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  1. Looking back on last night, outwith a ten-minute period towards the end of the first half where they hit the bar and were right on top of the game, the most satisfying thing about last night was how in control Scotland were, and indeed we made the Spanish lose their fucking heads in the process. A total role reversal of what I’m used to watching when Scotland play the top seed in international qualifying.
  2. It is not just Hearts fans who need to apologise for the gaslighting that went on with Ryan Porteous whilst he was a Hibs player. A lot of fans in Scotland were wilfully misled by the Sportsound "Biscuits" and co brigade. But no need to dwell on it tonight; we've beaten Spain 2-0 and we're well in control of our destiny for Germany next summer. Bring it on! ETA, but if anyone fancies filling it in...
  3. It's a little bit scary how well we've played in these first ten minutes. This isn't just a hit and hope.
  4. Will sign now, an excellent initiative and I hope Lewis can get along to games soon. It’s a disgrace that only four clubs have sensory rooms and - with no offence meant to Cappielow or Morton - it’s hardly a stadium that brings “first class facilities” to your mind. If they can do it, clubs like Hibs, Hearts and Aberdeen have absolutely no excuse. I know, for example, that Hibs converted the old corporate boxes in the Famous Five into a community space a few seasons back. I can’t see any reason why one could not have been made into a sensory room. The Hibs fan rep, Kieran Power, is usually quite on the ball with investigating things like this, so I’m going to write to him and ask what Hibs have been doing and if/when sensory rooms will be getting introduced at Easter Road. Personally think it should be a mandatory requirement for all stadiums though, to be honest.
  5. I created the Chronicles of the Banter Years thread, do I look like someone short of time?
  6. I would genuinely ban the phrase “it isn’t VAR that’s to blame, it’s the people running it!” until people can get it into their thick skulls that we (the anti-VAR lot) already know that that’s what VAR is, and that’s precisely why we don’t want it.
  7. This is what my Grandad started following Hibs for in the 30s right enough.
  8. Shankland and diets do not belong in the same sentence, he is so fucking fat - what the hell is going on with Hearts’ conditioning team?
  9. It is the problem. Technology opens the door to re-refereeing football matches with decisions that are totally subjective. The laws of the game are not black and white, technology does not fix this and never could. It absolutely is the problem because it cannot stop poor decisions, because what constitutes a poor decision?
  10. Mediocrity is obviously relative, nobody is trying to dispute that. What I, and any right-minded poster, is saying that - even for a club like Rangers - calling European final + Scottish Cup + League title in the past 24 months “mediocrity” is a ludicrous shout. The only way it could be mediocre is if you’ve signed up to support Rangers with the expectation that they win everything and dominate everyone. In which case, you have the mentality and worldview of an egotistic child.
  11. I agree with your point, but if Celtic or Rangers didn’t win anything for thirty seasons straight then I think you’d see some (most) of those “I support the same team I supported as a kid) fans vanish into thin air; only to magically reappear when they started dominating again.
  12. I wouldn’t go as far as to say no reasonable person could support them, but you must admit that it certainly takes a stunted, child-like mindset to pick a team because they win all the team and never manage to get bored of it. They make Marvel movies that are less one-sided and more interesting than Celtic’s current and Rangers’ 1990s dominance.
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