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  1. Providing Senegal hold on here, we're a Netherlands win or draw in the next game away from this corrupt, passionless micro-nation being pumped out of the World Cup in six days. Given that they've spent an estimated $220bn USD on this tournament, that would work out at a cool 36 billion per day for the time they were in the tournament.
  2. 48 teams is going to be dire. Would genuinely rather they went all the way up to 64 teams and did about six games a day.
  3. Jesus Christ, that’s a horror tackle. However, I’ve just had a quick scan of the replies and quote tweets and apparently it’s the officials’ fault, not VAR. There was me thinking VAR stood for Video Assistant Referee and was clearly a fucking official. Silly me!
  4. Well done to the fucking mugs who thought VAR would be our great white hope of a leveller against the Old Firm btw.
  5. The threat of a season ticket boycott is, of course, the only way that this gets resolved. VAR is fundamentally imperfect in its nature and can never get everything 100% perfect. We have a chance to create organised boycotts like we did ten years ago and vote with our wallets. Will enough of us? Sadly probably not. I have written to Hibs twice on this issue now, and they have been informed that they will not be getting a single penny more of my money until they issue a club statement that explains why they were strongly in favour of VAR and why they did this without consulting the fans.
  6. Okay, so why have we handed over more control to them by giving them VAR to f**k things up twice, then? This is the problem with the ‘guns don’t kill people, people do’ rhetoric that people are now floating with VAR. I am opposed to VAR because it is not a magic solution, it is just giving the referees the chance to make a mistake twice over. Football is subjective. Some people think Duk dived, others think it’s a stonewall penalty, other are in between the two. Are people not getting this yet? There is basically no such thing as a clear-cut decision in football. It is what makes the game great. It has now been terminally ruined because of pundits, managers, fans crying like little children because the bad referee didn’t give them what they wanted. So now we have a situation where people are still unhappy with refereeing decisions, but we’ve also lost the unbridled joy of a goal going in and celebrating it.
  7. That...that was a fucking mile offside wasn't it?
  8. We were largely excellent in the first half. The VAR check has killed us, the heads have gone down. It's a standard Pittodrie performance, it's been a decade's worth of them now.
  9. Whether it’s a penalty or not is utterly irrelevant. The entire point is that it is subjective. The laws of the game are subjective. They cannot be ruled objectively. VAR simply passes the buck onto somebody else who makes a decision that still pisses many people off. The only thing we know VAR does for sure is take the joy of celebrating a goal away. Nothing else is a certainty. Say, hypothetically, we were playing without VAR tonight and Duk dived, the ref bought it and Aberdeen scored the penalty. I’d feel much less annoyed about it than I do right now. And that’s not saying Duk’s dived here, it’s just that there’s no such thing as a right decision in football, so why have we sacrificed one of its greatest elements for 8 minutes of standing around?
  10. A dive at Pittodrie that would shame the late Ian Durrant.
  11. Any Hibs fan who wanted it introduced has got exactly what they deserved and I hope it fucking stings.
  12. You seem to have confused this with a non-existent match thread about tonight's game. This is about Hearts' entire European campaign, which yes, as a somewhat-obsessed Hibby, I do care about. It's funny seeing your rivals lose, it's especially funny seeing them lose horrendously. But nothing is funnier to me than seeing you do the "we don't care that we were pumped" routine.
  13. Sure, it's not like Hearts fans have spent decades laughing at Hibs for "winning the singing", glorious failures and deflecting from embarrassing European results. Take your medicine, it's part of a football rivalry.
  14. Stunning levels of revisionism from Hearts fans on Twitter, who are now going with the line "done the best we could've" about their European campaign. "Seeded third, finished third", the sort of line that would make a Tory spin doctor blush. They seem to be overlooking the fact that they didn't just lose to the first and second seed, they lost on a 7-1 and 8-1 aggregate, with both of their famous goals coming when the opposition were 3 and 4-0 up respectively. Quite how they are defending it is beyond me, but they never let you down. Keeps Neilson in a job, so let them crack on with it.
  15. This has aged like fucking milk by the way.
  16. One club and one club only in world football who get away with that.
  17. Just to confirm, we’ve taken away the joy of celebrating a goal in order to “stamp out the refereeing errors”, and yet half the people on here think that there have been refereeing errors today?
  18. St Liedown lying down for old time’s sake.
  19. Out in four games. In a third-rate competition. Pumped in three of the four games. The worst European campaign of any Scottish team ever? Firm yes.
  20. In hindsight, the OP not updating the thread to say "2022/23" instead was quite prophetic.
  21. Stopped using this forum as regularly as I used to, when did Ric become a dull as dishwater poster?
  22. Always mighty fucking pleasing to witness Celtic and their support have to come to terms with their minuscule standing in European football for another season.
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