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  1. Have Shortlees had enough days lately? Their tie with Sandys will be an interesting one, 2 teams that fancy their chances with folk attached to them that like to make noise. Eastfield are clear favourites in my opinion.
  2. But keeping your league’s name is selfish. The future of amateur football is what is important, not what the name of the league the teams play in or who is on the committee. Why don’t you put a proposal forward that says ‘We don’t care what the league is called, we don’t care who is in the committee but we care passionately about the future of amateur football?’ The SAFL as a respectable force is finished, for now, sadly. The loss of Oban, Alba, St Joes, Thorn and and add to that Motherwell Thistle being consumed by a gang dumped from the Caledonian League has left it in a position that probably isn’t recoverable.
  3. Easy for Drum by the look of it.
  4. Referees are neutral irrespective of the league they normally do.
  5. A combination of their quality and the fact they’re playing against very poor teams every week means this isn’t a surprise. I hope it doesn’t effect them in the Scottish.
  6. Eastfield Sandys Draw then GMW after replay. Shortlees EKYM Oban Don’t know anything about the teams in other games and, to be honest, I’m probably going for Sandys on reputation.
  7. That doesn’t answer the question though, does it?
  8. To those quoting rules etc, this is a genuine question. IF a team raised a problem with, for example, corner flags and the referee didn’t know he/she should have captains sign team lines what would happen? You can hardly ‘punish’ a team because the referee didn’t know what they were supposed to do. Like I said, it’s a genuine question and not designed to criticise anyone.
  9. No, of course they won’t be thrown out the league. Don’t be ridiculous! The point I’m making is that there is a certain arrogance about the CSAFL committee and they will be smarting at many of their big guns being humbled by teams from ‘diddy leagues’. This may provide an opportunity to have one of their number reinstated and I believe they will encourage the appeal.
  10. I fully expect Harestanes will also come under pressure from the CSAFL to appeal the decision. This hasn’t been a good year for them in the Scottish and the committee will be raging.
  11. Eastfield will rip them to shreds.
  12. Looks like St Joe’s are on the up and deserting the sinking ship. They’ll be a very good addition to the Caley League next season.
  13. Who did the select team play and what was the score?
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