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  1. Simple financial potential is far greater
  2. Only used when it suits them. The stance of they wont go against the referees decision was out of order as we supplied more than enough proof that said safety concerns never existed
  3. Overlooked. They said they wouldn't go against referees judgement.
  4. Absolutely delighted to be in the last 16. My players deserve all the praise possible the character and desire today was an absolute joy. But more importantly the togetherness won us the game. Today was a proper cup tie 2 teams having a proper ding dong at each other. This is why I'll ALWAYS defend my players cause they work their arses of for this club
  5. Great listen lads [emoji122][emoji108]
  6. Sincere condolences to John's family friends and football friends. RIP John
  7. Fauldhouse utd have ravenscraig indoor booked from 3-5 looking for a team to play split costs 50/50
  8. 7am pitch inspection tomorrow
  9. I get absolutely no say that's a club decision and your right something I dont want the responsibility for but will give my opinion
  10. After last night the club ain't happy at all at this complete and utter injustice.
  11. Original ref has been changed to a higher grade referee with an observer
  12. Regretting it now if I'm being brutally honest. The clear evidence was there. But sjfa have informed my secretary they cant go against the referees decision. Couldn't make it up!!!!! Can confirm absolutely zero evidence of any dangerous holes. Make your own minds up. Another thing in statements from BOD they clearly state that they would REFUSE to carry out any repairs which FORCED the ref to call off match but by Saturday morning these mysterious dangerous holes disappeared.
  13. If I'm being honest I dont know the ins and outs but I'm lead to believe it was west Calder we were helping
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