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  1. The insecurity is an interesting point and tbf something he’s acknowledged himself on his Open Goal interviews - very thin skinned and takes criticism personally.
  2. Cowan doesn’t know how to handle it when he’s faced with addressing things like this in blunt terms in the way that Cosgrove put it to him today - he knows he’ll get shit from either side and dragged into whataboutery. If you ignore it or divert away from it as he did today, then it comes across horrifically. Condemning it would’ve taken 2 seconds.
  3. I got it fairly bad throughout school for having glasses and being relatively wee - it never really got physical but the school/town were small enough for me to get stuff shouted around me for what felt like every time I left my house, even on my paper round. There was no dread like the dread when I saw one of the worst perpetrators coming towards me, knowing that you’re about to get shit. Even when I made news pals and had a girlfriend, it was embarrassing getting stuff shouted at you. These days I’m very conscious of trying to make sure everybody in my mates groups are included/invited to things and I’ll pull people up if they’re being dicks to people unnecessarily.
  4. Our wee bundle of joy is due in 8 weeks - getting a growth scan tomorrow as the bump is measuring bigger than expected, so looking forward to seeing what the story is. Also started hypnobirthing sessions this week. Really positive and think it’ll help both me and the wife relax a bit.
  5. Zero covid nutjobs who can’t accept it’s over be like:
  6. The issues are possibly more nuanced and complex than many might think given inflation is 1% higher in the Eurozone than it is in the UK.
  7. I can see why they do it - there’s plenty amongst us who’ll mouth off on social media about parties that they don’t like and express amazement that anybody could vote for them, and political leaders then try and tap into it, because they think it’s a vote winner but in reality is a very lazy and entitled approach to take. The issue is that a lot peoples political activism starts and ends with social media, but most of the electorate don’t rely on Twitter etc to make their minds up. You then end up getting the election results and then people are amazed that reality doesn’t match what they see on their cherry picked Twitter feed.
  8. Must have used Scotrail most weekends this season, drinking on almost every journey and an overly officious conductor has said something maybe once or twice in total. The 18 months thing is bad wording, if it’s the same as what I read earlier. The ban has been on the go for 18 months and it’s continued (or “extended”) into ScotGov ownership. Even if they keep the ban, it’s not really an issue in reality.
  9. Exactly. Jillian Evans from NHS Grampian clearly fizzing today and farting out made up, arbitrary timescales of “at least 5 days” that people should stay at home for. Not surprised in the least that NHS pen pushers with an inflated sense of their own self importance are now undermining the new guidance to suit themselves.
  10. Not saying that he’s the only difference, I’m saying he’d have made a difference for us - probably making the top 6 and thus looking at Europe again. Could look at a couple of others who we’d happily take, but the lack of a big and effective striker this season has arguably been the biggest factor in us being unable to change it up when circumstances have required that.
  11. Wouldn’t have needed to, we were literally a goal or so away from the top 6. No way an effective second striking option wouldn’t have been of benefit,
  12. If we signed the lad Simms instead of Hearts we’d be looking at potential Euro opponents right now, and Glass might even still be in a job. Our problems are vast, but the margins are very small given how tight the league was.
  13. I’d actually find it more worrying if it went to very small levels of mask wearing straight away - would be a sign that too many are dependent on government messaging and need their hand held. Probably preferable if the remainder come round in their own time, without it being based on Sturgeon clicking her fingers, and when people work out for themselves that the threat is minimal.
  14. The issue for me is that no matter what the numbers do, the mask fans will see that as vindication for continuing with the mandate - either “numbers are down because masks work” or “why would we remove the mask mandate when the numbers are so high?” I challenged a mate on this the other day and once they were clamped I just got “hardly a big deal” and something about right wing media.
  15. Loads and loads of animals in the same place at once. There was a thing on TV last night about a abandoned house which was full of hundreds of birds and it still gives me the chill now. Couldn’t change the channel quick enough. Same for a rat infested house or even a video of 20/30 cats running about together indoors. No no no.
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