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  1. I voted to reject the pay offer for teachers though knew fine well it would be accepted by the vast majority. With regards working hours, I do approx 35 hrs a week for most of year then significantly less during study leave. I genuinely don't know what people can be doing to work 45 hrs a week almost every week. I do not understand how can you be doing in excess of 20 hrs work a week in addition to your teaching time. I have made this point to collegues in my faculty who are taken aback by my thoughts.
  2. I was not at the game but was surprised and shocked to see accusations of homophobic abuse. Having asked a few people who were there, they categorically deny any such shout was made and that the person huckled out was because they (accidentally?) broke an advertising hoarding.
  3. I belive the following was penned by everyone's favoutite wife mentioning Clyde fan
  4. Safe to say I disagree with @cedrick1! I though Stenhousemuir were slightly the better team for the last 35 mins of the first half and Dumbarton slightly the better team for the first 30/35 mins of the second half. We didn't create many clear cut chances and a late goal often makes a team seem lucky/unlucky but on the balance of play a draw was fair.
  5. Always going to be a tough ask v Livi. Really liked the narrow back 4 with O'Reilly/Brown coming back to full back when Livi switched it. Could get used to a manager with actual tactical acumen!
  6. I've decided to take up golf again after not playing for circa 18 years. I've been to the driving range a few times and cured the push I had last summer when I played 2 rounds. The clubs I have are 20 years old. My handicap was 4 when I stopped playing. Are new clubs worth it?
  7. Hoping Maurice Ross can add a few quality players to the Stenhousemuir squad.
  8. What do some people want? A date the new manager will be announced? An official list of candidates? A list of interview times? A transcript of interviews? It's not like some council admin role which pops up on S1 jobs. The second Swift's departure was announced people would have been firing in enquires and CVs. Work will be going on behind the scenes right now to sift through them and interview. Just because there has been nothing said about it doesn't mean they are sat twiddling their thumbs.
  9. Sacking him was the correct decision. I'm quite sure our budget last season and this was comfortably top 4 and we've underperformed relative to that. I don't have any ill feelings towards him though. The team selections and tactics were usually fine. There was seldom any 'he's lost the plot' line ups/personnel choices but it just didn't work out. Danny Lennon does seem the obvious choice if he is interested.
  10. With regards using the tax brackets as a barometer for 'well paid', even if I did get a 10% pay rise to £46, 570, I still wouldn't pay anything at the 41% Higher tax band.
  11. 'I'm not getting an X% pay rise, so you don't deserve one either'
  12. My experience is that people who earn more than teachers support inflation matching wage rises as it's a graduate job with a significant degree of responsibility. It tends to be those who earn less who get in a tizzy. There seems to be a real bitterness that other people are getting higher % wage rises. I fully support ALL council/govt employees getting meaningful increases. It's divide and conquer. Teaching wages have fallen significantly below the amount expected due to inflation over the last 20 years.
  13. 3% backdated a year as there was no pay rise for a year, 7% then an additional 3% the year after. In the last 2 years, pay has risen 1.22% then 1%
  14. The previous pay rise was not 10% in a year. It was just over 13% over 3 years.
  15. A 5% increase for a teacher at the top of the scale (after teaching for 6 years) works out at something like a £110 increase a month in take home wage. My costs for electricity/gas, shopping and petrol have gone up more than that per month over the last year. I would be surprised if it was not the same for the vast majority. I simply don't think I should be expected to be worse off just because other people earn less money than me.
  16. Don't clubs cover the cost of operations (usually through their insurance cover)?
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