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  1. 'All politicians are liars, therefore I am going to vote for the biggest bunch of liars, coincidentally, the same folk that that have fucked the country up' Yeah, that'll show them m9.
  2. Election night thread is good banter tbf. I'm working Friday but will probably stay up shitposting till around 1.
  3. In all seriousness, Celtic have travelled to Romania without half their first team, they can't afford to take any risks against Jack Ross' emerald warriors Shree nowt to the lesser greens.
  4. The BBC may very well have mortally wounded themselves this last month. Who is going to fight for them when the Tories eventually come for them ?
  5. Was given this for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. First FIFA in 3 or 4 years. Game gives me the absolute seethe mostly. No issues in scoring goals but no matter who I play in defence they immediately turn into what can only be described as a lumbering carthorse running in quicksand. Any tips on defending ? Also, any tips on the FUT side of things ? First time I've really done it, I always seem to pack utter dugshite and any decent lads I get are usually untradable.
  6. Laura doing a bit of election fraud now.
  7. I don't care what your views are on Scottish independence or Brexit, you need to be voting these c***s out. They are nothing but a vehicle for venal sociopaths. The Tory party is a cancer, a malignant tumour on the face of our society, in our media, our culture, slowly eating away at the fabric of our society. Vote them out.
  8. It's called a related contingency Rodger. They'll be miniscule amounts going on this - you, for example, putting just one bet on the Tory candidate will almost certainly force the odds in. I doubt that Rodger's fiver has changed the price here. It's more likely that the bookies have adjusted prices across some of the marginals after the opinion polls last night.
  9. Editor: We need another story about antisemitism on the left. How about 'Bernie is a massive antisemite' ? Me: Erm... He's actually Jewish himself. Editor: Doesn't matter, he could still be a massive antisemite. Me exasperated: His relatives were literally murdered during the holocaust. Editor: JUST WRITE THE FUCKING STORY.
  10. Probably when the government stops it's yearly increase in private sector provision.
  11. The best way to stop the Conservatives is to vote for Labour in any SNP/Tory marginal. As a life long Conservative voter, I take no pleasure in saying this.
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