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  1. Neil would have done better with both goals imo, i think both could have been saved. Great result yesterday but doesnt mean alot in the big scheme of things. Few more bodies to come in yet aswell.
  2. Taggs is 27 so not much difference. Robbo was certainly at fault for shane sutherlands goal but still a strange comment to make
  3. Why haven’t we seen robert thomson yet, Anyone know?
  4. Must agree in regards adam brown, his slack passing lets him down massively, i’m not his biggest fan but I thought he had a good game last night. Feel the club are not rushing into anything, no panic just yet
  5. Off topic, somebody was asking who the young lads that were training with us were..jack mcdowall is one of them, i assume he’s a centre back, ex partick & celtic
  6. He has been 2 names since, he is now ‘weetoonlad’
  7. Could be doing with having a few more signed but maybe waiting to see whats happening with the manager, yes of course, i think we all knew.
  8. Both clubs have agreed compensation according to the evening times, hopefully MM has a plan to get someone in quick, to avoid a repeat of danny lennons summer business.
  9. Neither of the 2 have pace & dont like defending but they make up for it in quality, 2 great signings for forfar. Real statement of intent.
  10. Jordan Kirkpatrick & Ross Forbes in the one team. What dreams are made of, will create many an argument as to whos taking the freekicks though
  11. Never gave stewart petrie or gary naysmith a thought, would take either. Depending if jim goes of course.
  12. Strangely enough them 2 games totally changed my opinion of him, i would have taken him before then
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