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  1. Overturned because? If they all had to isolate last week and have the game called off, what has changed? Maybe their injury list cleared up. There are no depths for this mob.
  2. I hear that the Darvel vs Clydebank game is going ahead this Saturday. What happened to the 14 day isolation period?
  3. Statement is very plausible. Story I heard was that players wouldn't play for expenses only.
  4. If we had a Scottish Government that was as good at governing as it is presenting we would be in a much better place. Too many taken in by presenting skills rather than the Scottish Government's handling of this crisis. From the mismanagement of decanting the elderly, the most vulnerable to the disease, untested from hospitals into care homes. To still not testing Care Home Staff and NHS workers as a priority, miles off target testing. Take the testing to where it is needed rather than drive in test centres that those most in need can't access. Why couldn't they centralise the treatment of the disease at the newly created hospital and let all other hospitals function normally. The fallout from this concentration on Covid to the detriment of treating all other diseases leaving hospitals unutilised is sheer folly with further consequences still to come. Her politicising of the crisis so that she could exert her authority, and the delay in easing lockdown so that she could, will cost thousands of jobs. This is a disease that we are going to have to manage rather than the disease managing us. The majority of the population undertand, social distancing, wash your hands, let's move on. Shutting down businesses that could open when following safety guidelines is nothing more than political grandstanding. And she has no intention of easing restrictions at a faster rate when she is already calling for an extension to the October furlough that she wants the UK government to fund even though the rest of the country are moving on. There are huge chunks of the population terrified to leave their houses, even if this ever goes away, so effective has the daily onslaught on news channels and social media. There are others that wont be back in a pub or a restaurant or at a football match. There are others that will. Let's get the country moving again to restart our shattered economy and save thousands of jobs. At the start of this pandemic it was all about protecting the NHS not overwhelming hospitals. Well they never were and have been underutilised for months, speak to people who work there. The lockdown measures have undoubtedly saved lives, how many can't be quantified particularly when you look at Sweden's approach. We are now at a stage where the benefits of lockdown are far outweighed by the detrimental impact on the economy and people with other health issues. Apologies for the rant on a football forum, but you lot started it.
  5. If the acting President of the WR was advised after the WR meeting on April 14th by the SFA that a nomination for entry into the Scottish Cup would be unacceptable but a declared winner would be acceptable then he would be letting Member Clubs down if this wasn't reported to the Management Committee for further discussion. It would then be up to the Management Committee to discuss if the WR wanted to put forward a representative. If they did, then discuss by what means. This would be a WR decision. There would be no requirement to destroy Minutes. Simply update them to report that further information had come to light. Mr Chisholm is being vilified as his Club, the much envied Auchinleck Talbot, was the beneficiary of a WR Management decision. He wouldnt have been doing his job representing WR Clubs had he not reported back with new information. If the beneficiary had been any other Club there would be no issue. I would hope that the Minutes from 14th would be incorporated into the Minutes from subsequent Meetings rather than destroyed, as was reported.
  6. I know but finishing 7th bottom and still getting relegated just doesn't seem right If you're a Glencairn fan you'll want a 20 team League to avoid relegation.
  7. I was never in favour of Conferences, it was a wasted year for me. It is highly improbable that the make up of the top Division will be markedly different after a year of Conferences as happened in the East. Transporting the Leagues and fitting in non Juniors at the appropriate level makes more sense when 63/67 are from the same structure. At least those in the top League are still there on merit. All other Clubs have an opportunity to fast track to the top Division in one season which they wouldn't have in the current Junior set up and will find their level for the following season. This SFA pronouncement will have little impact in the scheme of things. Why St Ants are encouraging others to reform the Juniors is a mystery to me the LL didn't move the goalposts.
  8. If I understand correctly, the SFA only want to administer discipline at Tier 6 in the West, or so they say, and have used this to move Super Premier and Bonnyton into Tier 6 creating a 17 team League. No one wants to offend anyone on the conference call and come up with a 20 team Tier 6 League. Presumably for one season only, meaning 7 teams get relegated and the 3 Conference winners come up. The practicality of this, particularly when no one knows when the season will start, is difficult. Why don't the Clubs have the balls to relegate the bottom 3 Clubs based on the league positions calculated on average points? Promote the top 3 and go with 17 for this season and relegate 4 teams to get back to 16 teams the following season. If Covid delays the start of the season, play everyone once or have a split after 16 games depending on start date.
  9. They do, but does their Champion deserve to be promoted to the LL if all 3 League Champions were to be automatically promoted as was suggested? The standard is very poor. The points of Tiers surely is for everyone to find their level. This is a geographic anomaly.
  10. I thought the idea of a Pyramid was to have teams playing at the right level with the opportunity to progress. SOSFL is by passing 2 tiers, by merit, to achieve automatic promotion to Tier 5 if the proposal to promote all feeder League Champions comes to pass.
  11. The argument has been made on here that the distance from D +G to Central is less than the current West Region. Off the top of my head...South Ayrshire, East Ayrshire, South Lanarkshire could argue travel is similar.
  12. From the attendances on here surely social distancing could be observed to allow minor Leagues to return a bit quicker. Plenty of room for 200 people to spread out at football grounds.
  13. If all 3 Champions were to go up then the feeder Leagues need to be Tier 6 standard. The SOSFL is clearly not. I am not trying to criticise that League nor open old arguments. The reward should be for merit not geographical location. What would stop WOSFL teams switching to SOSFL to short cut the route to the LL?
  14. The Pyramid proponents wanted the West Region to join. They have, every one of them, not happy, some of the West Junior teams didn't really want to join. The SJFA cocked up the Juniors controlling from Tier 6 down. The Juniors have bent over, the Lowland League got everything they wanted. (Did I mention we never actually wanted the Juniors to control from Tier 6 down because they are clueless). Gordon Ronney did nothing to get the Juniors to join the WOSFL even though there was previously stalemate. Gordon Ronney forced West Junior Clubs to join when they didn't want to. Which is it? Honestly, some of the nonsense posted on here. Personally, I am glad that all West Clubs have joined and thanks to LL and GR for making it happen. Clubs that want to progress can Those that don't have the means or don't want to progress can continue to play against the same teams and a few new ones. There will be a few benefits mentioned on here more than a few times. The significant benefits will impact a third of the teams at most. Did all teams go willingly, probably not, many went to ensure they still had other teams to play. But all teams have moved, they won't be left in a rump League that would surely dwindle within a few years. I believe that GR was correct to encourage all West teams to move and that in a couple of years when things settle down will be for the betterment of the top third and little difference to the smaller teams.
  15. What a timely weekend for the new messiah. So many converts too.
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