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  1. Can't blame an Irishman for wanting the real thing over the pale imitation of an Irish Catholic Working Men's Football Club that is Dundee United.
  2. A thing of beauty befitting of James Connolly’s XI and their visiting fixtures this season. Sore one for all the children giggling about us getting Joma, they’ve just produced one of the best Scottish away tops of this millennium. Clearly once Joma are allowed to work with a client possessing a bit more stature and global appeal than your St Johnstones (no disrespect), they bring their A game. Enjoy the training bibs.
  3. It’s literally not a penalty in a month of Sundays lads, and you’re here arguing whether it was red?
  4. Nick Walsh. If the Saintees want to win it like this they can have it.
  5. That’s the game over, St Johnstone opening the scoring always would be. They simply have our number.
  6. This is where the smart money is going. 1-0 St Johnstone at half time, 2-0 at full time.
  7. I knew the next cup final after 2016 would not have nearly the same emotional significance riding on it, but the fact we can’t be there today has reduced it to very little. I’m genuinely glad in the knowledge that a defeat today, while gutting, would give St Johnstone a famous double, rather than the Govan lot.
  8. St Johnstone -1 is looking mighty, mighty tempting right now.
  9. Completely correct and I'm deeply suspicious of any Hibs fan who's properly arsed about this. Excuse for an excellent party and a shiny piece of silverware if we do win (which I don't think we will) - nothing more, nothing less.
  10. The Scottish government despise working class football fans and, when it comes to this final, don't have UEFA whipping them into accepting a certain amount of spectators in the ground.
  11. There are genuinely MSPs who will think that they've done us some sort of charitable favour there.
  12. They've had to live and work in Perthshire on a daily basis for the past few years, let's not pretend they haven't been suffering.
  13. Fifty is about as many as I'd expect St Johnstone to bring, yes.
  14. At the risk of sounding like a Falkirk fan, anything other than a 80-20 allocation split in favour of Scotland's capital, premier club is a fucking farce.
  15. St Johnstone are priced 11/10 to lift the trophy, if - like me - you enjoy the concept of
  16. Funnily enough, it's this ancient Lithuanian proverb that serves as the motto of FK Trakai, the club who pumped St Johnstone out of Europe a few years ago now. Don't even care about the Scottish Cup itself, Hibs simply have to win to stop St Johnstone taking a combine harvester to this nation's wonderful coefficient.
  17. Takes a lot to make RandomGuy look like an absolute shagger but fair play, you've managed it Steve.
  18. Overcame it literally eight days after the last time we played a half-decent Falkirk side. We won the Scottish Cup, you got pumped four zip off Lee Clark's Killie while I was pished at the parade, bathed in sunshine. Try again, champ.
  19. Genuinely nothing else to add except fucking hahahahahahaha
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