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  1. The manner of Rangers' victory at Parkhead yesterday was an eye-opener to many, so perhaps it's time we now start an official thread to discuss...the endgame. So, putting aside all of our usual "I don't care f**k them both" bravado, let's discuss the Ideal Outcome™ for the title race this season. It's likely that Rangers are going to win another title or two in my lifetime, so if they have to win one, why not one that objectively causes a lot of hilarity? As it comes down to the crunch of this decade of Celtic dominance, I'm leaning more towards believing that Rangers winning a shortened season would tick all the boxes: Celtic's support enraged, Timplosions are always fun No ten in a row, a minter that Scottish football could do without The opportunity for the rest of us to tell Rangers fans it didn't actually count H*ns having to u-turn on shortened league titles not counting Presumably a massive fallout and courtroom drama aplenty Neil Lennon having to live the rest of his life being known as the man who cost his beloved Celtic 'the 10' What do we think, then? Poll attached to get a flavour of P&B opinion.
  2. Never left a game early (apart from once in injury time to catch the only train I could make home). It's not out of principle or anything, I just always think I'll jinx it and miss a ridiculous comeback. Maybe the 7-0 against Malmo should've been an exception. But I know people who left at 3-0 down to Falkirk in the semi final, and there are allegedly one or two people who left when Halliday made it 2-1 in 2016. Weirdos.
  3. Big Thomas Sowunmi single-handedly carrying the Cabbage to a semi final down at Palmerston. Halcyon days.
  4. I reckon we’d have more of a chance if Clarke didn’t insist on flooding his Scotland squads with mediocre provincial duds from his time at Killie like O’Donnell. Found out at this level and then some.
  5. When you look at the permament, stripy omnishambles that is Paisley St Mirren Football Club, you shake your head and wonder just how Scottish Cup winning manager and all round gid c**t Alan Stubbs was meant to succeed there. A poisoned chalice indeed.
  6. When the green pound comes a-knockin’, there’s very few who can resist its allure.
  7. The green pound knows no limits in its generosity tonight, it appears.
  8. Anybody who’s followed my posts on here down the years knows that I’ve got more time than most for Paisley St Mirren Football Club. However, if they stand in the way of young Kyle McGinn’s career by blocking a move to the capital’s sole top flight club - and denying him the chance to link up with his brothers and follow in the footsteps of John - they have crossed a line of no return. The sacred St Murnian alliance hangs in the balance here. Do what’s right, Tony.
  9. Hibs are stood at a bit of a crossroads. Drop points here and we've suddenly lost a fair bit of the goodwill from the opening eight games. Win and we steady the ship ahead of the international break. Will Hakeem Odoffin be scoring his goal again?
  10. Who gave the team talk for this one? MJC?
  11. It’s time for Capital Punishment 2: Electric Boogaloo. No weegie left standing please, my lovely eleven brutes.
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