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  1. I’m not a family historian, but I’m pretty sure half of Ian Black’s ancestors were sent to the big prison island and changed their name to the Devlins.
  2. This lot finally picked up a win against some plumbers from Riga and suddenly thought they had third in the bag.
  3. Form an orderly queue in which to grovel, please and thank you.
  4. It's sometimes hard to separate the 'does the cutting the allocation help produce better results' or 'are more Hibs fans buying tickets precisely because we're more likely to beat them'. The recent record with Celtic having a half stand: P1, W1 D0 L0 The recent record with Celtic having a full stand: P7 W1 D4 L2 The recent behind-close-doors record: P2 W0 D2 L0 Having written that out, it's obviously not an exact correlation and it doesn't equal causation, but when Celtic had half their usual capacity, we won. Even during a bit of a tailspin under Lennon. When we give them a full stand, we can often match them, but more often than not we end up losing.
  5. Maybe St Mirren have listened to the condescending c*nts who support the Old Firm’s Twitter advice and just tried a bit harder?
  6. Do Aberdeen get any points for saying “Brian Porteous” a lot and thinking it’s good patter?
  7. Knew it would happen ever since the mind-boggling treatment that Diana and the Queen's Mother received upon death, but still just fucking ridiculous and I'm seething all the same.
  8. I'm really glad that clear and obvious error was corrected, we'd have looked like right idiots if that had been allowed to stand!
  9. An eye-watering gap in budgets, aye? They can sign players you could only dream of signing, aye? An imbalance of finances ruining football, aye? Something needs to be done about it, aye?
  10. If anyone could cost Hibs two points out of this, it’s Derek John Lucifer McInnes.
  11. Assumed he’d still be in mourning for the 91st anniversary of Bobby ‘the greatest natural footballer to ever play’ Walker’s death.
  12. Looking forward to the second coming of the banner attached to a plane over Gorgie crisis.
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