Thread

    And misses the green on 17, that should be game over. You would think so. Birdie on 18 for Johnson would make it interesting.
  13. Golfers Thread

    Big miss from DJ there.
  14. Golfers Thread

    This would be one of the biggest bottle crashes in history.
  15. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    We probably didn't do enough to win. Aberdeen probably didn't either, but managed to scrape home so fair fucks to the sheeple. Ref was terrible, some genuinely terrible decisions, but that seems par for the course nowadays. Glad the season's over. It's been pretty shite for the most part and the players have all but downed tools this last month. Meh.