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  1. You sir are a knob!! How dare someone come up with something HELPFUL
  2. Are you ok pal? I have a brilliant counselling contact for you. This is nothing more than a jealous pathetic rant. Why do people hate seeing others do well? Its fucking pathetic
  3. Billy McKee is a top signing mark and yes I'm very biased haha
  4. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji108]
  5. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] that was the last game we were all involved in. I'm gk coach at Drumchaple United for the coming season looking forward to an exciting club in an exciting new set up loads of ambition
  6. Ruff idea who this is Haha 2 faced is hilarious. Back-stabbing do you care to elaborate? Butter fingered is only half truth there you bitter scuddie
  7. Well done the trick as I got a response today
  8. I always made a point in keeping the fans updated and answered any questions as It then gives clarity on situations. But this stance of silence and not going on social media and interacting doesn't help the club. Sooner they realise they need to communicate the better. For potential managers players sponsors ect it doesn't look good. Continuing to ignore people is just wrong. Personally I've messaged the club regarding some stuff for me personally and they are reading the messages and not replying which is just sheer ignorance considering what I have put into that club out my own pocket. I didn't want to air stuff on here but I know they read this so a bit of courtesy and a reply isn't too much to ask for
  9. The abuse aimed at players leaving is embarrassing!!! The same players who took wage cuts to allow us to bring other players in. I'm not getting right into it but my job at the club became unattainable with off field matters that affected myself and players anybody who's been around the club last 3years knows what myself coaching staff and players have put into the club bringing in professionalism and standards but when it's not being met in other areas it becomes a pointless exercise. I'm trying hard to keep it peaceful for the good people at the club but the shit I'm hearing and the treatment of players is not acceptable
  10. Nothing lined up at all mate.
  11. Haha aye he cant handle facts too
  12. I want to thank fauldhouse utd for taking the chance on me being their manager and supporting me in my 3 years in charge (exactly 3yrs to the day) Derek will confirm my decision wasnt based on what was happening next season. I want to thank Derek for stepping in to resolve a few things last few days and his support to me since day 1. After a few days I dont feel its appropriate I go into details of exactly what happened. I want to wish fauldhouse utd every success going forward anyone close to me knows I mean that the club was my everything everyday for the last few years and some will say probably to a fault where I couldn't switch off. Raw emotions are still of disappointment and frustration but my overall time at the club was enjoyable and worked with great people from my management team to players committee guys and girls also the fans. A couple of tweaks away from the playing side fauldhouse utd have the potential of being a big club. I'll be looking on supporting the boys the rest of the season. For me now personally I'll look at offers (if any) and see what's best for me either in management or goalkeeping coach. At the moment it's still surreal I wont be at fauldhouse utd but it's a decision I had to make in the light of a few issues but I'll leave it at that and thank everyone for the support
  13. I'm blocked too so cant see [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
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