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  1. Dundee Partick Inverness Raith Cove Arbroath Morton QP Hamilton Ayr
  2. Just binged all the episodes in about 5 days. Fucking brilliant TV.
  3. I've never been. Would love to go and probably will take the kids to Florida before they get older. My brother in law is American, is (ex)military and from a big baptist/evangelical family from rural Georgia. He's surprisingly quite liberal, but his family are huge Fox News watching Trumpers. They've softened since, but initially were very opposed to my sister, his mum called her a 'devil woman'. A good laugh as she's a fucking swot and a straight peg. The political situation over there is fucked mind you. I don't think there will be a civil war, but democracy and the institutions have been irreversibly eroded to such a degree now, that some sort of (negative) schism is inevitable.
  4. Abbeyhill Athletic or Willowbrae Wanderers then.
  5. Aye, it's not too bad. I was there last year. Best spot is at the far end of the course, you have a couple of pairs of greens (8th + 13th and 9th + 11th) plus the tees at 9 and 12 all really close together. The stand behind the par 3 17th is also good if you sit on the far left you can see them drive right up 18, plus there's a beer tent there.
  6. Even though your Independent Highlands and Islands passport will be made of peat and have a crude likeness created by stones and small sticks ? If you squint really hard maybe.
  7. Many have perfected making love to the flag, it takes a real patriot to f**k a passport.
  8. I voted Yes in 2014 and I'd vote Yes again if there's a referendum next year, although I'm not convinced there will be. I have my doubts that independence will improve life in this country to any great degree, especially the Growth Commission bullshit, but the system in the UK is utterly broken and no one is in the slightest bit interested in trying to fix it.
  9. Thinking of that wee old lady that travels from Eyemouth to Berwick for her shopping at this difficult time.
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