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  1. Sarto once again staging a mutiny against the concept of having interesting or original opinions to post. The rest of the United contingent shadowboxing against things that haven’t happened yet. In the Flame Gang days, the EH7 boeys used to have to work hard for their bites. Nowadays, Tayside diddies pop up in clusters and work themselves into a seethe about hypothetical outcomes.
  2. At the risk of being accused of 'inciting violence', or 'breaching the peace', or indeed any other term that Police Scotland may want to throw at me when this post is published, if I were walking down the Halbeath Road this afternoon...
  3. Giving this a bump in light of today's news about Sarah Everard's death, and the typically shameless response from Met Police. This c**t in particular giving it the "he's not a true [insert football club name here] supporter!!!!" defence after a literal serving police officer is being sentenced for the false arrest, kidnap, rape, murder and immolation of a woman walking through London.
  4. It's not weird if one pays attention to how the police (particularly the Met) have operated with brazen corruption for decades.
  5. Anyone still want to pretend these 'COVID laws' were for our own good btw?
  6. I'd take a five nil defeat in this one to beat them in the semi final with a controversial Boyle penalty.
  7. If RandomGuy or any of the other tractor-bothering, tory-voting, Saintee-supporting virgins who pollute this site want another thing to add to their Beaton files, he blew up fifteen seconds before the allotted five minutes for good measure. A gid, hoanest kafflick laddie.
  8. Might as well use the next ten minutes to get wide before the inevitable equaliser. Young Johnny McCart showing that he’s not yet got the professionalism to be at a club like Hibernian, glad that we rejected St Johnstone’s offer to take him off their hands.
  9. For some reason I think this is the time we destroy St Johnstone. Dismantle them. Reduce them to quivering wrecks.
  10. Magennis playing further forward is nice to see though. Just missing Doyle-Hayes in place of Gogic is.
  11. Yeah, they're overconfident before the game, and then they usually win them by a scoreline of 1-0, 2-0 or 2-1. When are we going to learn lads?
  12. I promised myself I'd never take another look at this thread, and then Sturgeon had to go and announce vaccine passports.
  13. Because if there's one thing that the SNP needs, it's more control over what kind of person is allowed inside a football stadium.
  14. If you're a nerd who sits down then that's the very least you deserve.
  15. Six pages to go so apologies if somebody else has beaten me to the punch, but get it right fucking up you.
  16. The problem is that this week-by-week basis leaves us completely in the lurch, and you just know that any rising case numbers in any local district will see the council kick right into capacity limits and other moronic restrictions.
  17. I try not to let individual politicians and their words/actions annoy me too much, so fair play to John Swinney for working me, a grown adult who should know better, into the biggest fucking seethe fest of all time with that "vertical drinking" patter.
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