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  1. The Hibernian Thread

    People bringing up the fact that Heckingbottom failed at Leeds. You know who else failed at Leeds? Brian Clough. Back to back European Cups inbound for the British Isles’ first side to enter European football.
  2. The Hibernian Thread

    Hearing Wallace Mercer is not expected to be plotting a takeover bid this time around.
  3. The Hibernian Thread

    Looks like he couldn't even get past the first line of the Broad Black Brimmer:
  4. The Highland Derby

    I keep thinking the sound's gone on their mics only for McLeod to pipe up again out of nowhere.
  5. Panodrama

    Shut up Radger mate.
  6. Hibs v Raith Rovers

    Never in doubt.
  7. Hibs v Raith Rovers

    Shree and easy, hope the Fife boeys enjoy their early pints.
  8. Hibs v Raith Rovers

    Being Irish (or pretending to be Irish) is evil now, is it?
  9. Hibs v Raith Rovers

    And your Fife eyes are brimming with salty, salty tears.
  10. Hibs v Raith Rovers

    Once you've won the Scottish Cup, you'll care less about it too.
  11. Celtic vs Hibs

    The Burke point is true, but as we have repeatedly told you, if Johnson can get flagged up for his yellow card challenge, then why can't Brown? Or is the answer as simple as "because he's Scott Brown and he's Celtic's captain"?
  12. Hibs v Raith Rovers

    Sorry how have I only just noticed five years later that the linesman (correctly) flags offside for the second goal and is ignored by the referee?
  13. Celtic vs Hibs

    That's shocking from Johnson, to be fair. I mean, imagine posting a picture with a copyright watermark on it?