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  1. My 8 weeks was up yesterday, got an appointment for Saturday but planning on going to the football on Sunday so just going to a drop in centre tonight or tomorrow.
  2. Independent SAGE are savvy enough to sense a gap in the market to stoke up daft c***s fears in return to clicks, likes and media exposure. Because it’s speaking out against the UK Government it’s seen as palatable, but really they’re no better or more relevant than your average roaster with a loudspeaker standing at the top of Buchanan Street. Deepti is immunosuppressed so she’s in it for herself, which is fair enough, but she’s doing it under the guise of science which isn’t fair enough. Also, the argument that you can’t speak out against them because they’re scientists and I’m not is just shite too.
  3. Politics for All uses baiting headlines in their tweet, but they almost always provide a link to whatever their headline refers to (often an inews or Telegraph article) - so no biggie. Lumpimg folk who challenge or question the government on these things in with Hopkins and Fox is incredibly and deliberately disingenuous - and it’s actually a Tory wet dream to get folk dividing and turning on each other in such a way as you seem to be doing. It’s only people’s civil liberties at stake here of course. Everything stats wise is going in the right direction, and it’s quite something to see how annoyed people get at this because they’ve been shown to be consistently wrong during this whole carry on.
  4. Granted, but not making the effort to shift extra timber when the opportunity presents itself (and actually consciously putting on the weight) isn’t going to be conducive to positive outcomes, COVID or otherwise. The Venn diagram of the group I describe, and the group who’ll scream blue murder at governments for not doing enough to protect people from negative health outcomes from the virus would be interesting.
  5. Working from home should, in many instances, make it easier for people to get out for a morning/lunchtime/after work walk/jog/run though. Unfortunately, the narrative of holding governments to account for every COVID death flies in the face of the most basic idea of taking a wee bit of responsibility for your own health if you can.
  6. Glasgow city centre was heaving today. People out happy, enjoying themselves. Absolutely love to see it.
  7. Hopefully in a couple of weeks, these rules (if even still there on paper) will be filed under the same category as “you must legally sit down while in an all seater stadium” or “it’s illegal to be under the influence at a football match”
  8. Aye man, think we offered it as an “extra” to sweeten the deal with the council.
  9. Absolute shaggers. JET is going to be a big player for us.
  10. Mate was stuck in a huge queue at Pittodrie pre match - combination of the expected officiousness at the gate when checking tests etc and people quite rightly throwing the “allocated arrival time” straight in the bin.
  11. Devi commenting in the Record today, absolutely dreeping like a George Foreman at the idea of restrictions being re-imposed just because they've happened elsewhere. The things people do to try and secure Waterstone's book signings eh?
  12. Chris Whitty said in the press conference last week that there were no perfect scenarios, but this was the “least worst” - a decent starting point might be to dismantle his arguments and explain why he’s wrong.
  13. Makes Clownshoes look like a complete fucking tit yet again, so there’s that. Hopefully the review doesn’t take too long given the circumstances.
  14. Always the way when a genuine story like this comes up, turns into a tabloid’s wet dream, and people poo poo it because of their pre-existing narrative they have in their heads. Similar to the comments on the STV Facebook page when anything about refugees/LGBT comes up.
  15. Do that but try not to reopen everything when the case rate is enormous. That seems a smidgen reckless to me. So delay re-opening (and crucially, the exit wave) until the schools go back and the weather becomes less favourable? Not meaning to be a dick, but just saying “delay everything” without thinking a couple of steps ahead is sleepwalking into a disaster.
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