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  1. Apologies, I was talking about in the West. Bear in mind in the last 3 seasons the SAFL have lost everyone but Goldenhill.
  2. In my opinion the SSMAFL is ‘behind’ only Ayrshire, Caledonian and CSAFL.
  3. Is this the boy that was lined up to be the assistant at Colville Park?
  4. How does that work if they’re delaying the Euros for a year?
  5. Semi Final Draw EKYM or Tollcross v Eastfield. Shortlees v Drumchapel or Fintry.
  6. That played in the Scottish a few years ago, went to a replay and was carnage at full time. That game could be fun.
  7. Could watch this then get the second half of EKYM v Tollcross indoor at Ravenscraig.
  8. I’m not saying they are players, coaches or committee members mate but they clearly align themselves with Sandys. It was in no way a dig at the club itself.
  9. Have Shortlees had enough days lately? Their tie with Sandys will be an interesting one, 2 teams that fancy their chances with folk attached to them that like to make noise. Eastfield are clear favourites in my opinion.
  10. But keeping your league’s name is selfish. The future of amateur football is what is important, not what the name of the league the teams play in or who is on the committee. Why don’t you put a proposal forward that says ‘We don’t care what the league is called, we don’t care who is in the committee but we care passionately about the future of amateur football?’ The SAFL as a respectable force is finished, for now, sadly. The loss of Oban, Alba, St Joes, Thorn and and add to that Motherwell Thistle being consumed by a gang dumped from the Caledonian League has left it in a position that probably isn’t recoverable.
  11. Easy for Drum by the look of it.
  12. Referees are neutral irrespective of the league they normally do.
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