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  1. Out and about in the sunshine today so missed this one, but it sounds like it was the usual Govan skull-fucking for the Gorgie Boeys. Guess it will be up to Hibs tomorrow to redress the Glasgow - Edinburgh footballing imbalance. Still, all will be right in their world if they can scrape a miraculous win at Easter Road next week. All they care about is beating Hibs.
  2. Falkirk v Morton

    Me at midnight tonight when they go up on YouTube:
  3. Falkirk v Morton

    Still, that play-off semi final win that led to fucking nowhere must’ve been worth it, eh lads. Move in a downwards trajectory and carry on until extinction you Grangemouth diddies.
  4. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    '"The decision to part company was not an easy one, especially given Alex’s status as a Scotland Hall of Fame member, earning 77 international caps, having played in three World Cups and taken charge of the national team for two spells," said Maxwell.' Sums up everything wrong with the folk in charge of our game. Who gives a f**k how many caps he earned, or whether or not he's in our 'Hall of Fame', he was a pish manager and oversaw arguably our worst result ever. Get him to f**k.
  5. We're six points behind, so whatever we get we need to hope Aberdeen and/or Killie get six (or seven depending on GD) points fewer. Here's a realistic simulation: Week 1: Aberdeen vs Killie - draw Hibs vs Celtic - Celtic win 3) Killie, 59 points 4) Aberdeen, 59 points 5) Hibs, 52 points Week 2: Celtic vs Killie - Celtic win Rangers vs Aberdeen - Rangers win Hibs vs Hearts - Hibs win 3) Killie, 59 points 4) Aberdeen, 59 points 5) Hibs, 55 points Week 3: Aberdeen vs Celtic - Celtic win Hearts vs Killie - draw Rangers vs Hibs - draw 3) Killie, 60 points 4) Aberdeen, 59 points 5) Hibs, 56 points Week 4: Aberdeen vs Hearts - Aberdeen win Killie vs Hibs - Hibs win 3) Aberdeen, 62 points 4) Killie, 60 points 5) Hibs, 59 points Week 5: Hibs vs Aberdeen - Hibs win Killie vs Rangers - draw 3) Hibs, 62 points 4) Aberdeen, 62 points 5) Killie, 61 points We've got the same goal difference as Aberdeen at the moment, and in this scenario they win one and lose three, so you'd imagine they'd end up with a worse goal difference. Obviously I'm being a tad optimistic with some of the results, I don't expect us to win at Rugby Park, for example. And that's to get us third place. In that scenario though, if all those results did go our way, we'd only need 10 points, not 15. It would be easier to get fourth on the basis that we only need one of Aberdeen or Killie to implode. We would then be relying on Celtic to beat Hearts in the Final to guarantee us Europe. Doesn't even bear thinking about if they won the Scottish and stole Europe from us.
  6. Sir, are you implying that we immigrants are not capable of speaking the language? This would be a downright racist implication if so, and admins (plural) will become involved without a swift retraction and apology.
  7. Just seen Simpson's Ferguson's tackle on Durrant Rogic. Pleasing.
  8. Hopefully the Queen keels over as the teams are walking out of the tunnel. Too short notice to cancel the match and Celtic can restore parity from 2005. Still not recovered from this level of bootlicking on display from Hearts fans at their last semi final against Celtic.
  9. Just popping in to bump what I said back in February. (PS. get it right fucking up you.)
  10. Scottish by misfortunate technicality, Irish by the Grace of God.
  11. Don't want to get all tinfoil hat, but Caley's goal wasn't offside was it? Mulraney made the tackle and it went through to the Caley player, who was standing in an offside position but it was played by a Hearts player.
  12. The only way they'll ever score goals, Austin MacPhee's set piece specials.
  13. Doesn't help when you've got a 12:15 kick off that means fans coming from Inverness have to plan a fucking polar expedition to get there. Also doesn't help when you have one of the most boring, quiet supports in Scottish football occupying the North Stand. All sat down I notice.