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  1. 'Missus Bunfield, Missus Bunfield, what about civil rights for protestants Missus Bunfield ?'
  2. They were an utter gang, there's at least a dozen non league sides in Scotland that would beat them.
  3. May have been handball, but also just may have been this ref.
  4. Bold by Ross to take us down to 9 men by bringing on Wright.
  5. Delighted I never backed us on the handicap tonight tbh. Dougie Donnelly has been in the sun to long, looking likea piece of gammon.
  6. No chance this gang will finish with 11 either tbf
  7. Missed him by about a foot. Incredible decision.
  8. Incredible rush of blood to the head from the keeper there.
  9. Muh mother of parliaments, muh democracy. An absolute minter of a country.
  10. Aye, it's not an £80 course, getting on for 32 quid today, which is fair enough, last time I played it a few years ago, it was in tremendous condition. I think it suffers from both having a split personality and being next door to a bunch of top class courses. Done.
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