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  1. Came here to check that someone had mentioned it. Box office stuff.
  2. That verdict's not exactly going to put a lid on the Bears Den's "we live in an SNPIRA conspiracy" agenda is it?
  3. Got to feel for Hearts, if only us away fans had parted with an extra fiver to enter Tynecastle. Absolutely zero sympathy for their tory owner or their tory support. Feel for the staff lower down the ladder, they’re not the first and won’t be the last to be shafted by Hearts. The Bosnian pensioners of the mid-00s can confirm that.
  4. Literally every Hearts poster on this thread should have to start with the disclaimer "I am a Hearts fan and in this post I will be attempting to pathetically weasel us out of a deserved relegation that a week ago we had declared to be inevitable."
  5. Hearts fans aren't even subtle about this "let's give Celtic the title but keep us up" patter are they? You've deserved to go down since you appointed Cathro and you've been very fortunate with the way your bad spells have worked out. It's time to go, Jambos.
  6. Unfortunately for you, St Johnstone, the chase is over. Enjoy your bottom six obscurity.
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/scot_cups/8492041.stm
  8. Hearts fans thinking they’ll survive finishing stone dead last without being relegated because of some absurd technicality regarding a virus outbreak. Who do they think they are? Aberdeen?
  9. Frankly I think it’s a disgrace that there isn’t official recognition on this forum of the deep, fraternal bond that exists between St Mirren and Hibernian Football Clubs. It’s time for Paisley and Leith to become sister cities, and for us to adopt each other’s club anthems. Love Street 86, Hampden 87, Fir Park 10, Hampden 13 and now tonight in Paisley 20. St Mirren, there’s no other way to put it, you have given me some of the best footballing days of my lifetime.
  10. You can’t spell Paisley without please (sort of). Fucking please, St Mirren.
  11. Last had to do that in the quarter final replay up at Inverness in 2016. Was watching it through Jane Park’s shoddy periscope filming until a steward told her to stop. Got the radio on and paced around like a madman. Just as Oxley was booked for losing a contact lens and timewasting, the house suffered a power cut and I was plunged into temporary darkness without knowing the score.
  12. Alba films ‘as live’ and as such whenever Hibs have been the Alba game a stream has been relatively easy to find.
  13. A last minute St Johnstone winner to send me off before death? No thanks.
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