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  1. So that makes him cumnock manager?. Mibi just the start of the interviews. Or mibi your right, could be a good appointment if true
  2. What happened at the glens game the day
  3. I am under the impression that when the injury happened to the player. Kello coaching staff has said if the ambulance wasnt here in 60 mins they would give cumnock the tie as it was 3-0 at the time. Be interesting to see what the clubs think of the situation that lies ahead now. As for the fans paying entry fees etc. Lucky enough both teams have loyal fans that wont mind paying to watch there clun wednesday saturday monday wednesday saturday and potentainally wednesday again.
  4. Hearing that cumnock has to replay the game against kello monday night. As it wasnt played to an offical finish. Shambles
  5. Play stopped at townhead bad injury to a kello player. Been stoppes for 30 mins ambulance is on route
  6. Having watched cumnock on saturday you can see why they were desprate to get Kyle Faulds in. Boy looks a good yin. If he stays fit he will be a big player this year for cumnock
  7. Cumnock have signed scott Dinwoodie from Girvan
  8. Del esplin had a change of heart. Where is all the del esplin money chaser shouts noo.. the boy wanted to play football near home. Nothing wrong with that. Credit to Del
  9. No comittee menber was trying to fight with del at the POTY night. I am 100 per cent sure that. I was there and not one committee member approached del for a fight
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