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  1. Any pausing of the league at this moment in time would be a ridiculous, knee-jerk reaction IMO. Giving the players more free time to go and take the piss out of regulations, rather than keeping them focused and reminding them of their responsibilities. Although maybe the government can adopt the SQA policy and award points on a ‘what tax bracket are your club’s supporters in?’ basis.
  2. I think at the start of each season, us “diddy” clubs should meet up behind closed doors and have a wee tombola, whichever team comes out of the hat is the team we all agree to lie down to in the upcoming season. That would be 90 guaranteed points right there for the non-OF challenger, they’d only have to not completely bottle it against them to win the title. If you do win it, you’re not allowed to be in next season’s tombola, rinse and repeat. Easy.
  3. In case there were any non-believers left out there after last week, let’s just remind you of the facts. Hibs are stopping ten in a row whether you like it or not.
  4. “I’d like to see the ol’ Dandy Dons wriggle their way out of THIS jam.” *Aberdeen easily wriggle their way out* “Ah, well, nevertheless
  5. Aberdeen have survived in this league on far flimsier pretexts. It’s time to throw the book at them. Hiding behind the fact Stranraer don’t have regulation shower heads and therefore can’t take their place in the top flight won’t save them this time.
  6. Ah well, let's not dwell on it and just chalk it up as another one of those lucky breaks the Old Firm get, to be conveniently forgotten about next time one of their players gets sent off.
  7. These crowd noises are pretty realistic, the home crowd are incandescent when they're not given every single decision.
  8. Wonder what the next pandemic will be when Killie finally come away from EH7 with a win? Maybe smallpox will make a comeback? Maybe it’ll be polio that returns? Maybe after the asteroid hits, the remaining life forms on earth will be so immune that pandemics as we know them no longer exist? All remains to be seen, but back in your PPV-less East Ayrshire boxes for the time being, please.
  9. The Leith juggernaut invites all in their path to step forward. The ten will be stopped, and it will be none other than Hibernian Football Club who do it. It’s time to accept the inevitable and join the bandwagon.
  10. Killie fans should be thanking their lucky stars that we had the decency not to charge them through the nose to watch their side put in this abject performance.
  11. Did anyone expect differently from McInnes and his merry gang of flat track bullies? They’ll bore their way to 4th without touching silverware and they’ll be happy about it.
  12. Celtic Rangers Hibs Livingston Aberdeen Motherwell Dundee United St Johnstone Kilmarnock Hamilton Accies St Mirren Ross County
  13. Had the feeling I’d seen it somewhere before! All that time on Paint for nothing.
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