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  1. Junior football, what is the future?

    Thats my point, no West team has a license to enable promotion to Tier 5 and finances dictate will be years away or never so why structure a season around an end date for a pointless play off. Entry at Tier 7 takes the mid April end date away. If not, shoehorning nearly 50% fixtures into the first 2 full months of the season will be with us every season unless league sizes are reduced.
  2. Junior football, what is the future?

    Whats the point of West entry at tier 6 if only one Club, Petershill, has floodlights and the rest have very little chance of having them due to the cost. The only other Club likely to have them any time soon is Talbot and they have stated they dont want to join LL, unless this has changed. Given that floodlights are a requirement for Club Licensing and LL entry it makes more sense to me for the West to enter at Tier 7. Any West Club wanting to progress further can apply to other Regions. The current proposal to shoehorn 14/30 league fixtures in by the end of September to allow the Champion to take part in a play off where they cant go up is the tail wagging the dog and will be financially detrimental to the Clubs. I am not opposed to the Pyramid or progress for those that want to progress but it is at the expense of the majority of Clubs. Nor am I criticising the fixture proposal as a plan had to be made to achieve an April finish. I just think that it's pointless for West Clubs to finish mid April given the lack of Clubs with Licenses.
  3. Junior football, what is the future?

    From what I hear 14 League fixtures scheduled by end of September and 9 in August to finish League by mid April. So that West Premier Champions can take part in LL play offs although no West Premier team has a license and can't be promoted. You couldnt make it up.
  4. West Region Fixture Update for 16th March

    Wonder when Medda will play their last fixture now given Talbot's fixtures. Could be a 2 month wait!
  5. Irvine Meadow 2018/19

    What a turn round after a horrendous start. Players and management team deserve huge credit for a fantastic run over last 14 league games, 10 wins and a draw. Top flight surely secured now need to keep it going and finish as high as possible.
  6. Kilwinning Rangers 18/19

    It will always be an emotive topic moving from your "spiritual" home but from what I have read is a no brainer to move to protect the future of the Buffs. There has been a number of wholesale changes in Buffs Committees over the years and a lot of infighting in that time. This Committee, to me, has finally grasped the nettle, understands the issues and has come up with a plan to tackle the infrastructure problems and the lack of funds to resolve them. Pennyburn has the potential to be an integrated facility for all levels of football in Kilwinning and could be the benchmark for other Junior Clubs going forward. The Committee should be commended on having the balls to take action where previous Committees failed. If they hadn't what would be the future of the Buffs? No funds available to finance the provision of basic facilities. No Dressing Rooms to allow matches to take place. Probably no Committee, who would take this on? No ideas and no funding from those opposed to moving. There is really no alternative.
  7. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    Abbey Park is owned by the Council and is designated for Sports and Recreational use. If the Buffs can agree a long term lease for a reasonable annual fee what would be the harm in upgrading the facilities? Largs Thistle, through a benefactor, spent £500k on an artificial surface on a Council owned property. I don't believe that the residents of North Ayrshire would be happy at selling an asset that earns an annual income for £1. Nor do I believe NAC would be daft enough to agree to this. Even if they did agree to sell for £1 the Land is still designated for sports and recreational use which considerably reduces the value of the Land if it were to be used as a guarantee. Potential funders would also look at how any Loan could be re-paid in conjunction with normal operating costs. The best option in my opinion is to determine how much it would cost to build dressing rooms and a Social Club on permanent foundations and then ask supporters for donations of £50 or £100 and arrange fundraisers specifically for upgrading facilities. 400 supporters @ £100 = £40,000.
  8. Kilwinning Rangers 17/18

    If Buffs moved to Pennyburn would the supporters, especially the older ones, make the effort to go to games? Buffs current park is handy for the town centre bookies and pubs Pennyburn isn't.
  9. West Region Championship thread 2018-19

    Rutherglen and Cumbernauld must be favourites.

    Could do a lot worse than Davie Greig. He has been successful wherever he has managed. Ignore Irvine Meadow where he did his best and got Club to Ayrshire Final but had no chance of avoiding relegation.
  11. Ayrshire Cup Final - 09/06/18

    If forecast is rain I am sure all fans will be able to shelter in the Stand (for a £1)
  12. Ayrshire Cup Final - 09/06/18

    I hear Largs fans Stand side and Buffs fans opposite Stand where they can enjoy the sunshine.
  13. Meadow v Arthurlie/ Arthurlie v Meadow

    The things that prospective Match Secretaries need to consider for the benefit of the Clubs...not dragging out fixtures when there is no need costing Clubs an extra weeks wages...playing on a Fri rather than a Mon to get a better gate
  14. Irvine Victoria 17/18

    Darvel Leg end we get your drift you don't like the Medda. We don't actually care, you are an embarassment to a wee insignificant team. Who cares what you think.
  15. Best Fixture this weekend for The Neutrals?

    Medda easily the best team, Glens didnt have one shot on goal. Never going to be a classic with what was at stake.