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  1. Fully expecting a video to be released with a beaten and disheveled O'Reilly sitting between Swift and McMenemy reading from a script. 'I have signed this contract of my own free will....'
  2. Israel should be forced to play in their correct association's qualifiers because they are a shithole apartheid nation.
  3. Nonsense. I frequently watch the highlight DVDs of all Stenhousemuir's league wins.
  4. It's not about the average age. At League 2 level especially there will be a few 'good' players with the highest wages, a bunch of reasonable first 11 players and some squad fillers. It's easy to see names like Craig Barr, Bobby Barr, Liam Buchanan etc and assume and expect them to be the top end League 1/Championship level players they once were, thus over rating your overall squad's ability when in fact these players are past their best. Throw in Renton who used to be a 1 in 3, bit of a nuisance target man who now scores once in a blue moon. I think Cowden fans are remembering what these players were like at the peak of their abilities.
  5. Swinging in crosses to a competent (for the level) Target Forward with a poacher just off is effectively a cheat code. That plus corners to biggest aerial threat at the front post is pretty much game breaking. For Stenhousemuir, any combo of Robert Thomson, Sean Crichton and Nicky Jamieson attacking the near post and one marking the keeper is unstoppable. In the first season I won League 2 at a canter as well as the Scottish Cup. Yes, the Scottish Cup.
  6. The reason Cowdenbeath fans over rate their squad is that they have a bunch of old players who were good in their prime and fans remember what they were capable of, not how good they are now.
  7. Without trying to justify my position with case numbers and trends, I believe we should go back to February/March 2020 life and accept that people will die from Covid.
  8. "I've bought FM for the last 15 years but I won't be buying this one!" "They should make it a monthly subscription and make rolling updates" "I'm not buying it until they fix the match engine" "Apart from the data hub, it's just the same as last years!"
  9. Click 'FM' at the top right, go to 'Preferences' and at the top left change to 'Advanced'. In the drop down box at the top right change it to 'All'. Under the heading 'Skin', make sure 'use caching to reduce page loading times' is ticked. Under the heading 'Processing' change 'continue game time out' to 'Instant' and tick the box 'Increase duration of processing breaks for fewer stops in play'. Let me know if that helps any
  10. My laptop shows 0.5 stars for my preferred set up (playable league I'm managing plus approx. 10 other leagues as viewable) and runs quickly. Do you know how to adjust the settings for instant continue and less processing breaks?
  11. Huntly are one of the worst teams I've seen us play in a long time but glad to get through. Really pleased to see Brown get a couple of goals and MOTM. He really is a terrific player. He always looks to move the ball forward quickly either with a quick pass or forward run, something we often lack.
  12. When the Beta releases, can you access the editor or do you have to wait for the full release?
  13. One of the main things a person/family could do to reduce their Carbon footprint would be to use public transport to get to work or have a fully electric car. However, when trying to get people to change to an alternative, the alternative has to be at least as good as the current option. With public transport to work, I/my wife live 4.8 miles and 5.6 miles away from our respective places of work (as the crow flies). This is a max of 40 minutes return trip for me, 50 mins for her. Taking the fastest series of public transport connections, It's 1 hr 40 mins for me and 2 hrs 40 for her. We looked into electric card when we bought a new car earlier this year and despite the savings in fuel, the up front cost was thousands higher than a similar petrol version. We stay in a flat so can't get a charger installed on a driveway and it seems that although some of the faster chargers can complete a charge in 30ish mins, others take several hours. We like going big road trips and the hassle of trying to plan in stops because the range is 300 miles worse than my current car is not appealing. I do my bit in daily life with regards recycling, cutting down plastic use etc but won't buy an electric car until the range and charging infrastructure improves significantly.
  14. I downloaded untappd recently and when I tried to join it said my username/email was already registered. I tried to login with my usual user name/email/password combo and it turns out I'd set up an account a few years before, presumably while drunk . I'd reviewed 2 beers, Tennents and Tennents Super. Both received 5/5
  15. If you're a Falkirk fan down on your luck, Janey Godley is doing a gig at Falkirk Town Hall tonight. Maybe something to cheer you up.
  16. Wedderburn, Forbes and Hughes all start together. Sack Swift regardless of the result.
  17. This could probably go in a number of threads but here will do. My wife was looking through her phone calendar/smartwatch App and said 'oh, my period should have started on Tuesday'. After about 5 seconds she then casually said 'my mistake, it's this coming Tuesday'
  18. Some of the takes at the beginning of the thread are genuinely extraordinary.
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