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    FIFA 20

    My advice to folks where possible for XB1/PS is use the apps for the console so on the Xbox app I just send a copy/paste message to folk saying I'm doing objectives whether be Serie A for Politano, Icon Swaps or any of the week objectives. If I'm not playing for the win but know you are, I will give you the win, as long as I can get what I need in return. I get fair bit of flak but fair few want a hand in return. Not sure if anyone does that here, but thought I'd say, plus only icon swaps I'll go for are the rivals ones but take my time with them.

    FIFA 20

    Just to say folks for the SPFL fans in here Doidge in a FIFA view could see him be an IF on Wednesday, to help justify why he gets in, as luckily not many others got hat-tricks or stood out, see what happens of course, Used his image with the matchball which sadly they won't add in FIFA but if happened and someone wanted their own card of him I am sure that can be added.
  3. Evening all I aim to be doing a weekly preview & predictions, may consider a review aspect if it's popular enough as would be like an alternative to Sportscene.I'm going to preview all 4 Divisions in the SPFL and give my scores and thoughts of the games. I will be having the power of FIFA for the SPFL to show and for future previews looking at Football Manager but may prove difficult due to the nature of the game. Been encouraged by a number of people to do it finally and felt had to be done with more time & practice will become second-nature to do. Plus for any of you betting folk my choices may encourage to go with certain results who knows.Just as a heads-up I had predicted 3-0 for Hibs so to see 4-0 is even better.Any feedback is ace of course.
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