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  1. Given all the rain which we had yesterday, what is coming down at the moment, and what is forecast well into this afternoon, the match must be in doubt.
  2. I see that the Stenny fans are to be occupying the East Stand, apparently to avoid the like of the pie-throwing incidents when the two sides met last season. Does anyone know if we have now permanently excluded the so-called casuals who infested the Morrisons end of the West stand? They were not at all in evidence at the Elgin game and I understand that they had been ejected at the Peterhead game for vaping and using foul and abusive language to the stewards. I see that there is a video clip on YouTube showing these idiots with lit flares on Forthside Way on their way to the Aberdeen game. They set the undergrowth alight with the result that the fire brigade had to be called to extinguish the fire. These troublemakers haven't even got the courage to show their faces on the videos they post under the ridiculous name of the 1945 Crew. They are bad news for the club.
  3. Is that a serious response? I would have thought that your nurse would have counselled you against such negativity. But you are right in one respect. What has now been proposed bears reasonable comparison to what was envisaged by me and others in my post last Saturday evening - a proposal that was ridiculed as one which you wanted nothing to do with. In my view these are serious proposals which merit serious consideration rather than the reaction you have displayed. I suggest you have a lie down before commenting further - you will only make a fool of yourself otherwise.
  4. Below is the text of the document referred to in the aforementioned statement: PROPOSED CHANGES TO THE ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION OF STIRLING ALBION FOOTBALL AND ATHLETIC CLUB LIMITED 1. Board of Directors a. The make up of the board should be: i. Three operational roles from the Club, being the managing director or similar position, the commercial director and the finance director, or such similar roles as may be appropriate. ii. Three representatives of the Trust or independent shareholders. iii. An independent chairperson. b. The chairperson of the board should be non-executive and not hold either a position on the Trust board or an operational position within the Club c. No person shall be appointed as a director to the Company without the prior written approval of the Trust. d. Directors hold office for a term of 3 years after which they must seek re-election. e. All directors to be put up for re-election at the first AGM after the adoption of new Articles and, subsequently directors to be put up for re-election on a rotational basis such that no more than 1/3 of the board may change at any point in time. 2. Matters Requiring the Approval of the Trust a. Any change in the name or nickname of Stirling Albion Football Club. b. Any change in the badges, logos or other devices used in the branding of the Club. c. Any change in the colours of the Club’s home playing strip. d. Any change in stadium location or name. e. Any transaction involving land or buildings with a market value over £30,000. f. Any borrowings, secured or unsecured, apart from those incurred in the normal course of trade. g. Any lease commitment in excess of £10,000 per annum. h. Any changes to the capital structure of the Club including the issue of new shares. i. Any changes to the Articles of Association of the Club. j. The incorporation of any new subsidiary or associated company. k. The appointment of a receiver or administrator. l. An annual budget. m. Individual items of expenditure over £20k not in the approved annual budget. n. Individual items of capital expenditure over £20k o. The appointment of a team manager. p. The appointment of anyone on the Club's payroll with a salary over £25k, excluding player’s contracts. q. A strategic business plan. 3. Information Requirements a. Information to be laid before or otherwise distributed to the board: i. Monthly management accounts. ii. An annual budget, to be prepared in advance of the start of a new financial year. iii. A business plan.
  5. News from the trenches. The Trust Board has just issued this statement: The Board of the Stirling Albion Supporters’ Society Limited (the “Trust”) are willing to enter into mediation, in good faith, with the Board of the Stirling Albion Football and Athletic Company Limited (the “Company”; the “Club”). We all want what is best for our football club and we will work constructively with the Club Board. For the Trust the purpose of this mediation is to put in place a governance structure similar to that of other fan-owned clubs, which will require changes to the Club’s Articles of Association. These changes will help safeguard the long-term stability of Stirling Albion and we hope will provide a framework to support joint working and importantly improve the relationship between the Trust, as the majority shareholder, and the Club Board. We recognise this joint approach and improved relations are the wish of everyone associated with Stirling Albion. Past failed attempts at mediation and discussions had led the Trust Board to believe the only way to put appropriate rules in place would be to remove the existing board before doing so. We acknowledged this was extreme but felt we were left with no other option. However, in an attempt at reconciliation and with the interests of Stirling Albion at heart, if the Club Board is willing to engage in discussions, we are willing to not vote for the action to remove the current Club Directors. We are happy for an independent mediator to oversee these discussions and would support one involved in fan-owned football in Scotland or from a specialist mediation organisation. We will send a legal proposal to the Club with the following terms for mediation: For an interim period, three additional board members to be appointed, representing the Trust and independent shareholders. Role of Chairperson and Operations Director to be split and an independent, non-executive chairman to be appointed. Discussions to be entered into by this interim board to make changes to the Club’s Articles of Association. New Articles to be adopted no more than 4 months from the date of the agreement to enter mediation. If the Club agree to these terms and a legally binding agreement is entered into, the Trust will not vote for the current motion to remove the existing Club Directors. For clarity, attached is the Trust Board’s starting position for discussion on suggested changes to the Articles to let you see what type of rule changes we mean. As we have previously stated, these provisions are normal in corporate governance and standard practice in other fan-owned clubs’ structures. Additionally, we are aware the Trust rules need to be updated to reflect current best practice and we will undertake this exercise with reference to other fan-owned clubs’ supporters associations. The Trust Board sincerely hopes this proposal is accepted and the Trust and Club can begin to work harmoniously together for the sole benefit of Stirling Albion Football Club. The SAST Board 26th July 2022
  6. An activity all too prevalent in the Boardroom, unfortunately.
  7. Glad you are finding it entertaining! It must be pleasing to have Disneyworld at your fingertips (subscription-free, as well) with our closet Pinocchio making regular appearances.
  8. That is an excellent point. Notwithstanding this, I have my suspicions about the trigger for this "letter". I remember being told in 2016, the physio was actively touting support from amongst the squad in support of the appointment of Martin Corrigan, then Assistant Manager, to the vacant managerial post (Stuart McLaren having gone). Stuart Brown was known to favour Martin but got overruled by the Board who appointed Dave Mackay. Shortly after, Martin left.
  9. Oh ye of little faith - what makes you think this did not emanate from the playing squad?
  10. Readers will have seen my post of 20.40 on Saturday which attempted to promote a conciliatory approach to the current problems which also drew upon views garnered at the Peterhead game. I appealed to Mr Boggs to become involved constructively with a view to engineering a solution likely to avoid disruption at the club. You will have seen his reaction and drawn your own conclusions as to his motives for reacting in the way that he has. Since my post we have seen the publication via Twitter (but not via the Club’s official website) of a missive from the Club Board and the publication of a communication purporting to be from solicitors acting on behalf of the Club Board. In order for readers to have a more balanced picture, I set out below the text of an email issued by the Trust Board late last night in response to the Club’s earlier communication: The Stirling Albion Supporters’ Trust seek to clarify a number of points raised in the Club communication today. The Club’s communication, a letter from Gilson Gray LLP, the solicitors acting on behalf of Mr Brown, and associated statement, focuses on two points: the offer of mediation and voting by members. The Club says the letter was not answered. We stated in a communication with the Membership on 8th July 2022, that previous attempts at mediation had failed. Mediation has been attempted before, in 2018, but the agreed outcome was then rejected by the Club Board and, subsequently, an accusation of bias was leveled at the mediator by the Club Chairman. When a new Trust Board was elected, it was hoped that some progress to address these issues could be made but all attempts have failed: in 2021 attempts to set up Terms of Reference for a Joint Working Group were ignored by the Club; and, in February 2022, a joint meeting which agreed a way forward was rejected by the Club less than 48 hours later. In May of this year, after a further mediation suggestion at the Club EGM, a telephone conversation took place the following day and once again the Club placed obstacles in the way of progress, the Club chairman stating he was unwilling for his Board to work with three elected members of the current Trust Board. Therefore, by the actions of the Club Chairman, we have every reason to believe the results of any mediation would be rejected by the Club Board. The Club Board have proven unwilling, time and again, to work with the Trust or be accountable to the Trust as the majority owners of the Club. Rules, via the Club’s Articles, need to be in place to ensure that this and future Club Boards are subject to the oversight and scrutiny of the Club’s owners - as is normal practice in all businesses. Secondly, the letter suggests a proper vote of the Membership. Unfortunately, and as has been communicated, prior to the Trust AGM which had been scheduled for March, the membership was flooded with new members in a clear case of entryism engineered by the Club Board. Attempts to distort the membership included writing to members of Stirling Golf Club requesting they join and vote in a certain way. In addition, the voting process was abused in a clear breach of Trust rules - in one example, a Club Director was trying to vote on behalf of 42 others. There will be a democratic vote of the Membership, but the appropriate rules and governance structure need to be in place to ensure the long term stability of the Club first. The current Club Board have shown themselves to be unwilling to work with the Trust to put these rules in place. We have made it clear that new Board appointments will be selected after an interview process and put to the members for approval. Appointments will be for a fixed term. There will be no restriction on who may present themselves as a candidate to an elected board. We would also like to make it clear that there is no threat at all to anyone’s jobs or any volunteer positions at Stirling Albion. That is not what our actions are aimed at – they are aimed at putting proper governance structures in place for the future. In the best interests of Stirling Albion we call upon the Club to participate in a full and appropriate handover with the incoming interim board. It is clear the governance structure, including changes to the Club Articles of Association, is required to safeguard the long term stability of Stirling Albion, removing tensions that have existed over the years. It is essential that we move forward and improve the relationship between Trust, as the majority shareholders, and the Club Board. These changes will provide a framework for this and we hope make a start in uniting the support. To reassure, members will be given a vote on the appointment of Club Directors following this interim period. We believe the Trust members should have a vote on the appointment of Club Directors - this is something that under the current structure does not exist. Please let us know if you would like any further information, you can contact us by simply replying to this email. A couple of points occur to me. Firstly, are the solicitors aware that several previous attempts to mediate came to nothing and the reasons for that happening? Secondly, great store has been attached by the solicitors (and by our lavatorial correspondent on this forum) on the need for Trust members to have a vote on removing existing directors. One wonders whether the solicitors were or are aware of the jiggery-pokery whereby a Club Board member actively “recruited” a flood of previously unheard-of people interested in joining the Trust? One wonders, also, if the solicitors were or are aware of attempts being made to rustle up additional members from within Stirling Golf Club?
  11. You have misread my post. I did not speak to the Chairman this afternoon. I am not going to descend to your level of making snide remarks as it does not further what I am trying to do here. Will you assist or not? I am trying to find a way forward which might achieve an outcome appealing to all concerned. If not, just say so!
  12. Whilst at the match today I had a chat to a number of fans about the impending discussions about the removal of Club board members including the Chairman. Almost without exception those fans were apprehensive about the Club and its future were it to lose overnight the services of key individuals who have contributed significantly to the matchday experience as well as at other times. Quite apart from this the fans were of the opinion that the Club Board’s actions in not engaging with the Trust, as majority owners and shareholders, were beyond reason and not in the interests of Stirling Albion FC. Indeed, those fans considered the Club’s actions to have been detrimental to Stirling Albion and to the reputation of football in community. A general view emerged that it was high time that certain individuals, on both sides, swallowed their pride and ceased to display the animosity to each other which has been all too evident. It was considered inevitable that there was no way of escaping the fact that the Club and the Trust are going to have to engage with each other constructively and work together for the advancement of the Club. Neither side has a monopoly on expertise in running a football club, whilst each side will be able to contribute ideas designed to strengthen the club to the point where its future in the short, medium and longer term can be assured. The fans I spoke to believe that the Trust has on several occasions in the past offered an olive branch to the Club Board only to be rebuffed. Why should this be? What legitimacy prevails to support this negative attitude. If this persists, we will lose key individuals that we can ill-afford to lose through their removal from office and Stirling Albion FC will suffer as a consequence. I know not if the Club Chairman reads this forum. If he does, I would urge him on behalf of fans to show that he is big enough by contacting the Trust Chairman without delay with a view to setting up discussions as a matter of urgency with a view reaching agreement on a mechanism to further understandings on a range of issues which have been allowed to fester for many months. If he does not read this forum, I would urge Mr Boggs to act as a go between to relay this message to him urgently. Likewise, if anyone has contact with the Trust Chairman, can urgent contact be made with him to convey the pressing message that the two sides need to come together to obviate further conflict which is in the offing in the shape of the Special General Meeting of the Trust next Tuesday and then the General Meeting of the Club Limited Company just over a week later on 3rd August. One fan suggested to me that the two sides appoint a mutually acceptable person to facilitate constructive dialogue on the way forward and this idea might have some merit.
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