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  1. Kind of comment from someone more intent on the pop than the football. You do know Hutchison isn’t signed from Hamilton? Dear oh dear. Fair play to you still being able to access the internet at 11 given how long you have been on it for.
  2. That was fantastic to watch in the second half Embarrassing to hear punters moaning at half time, get behind the team ffs.
  3. You're the guy that boosted about throwing his own shite at another human being and boosted about kicking a homeless person. We can take your input and ignore it. Vile creature.
  4. He probably thinks you're an embarrassing balloon, which you most certainly are.
  5. The SFA appointed Alex McLeish. If all the evidence is that they know nothing about football at the highest level, there is no chance they will have a clue about how to run a proper pyramid. There is no need nor reason for 2 leagues at the same level in the same geographical area. It remains illogical to have a Highland and Lowland catchment area where teams in one just play in the other. The whole country knows that any regional structure needs to split central Scotland into 2 areas. It's one thing the SFA should be learning from the SJFA. Excuses that the number of licenced clubs is insufficient are valid. But a commitment to split the LL in two from 2020 would be fine. Then you could reconstruct the boundary line now, merge the east, bring in the west, approve the licences and create at least 2 leagues of 12 - 16 at LL level at the end of next season depending on numbers of qualifying clubs. But Alex M Leish.
  6. Good to see you've finally stopped pretending to follow Linlithgow. Few things worse than people that wear half and half scarves but people who change their allegiance completely in mid season are utter roasters. Broxburn are welcome to you - until you move on to Bo'ness or Whitburn or whoever takes your fancy.
  7. So once work overruns you're not worried about lack of revenue for bo'mess? Skint, but you're not worried? What a strange attitude to have, I suppose when you've become used to having a ground for nothing that attitude becomes the norm, worrying though surely. Bo'mess freeloaders. Banter, you haven't got the IQ for that. It's an obsession for you and your hero Tubby. Will Bo'mess United please leave the plastic pitch that you didn't pay for as an over 65's team are coming on. What a joke of a club, good luck in the Kings Cup, hope someone is checking for suspended players mind you. Tell Tubby his laddie McGlynn was a useless c**t, in fact he was bo'mess class.
  8. Any chance you could learn how to use punctuation? So how is Tubby these days? Tell him he is missed like a dose of the clap. So Sheep, can I call you Sheep seeing as I don't know who you are? Are you worried about bo'mess having to play for a few months away from Newtown? Are you worried you're seemingly skint? Of course you don't care, you're obsessed about us. Send our love to Tubby.
  9. Well well well its Harkins best pal, the thick as f**k shit stirrer sheep. You would do well concentrating on your own club. Tell your mate he was the worst Rose secretary in history. On the football, a terrible display today. Far too many piss poor passengers in the squad. The manager needs to ship most of them out and build for next season.
  10. Was this not posted about six hours ago and then deleted?
  11. The kind of standards of lower down the pyramid. Next season will see a return to more competitive games. The guys did well today - you can only beat what’s in front of you.
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