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  1. Livingston vs Hearts

    What did I miss?
  2. Rangers 2018/19 European Extravaganza!

    Stolen flags galore
  3. Worst poster in P&B history 2018

    Can't help but feel that one Hibs fan who owns all the accounts won't take too kindly to that.
  4. Hibernian v Celtic

    Brendan Rodgers physically cannot win in Leith. At least 2-0 Hibs going on 5 or 6, one would have to assume.
  5. Accies vs Hibs

    Me or the Accies teenager who blatantly called us f*nians while Police Scotland stood and applauded, I wonder?
  6. Hearts v Well

    The m9s have been highlighting this stuff for years, but we were essentially patted on the head by the wider Pie and Bovril community and told to know our place like the good little f*nians we are.
  7. Accies vs Hibs

    Marsden was very good and Keatings did put a sitter wide in the first half. Good to see he’s still YLT AF.
  8. Accies vs Hibs

    My tactical analysis of that is a win is a win, GIRFUY the wee **** in the corner, especially the one who yelled out “f*nian p***ks” when it was dead quiet.
  9. We Welcome The Chase

    Now this is a WWTC thread that I can get behind.
  10. Accies vs Hibs

    These recent threads have been murder, we keep trying to tell other fans how bad we are and they just won’t listen.
  11. No, really, do we have to?
  12. Hibs vs St Mirren

    That is a sexy team, I’ve changed my mind completely, 5-0 Hibs.
  13. Teeb - Ayrshire rhyming slang for f*nian. And even if you disprove that, he implied that all of us Catholics "look the same". Bang out of order.
  14. Mods, any action on this sickening, anti-Catholic remark?