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  1. Bring back Shteve McClaren to oversee this shambles IMO. ETA - yes I've also just remembered he managed FC Twente but I had to go and find the smiley and I'm sticking with the post. f**k the lot of you.
  2. Genuinely should be illegal for c***s to spew stuff like that without proper sources etc., that'll go along the grapevine regardless of whether it's true or not and put the fear of god into pensioners getting their AZ jab. Pathetic stuff from this German mob.
  3. That's the first elderly family member to be booked in for their jag this coming weekend. Forgot to ask if it was in a blue envelope or not. Anyway, hopefully that's the care homes more or less finished? Anyone got the latest figures on that?
  4. Up there with Brian Porteous on the Mount Rushmore of Doric wit.
  5. Rory Hamilton fucking up the term "racial equality" two days in a row.
  6. Hope Celtic are stupid enough to chase him. He'd be off in a flash and we can pick up some compo and not face the "careful what you wish for" brigade.
  7. We would've sat back, let them equalise and eventually lost in extra time, and we all know it.
  8. It’s the wide-eyed naivety of other fans when Hibs do something like this that’s always endearing. The genuine surprise that we’ve made a c**t of it yet again, wasted countless chances and gifted two goals.
  9. What's the problem with St Johnstone's team then? Melamed on the bench is the only thing that sticks out to me. Still think you'll win.
  10. Baffling that nobody in a Well shirt seemed to appeal for that. Blatant handball.
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