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  1. Snapping my fingers in approval like a 60s beatnik at the poetry of '4th best vs cracked crest'.
  2. That's a trade off though, because they play their games all over the weekend as a result. I don't think many Scottish fans would take an extra £5m to have kick off times messed around with.
  3. Even worse patter than the Scolari/Father Ted GIFs. You're going to be taking reddies from me until your posting standards improve.
  4. Well, no, because Celtic were formed by Irish immigrants, while Rangers have zero connection to England whatsoever. Nice try though.
  5. Hibs to win the thread handsomely, Aberdeen to win the match narrowly. There you go, saved you 48 hours of paying attention this fixture.
  6. Hibs tagging Wales in Doidge’s scoring stats.
  7. Just the six at the back for Aberdeen is it? Suppose that's what you deserve when you keep cheerleading a coward of a football manager.
  8. Well that's put a real downer on things, might not even go now. Shocking if United are serious about taking the Shed of their bigger brothers. Hopefully a massive chorus of "if it wasn't for the Hibees you'd be Dees" will shame them into putting things right.
  9. They need to work on getting some Scotland-based fans first.
  10. They've had the absolute fucking cheek to make this a Sunday 3pm game.
  11. Was wondering how many weeks it would take for Dees fans to realise they'd been loaned a pup from the Hibernian kennel. Nae luck and, crucially, nae refunds.
  12. The fixture gods were very cruel to us this season. Torn between wanting to finish top six, or finishing seventh and having the chance of a spring silly Saturday in Dingwall and relegation party at Tynecastle 2: Electric Boogaloo.
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