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  1. My wife likes it when I sneeze while she's sitting on the sausage.
  2. It's impossible to have a mid life crisis because you just don't know when you're going to die.
  3. You still watching the wrestling with all the other 8 year olds?
  4. Unfortunately not. She married a nice chap called Jim Bigger and went down the double barrelled route. She's now Iona Bigger-Dick Some lass.
  5. There was a girl in my daughters class at school called Iona Dick. Not only should she be exempt from tax, she really should be awarded a regular payment.
  6. I've just checked Mrs Watson's soles, £8.99 from Shoezone. Bargain
  7. Two of these leagues aren't even in Europe.
  8. Make that a 32 year difference from tomorrow. Happy Birthday Tam.
  9. My daughter (20), thinks this is Nelson Mandela.
  10. I'm actually looking forward to the seethe during the coming season from fans, who indirectly have caused all this VAR nonsense due to their ridiculing of referee's around the world.
  11. I was once told that famed broadcaster Tom Weir once courted celebrity chef Fanny Cradock. They never married, which was a shame, as that would have made her Fanny Weir.
  12. I went to China once, on the flight home I wanted to go again.
  13. Cheers, I thought that's what you meant. I had a similar fault in my Virgin line. Turned out I had water in the line between the ground and the house, took them an age to work it out.
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