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  1. Not even funny how much better this lot are than Celtic right now.
  2. To be fair, he's an Aberdeen fan. They have quite a habit of calling things famous when they're objectively not.
  3. Can I just shock you? I like Accies being in the top flight, despite what I've been saying for the past seven years.
  4. As the first rumblings of a Timplosion from Glasgow’s East End begin to sound, would anybody like to join me on the dark side of being okay if the h*ns actually manage this?
  5. Death, taxes and an opposing fan complaining about two poor teams/poor game when their team fails to beat st johnstone..... thought it was quite an entertaining game with both sides having plenty chances. It was genuinely the worst 2-2 I’ve ever watched. If you told me it actually ended 0-0 I’d probably believe you.
  6. Which clubs do you reckon will be looking for scraps in the bargain bucket in January then? It has indeed been eight, and will soon be nine, years since Hibs beat St Johnstone in EH7. We were about to beat you on Saturday 14th March, save for the outbreak of a global pandemic. But if you think 1.4 million deaths, economic catastrophe and the end of civilisation as we knew it was a price worth paying for your unbeaten run, then so be it.
  7. Ah, f**k it, I’ll bite. Third meanest defence in the league statistically speaking, conceding only one goal more than Celtic so far.
  8. Why's it at 7pm? Some of us have to work be on furlough.
  9. Mental how much of a sliding doors moment coronavirus might be seen as in ten years or so. Rangers losing at home to Accies, Gerrard on the shoogliest of pegs, suddenly a false sense of injustice from the league ending early, Lennon and Lawwell complacent over the summer, Rangers hit the ground running and now it looks to be all over.
  10. The sort of deflection that usually breaks the way of McInnes’ Merry Band of Flat Track Bullies. Pleasing.
  11. Steward's Inquiry into his and Porteous' clearances ASAP please.
  12. This in spades. How aren't folk seeing the bigger picture? Thanks for keeping that second spot warm for us Lenny, we'll have it back in May.
  13. Hearts look a bit shaky without their two penalties a game crutches against this "Championship fodder".
  14. Between jinxing Dunfermline's clean sheet by posting the above and that goal going in, I stuck a quid on a draw/Hearts. Checkmate.
  15. Picture it, Hibees. Next August, we're stood in the away end at East End Park for the opening day of the Premiership 2021/22 season. Sun's shining, the fans are allowed back, a steak bridie in hand, suddenly there's a buzz in the pocket... Championship latest: Hearts 0-1 Cove Rangers.
  16. Handed the group on a silver platter after Czech Republic put out their third eleven against us, and yet.
  17. Imagine what we'd have done with a proper team (sans Dykes who was suspended, I know).
  18. Anyone want to explain to me how it was remotely acceptable that Clarke threw away our best chance of getting the necessary shree points on Sunday? "Oh the players were tired" - so f**k? Send them out to beat a rank Slovakia side who've lost to every c**t and then rest them all tonight when we're home and hosed.
  19. Slovakia have been a right snide gang. This is how teams must've felt playing us c. 2008-2019
  20. You're good just about anywhere. Sleep on the Trafalgar Square pavement, you'll be well-guarded.
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