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  1. What affinity was that exactly? I have been deprived the chance to go to Ibrox and get arrested for booing the minute's silence and I am not happy about it.
  2. And make no mistake, this ultra-sanitised experience the "lucky" few thousand will get at Hampden this summer is their absolute dream for what a football crowd should look like. Everyone sedated, sat down, none of those boisterous young teams and their drunken antics - heaven forbid. Maybe the occasional “come on Scotland!” if we’re lucky.
  3. Sorry am I supposed to be in some way grateful for the idea of Hampden being not even a quarter full in two months time?
  4. Just googled and apparently it's on average three a year, but Devi says no more playing Mario Kart until we've got that down to zero because "we just don't know".
  5. There's no poetic justice, I've been telling anyone who'd listen for about five years that Derek McInnes will absolutely 1000% end up at Tynecastle within three years of him leaving Aberdeen. The two parties were born for each other.
  6. You can have MonDieu's excellently cropped version instead if you want.
  7. Unless you're double wooshing me, it's a quote from The Day Today.
  8. We've started incredibly well here but if we don't score a second we all know what'll happen.
  9. Everything about this (including the oncoming "inclement weather") just screams Queen of the South winning.
  10. I don't think I can emphasise just how dull, insular and un-aspirational a person's life/political outlook must be if their only concern is protecting the inflated, artificial value of their very cheaply-constructed house in suburbia that has a driveway and the aforementioned 3G pitch that constitutes a back garden. No idea what your point about people being connected is meaning, because we are less connected than ever before. People don't speak to their neighbours in the same way they used to and sometimes indeed viscerally loathe them - and would happily grass them to the police in record time (something we've seen plenty of during these lockdowns btw).
  11. Just a state-sponsored gang at this point aren't they?
  12. Although at least back in the day, "working class tories" genuinely did have f**k all, and the party could convince them that was because of immigrants/commies/corrupt unions etc. Nowadays, it's far pettier and weirder. These "working class tories" are far more likely to be homeowners who don't live in the big cities. They don't even mind getting shafted themselves as long as they know somebody else is getting shafted harder. If they have blue hair and are working a bar job in their third language (the metropolitan elite who are out of touch with the common man!!!) then even better. That's why I find it laughable to suggest that left wing parties have sold out the working class, when in fact many of the "working class" are now firmly lower middle class in terms of homeownership and wages, and will happily vote Tory if it protects the value of their poorly-constructed new build and its astroturfed garden out the back.
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